What Does "Watching Porn" Even Mean?

It’s time we talk directly about masturbation as masturbation, the way images are incorporated into our masturbatory expression with a sense of playful exploration of what we find sexually appealing. People need to be called out to stop the euphemisms and speak directly about the subject before we can take the discussion seriously.
Monitor Trap

Intimacy — Isn’t There an App for That?


Sexperiential Lessons from Dr. Jallen Rix (hand2rod)

What comes to mind when you hear the word “intimacy?” It can stir a lot of different ideas for a lot of different people. It can be just another word for relationship or closeness. For some, it’s a more acceptable slang term for sex: “We were intimate….” One way or another, it most often infers a special kind of connection. Perhaps it’s the yummy cream filling of what is best in all of our interactions. If we were to judge by what long-term relationships value when everything else might become mundane over the years — sex, bodies, money, status, security, familiarity —partners report intimacy as the most cherished adhesive that keeps their connection worthwhile.
Under A Waterfall

The Glories of Bating Outdoors


Sexperiential Lessons by Dr. Jallen Rix

I am lying naked on my back under the sun. It’s the first day of Spring that I can really call hot, and I just couldn’t take another stressful afternoon of city life. So I drove out of town, along with our local river to a dirt parking lot off the highway. From here, a path leads to a nude beach.