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Ask The Batemaster: I Love The Solo Bate. Am I Weird? Is This A Fetish?


...A lot of guys won’t just jack, they want to suck."

QUESTION: I love the solo bate! Only when I’m with a guy, I love nothing better than rubbing cock2cock. Frot, you know? Best thing in the world, although a lot of guys won’t just jack, they want to suck. I even have a realistic dildo I frot my cock with. Am I weird? Is this a fetish?
RESPONSE: You are not weird at all, my friend. And you are far from alone in loving to rub your penis against the penis of a Phallic Brother. In fact, this is a special favorite of mine, which actually set me on my path to becoming an erotic activist. The truth is, I’ve encountered so many men of all kinds who tell me privately they love genital frottage with other guys, that I suspect a large percentage of human males would enjoy this practice intensely if it were encouraged.
Jason Armstrong - Solosexual

How I Learned To Love Myself As A Solosexual

Between the choice of sex with others and sex with myself, sex with myself often wins out.  And this can be a hard concept for many people to wrap their heads around.  But one place where men really do understand is on