Masturbation Has No Orientation

Masturbation and Marriage Can Go Hand in Hand

In Shere Hite’s 1981 classic “Hite Report on Male Sexuality”…

A Bator's Guide To Jack Off Clubs

Bateworld's comprehensive guide to U.S. and International Jack-Off Clubs. The guide contains basic information including links to help you connect with a jack off club in your area.

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The Brotherhood Of The Bate

Bators often refer to and greet each other as brothers. They form, in a very real sense, a brotherhood founded on the practice and art of masturbation. Online communities like bateworld provide the common bator a safe and open environment where they can explore, talk about, and share their fondness for masturbation with like minded men. In addition to the camaraderie and reassurance, many men find it more exciting to bate with other men.
A Gooner Gooning

The Gooner Files


Gooning the Gooner

Okay, so we're masturbating and we’re inside/outside of ourselves. We’re so far "gone" in the state of masturbation that we are able to experience ourselves having this blissful experience. Your pleasure is heightened to the point that you yourself are the pleasure.
Jason Armstrong - Solosexual

How I Learned To Love Myself As A Solosexual

Between the choice of sex with others and sex with myself, sex with myself often wins out.  And this can be a hard concept for many people to wrap their heads around.  But one place where men really do understand is on
Hands around jack of clubs

Jack Off Clubs: Sharing The Bate

Jack off clubs are off the beaten path, but they have been part to the club scene in cities like New York, San Francisco, and Philadelphia for decades. As the name implies, they're establishments where men go to masturbate.  The clubs offer members a structured environment with rules of conduct and a strict ban on.