Male Multiple Orgasm

The Truth About Multiple Male Orgasm 2: The Holy Grail


The Secret Of Multiple Male Orgasm Revealed!

When students come to me searching to improve their sex lives, it’s not long before the conversation turns to that Holy Grail of sexuality, the ever elusive multiple male orgasm.
Night Exsposure

The Truth About The Male Orgasm Part 1: It’s Not What You Think

We are taught that as men we build to an orgasm, ejaculate and then require a refractory period before we can reach those heights again. Our erections go soft and though we may still remain aroused, we are physically incapable of shooting sperm or making our penises spasm with pleasure unless we wait. For some that wait time is minutes, for others it’s hours or even days. Though we’ve come to accept this as a normal part of the male sexual response, I know I speak for all of us when I say that however long that wait time is, it’s too long!