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Ask The Batemaster: Sexual Fantasies


Distinguishing your fantasies vs. realities is important!

QUESTION: Is it wrong to fantasize about something that could be immoral, or even illegal while I masturbate? Some of those things just turn me on so intensely, man, like nothing else!
RESPONSE: Many people assume that fantasizing is what masturbation is all about. Of course, creative self-pleasure has many other major delicious facets. You can make a case for the fact that watching and listening to porn is a form of media-assisted fantasy, because you use the images that arouse you to stimulate your pleasure, and yet it remains vicarious. It is not what is actually happening here and now, though your sensations are real. But live-action porn did happen somewhere at some time and was recorded for an audience.

What Does "Watching Porn" Even Mean?

It’s time we talk directly about masturbation as masturbation, the way images are incorporated into our masturbatory expression with a sense of playful exploration of what we find sexually appealing. People need to be called out to stop the euphemisms and speak directly about the subject before we can take the discussion seriously.
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Ask The Batemaster: Is My Cock Shrinking?


“If you don’t use it, you'll lose it.”

QUESTION I am 43 and have been single for some time. I think my cock is getting smaller cause I only have a wank about once a week and cum quite quick when wanking, also I don’t get a proper hard on when wanking. Any advice on getting a bigger harder cock would be great. Many thanks.
RESPONSE: In fact, there is some truth to “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” With less use, meaning not masturbating often, or longer sessions, your penis can definitely seem smaller, and may actually lose size. I’ve encountered several men who went through prolonged periods with little or no sexual activity following a loss, an illness, or a traumatic breakup, who felt that when they resumed sexual activity, their penis was permanently smaller.
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