The Brotherhood Of The Bate

Bators often refer to and greet each other as brothers. They form, in a very real sense, a brotherhood founded on the practice and art of masturbation. Online communities like bateworld provide the common bator a safe and open environment where they can explore, talk about, and share their fondness for masturbation with like minded men. In addition to the camaraderie and reassurance, many men find it more exciting to bate with other men.
A Gooner Gooning

The Gooner Files


Gooning the Gooner

Okay, so we're masturbating and we’re inside/outside of ourselves. We’re so far "gone" in the state of masturbation that we are able to experience ourselves having this blissful experience. Your pleasure is heightened to the point that you yourself are the pleasure.
Cock Summit 2

Calling in the Directions… of Cock!


Sexperiential Lessons By A Bating Sexologist

I’ve just returned from the second Cock Summit which was another amazing success (tell you all about it in the forthcoming article). On Saturday night, we had a bonfire and to start it off, we wanted to enact the ancient ritual of calling in the directions. Some rituals call in the four directions (north, south, east, west), while I like to call in the seven directions (including above, below, and center). It’s a way to cast a spell of inclusion and blessing and possibility.
Healthy Friction

Healthy Friction Comes Again

Healthy Friction is a Bator gathering that started in October of 1989. Billy Jack, aka porn star Chad James, is the masturmind who's brought together Bators from across the continents to create a jizz party like no other.
The Scream of the milkman

Making Noise Masturbation Technique, Part 2

Sometimes when I ejaculate in the presence of another man or men, my screams and shouts of ecstatic release with the orgasm are so loud that I’ve actually frightened a few guys! And even when I choose not to ejaculate, I can groan and growl alarmingly
Leap of faith

Dry Orgasms Masturbation Technique, Part 2

So the second part of this practice to experience dry orgasms and possibly multiple male orgasms, come when you are masturbating. This is a challenge of fine-tuning, and not so much a feat of obsessive control, as of paying really, really close attention to your level of arousal, and then using your ability to relax that pee-stopper muscle at just the right moment. This can reward you beyond your wildest dreams!
Ask Dr. Bate

Ask Dr. Bate: Cheating and Sperm Count

"I'm a happily partnered Bator who is fortunate enough to get plenty of alone time weekly to hone my skill. But I would love to find a Bate Bro to share things with since my partner likes to keep things more traditional... 1. How do I find a bro that is just into bating together and nothing else; and 2. Would it be cheating if there is absolutely no mutual masturbation or deep emotions involved?!"
Irish Pilgram

Milker Masturbation Technique: The Irish Pilgram

Masturbation is “milking your penis,” right? Ok, not really. This milking masturbation technique is called the Irish Pilgrim. The name is self-explanatory, and no you don’t have to be Irish or a cow to try this renowned masturbation technique. Well, maybe, but that's a story for another time.
Bateworld Stars Hands


For me, the best part of creating BateWorld has been the enthusiastic…


Every Wednesday throughout October, we'll be posting new stuff surrounding the album here on TheBatorBlog, plus the explicit music video on BateWorld.
Male Multiple Orgasm

The Truth About Multiple Male Orgasm 2: The Holy Grail


The Secret Of Multiple Male Orgasm Revealed!

When students come to me searching to improve their sex lives, it’s not long before the conversation turns to that Holy Grail of sexuality, the ever elusive multiple male orgasm.
Hot Dog Masturbation Technique

Mindful Masturbation Techniques: Episode 2

Male masturbation is always a good thing, and it is the most common sexual experience on the planet. The only possible dark side comes if a masturbator reinforces guilt or shame in the process; the best way to get rid of those factors is to burn them out with extreme, high-quality sessions of physical self-love. The surrender to pure penile pleasure can help to make you a better man.