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Ask The Batemaster: Ejaculating With A Soft Erection

Sometimes when I am in a sexually tense and very stimulating situation I will come quickly before I even get hard! Is that normal?
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Ask The Batemaster: I Cum Too Fast! Can You Help Me?


Premature Ejaculation: There's nothing to be ashamed of!

QUESTION: I’m 27 years old in the military, and this is really embarrassing. I guess you call it premature ejaculation. I’m ashamed to admit it. Really cramps my style. My penis is so incredibly sensitive, I just cum way too fast. With anyone else, or alone, either way. I can’t even edge at all. HELP ME!
RESPONSE: There’s nothing to be ashamed of here. You’re brave to speak out honestly on this. It’s a far more common issue for men than you might imagine. Also, there is the opposite issue, of guys who get hard and enjoy stimulation but have a difficult time getting to the orgasm. Your extreme sensitivity, I totally understand, because I was something like that myself until my early 40s, when I discovered what I call Mindful Masturbation. I’m still extremely sensitive, but I’ve learned to make ejaculation a choice. I learned to enjoy intense pure penis pleasure for as long and I want to stay in that glorious place indefinitely.
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Ask Dr. Bate: A Sensitive Penis And Curbing Premature Ejaculation

I have an uncircumcised penis, which I love. But, it's also sensitive. I love bating and all, but because my dick head is sensitive, I just can't edge for long periods of time like many bator friends on here. Wish I could. What techniques can I try to increase the time I can edge without releasing?