Why You Should Use Coconut Oil

There are countless lubes out there — and, of course, the…

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The Scream of the milkman

Making Noise Masturbation Technique, Part 2

Sometimes when I ejaculate in the presence of another man or men, my screams and shouts of ecstatic release with the orgasm are so loud that I’ve actually frightened a few guys! And even when I choose not to ejaculate, I can groan and growl alarmingly
The Milkman Cumeth

Making Noise Masturbation Technique: Part 1

One important way that you can increase your masturbatory pleasure many times over is to break the sound barrier—maybe not in the way this sounds at first! Give yourself total permission to groan, growl, and even shout out your enjoyment, your pleasure, your ecstasy as you masturbate!
Bike Bator

Anal Breathing Masturbation Techniques

One of the most important things you can do to enhance the quality of your erections, as well as improve control over the urge to ejaculate while you are edging, is to do perineum clenches, or Kegel Exercsies.
Lubed for the bate

Lubricated Masturbation Techniques

Ahhhh!!! Your slickened hand glides smoothly and firmly over the glistening length and thickness and the gleaming bulbous head of your rampant erection—a description of bator heaven for most guys! Lubrication makes all the difference in how incredibly intense and blissful your masturbation practice feels.
Irish Pilgram

Milker Masturbation Technique: The Irish Pilgram

Masturbation is “milking your penis,” right? Ok, not really. This milking masturbation technique is called the Irish Pilgrim. The name is self-explanatory, and no you don’t have to be Irish or a cow to try this renowned masturbation technique. Well, maybe, but that's a story for another time.