Masturbation Affirmation: Overcoming Shame

In another revealing post M.B. Timothy (Saboteur on Bateworld)…
Ask The Batemaster

Ask The Batemaster: Meditation & Solosex Magick

So much energy and time goes into my bate. How can I incorporate meditation and sexual magick into my masturbation for positive life outcomes? Are there techniques or rituals you recommend?
A Gooner Gooning

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Gooning the Gooner

Okay, so we're masturbating and we’re inside/outside of ourselves. We’re so far "gone" in the state of masturbation that we are able to experience ourselves having this blissful experience. Your pleasure is heightened to the point that you yourself are the pleasure.

A Circle of Cocks ‘Round the Fire


Experiential Lessons From a Bating Sexologist, Dr. Jallen Rix (hand2rod)

In just a few months, I’ll be attending my 21st Burning Man experience where plenty a cool night is spent watching large art projects being torched. Once the art has fallen and Fire Safety has given the “go ahead,” throngs of people move closer to the flames to warm themselves
C Summit 2018


The sexy summer camp you always fantasized about is now your…