Masturbation Has No Orientation

Straight Guys Turned On By Penis

Ever wonder why cum shots are a must, regardless of whether you’re…
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Ask The Batemaster: Body Confidence

You are the only one who can actually do something about how…
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Ask The Batemaster: I'm 23 And Like Older Guys (50+)

Love to cyber with guys I find here and sometimes other places, but really only with older guys, like at least 50 or 60. Thing is, I’m 23 myself.
Bate Party


Two large groups formed. One was out by the pool deck, and the other was where we were under the awning. Several sub-groups formed with guys joining and leaving as everyone started stroking dick and handling each other’s balls. There were men of all ages and body types.
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Ask The Batemaster: I Jacked Off On The Bus

...thought I could get away with it, whipped out my hardon and…

Lounging with Our Cocks Out: Cock Summit 2018 Success!

I’m happy to report that the 2018 Southwest BateWorld Cock Summit was a great success! This was our third Summit since starting them last April.
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Ask The Batemaster: Bating With A Married Guy

At this big company where I work, there’s this handsome guy with a little dark beard, who I don’t really know. For the third time, I’m in the restroom and at the urinal he “shows hard,” so we go in a stall and jack each other to incredible orgasms. Now I’ve snooped a little and found out he’s married, with one little kid and another on the way. Is it wrong to do it again, now that I know about his family?
A Gooner Gooning

The Gooner Files


Gooning the Gooner

Okay, so we're masturbating and we’re inside/outside of ourselves. We’re so far "gone" in the state of masturbation that we are able to experience ourselves having this blissful experience. Your pleasure is heightened to the point that you yourself are the pleasure.

A Circle of Cocks ‘Round the Fire


Experiential Lessons From a Bating Sexologist, Dr. Jallen Rix (hand2rod)

In just a few months, I’ll be attending my 21st Burning Man experience where plenty a cool night is spent watching large art projects being torched. Once the art has fallen and Fire Safety has given the “go ahead,” throngs of people move closer to the flames to warm themselves
C Summit 2018


The sexy summer camp you always fantasized about is now your…