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Masturbation 101: The Rosy Palm Technique

When it comes to masturbation, the methods of achieving orgasm are endless. Even our standard technique, the one we use day in and day out, can be varied with very little effort! In fact, there is no inherent reason why every masturbation experience can't feel like the first time, every time.
A Bator's Remembrance Of Things

A Bator's Remembrance of Things Past

Once upon a time growing up in a rural backwoods corner of the world, I lived with my parents and attended high school. A simple life. All I had for the bate was the Hite Report on Male Sexuality. That was it. I would get boned reading people's accounts of their masturbation experiences, and using my right fist with saliva for lube
Night Exsposure

The Truth About The Male Orgasm Part 1: It’s Not What You Think

We are taught that as men we build to an orgasm, ejaculate and then require a refractory period before we can reach those heights again. Our erections go soft and though we may still remain aroused, we are physically incapable of shooting sperm or making our penises spasm with pleasure unless we wait. For some that wait time is minutes, for others it’s hours or even days. Though we’ve come to accept this as a normal part of the male sexual response, I know I speak for all of us when I say that however long that wait time is, it’s too long!

Proudbator Interview

Pride of bators everywhere, the erotic adventures on Proudbator's website are sexually charged paeans to the universal glory of cock. They evoke my dick to rise up and proclaim its manhood in fully engorged power and pride. Proudbator's beautiful erect joy stick, hot young body and willing smile summon me to join in to the game and delight in what nature gave us as men, with naked abandon and self-satisfied glee.
Extra-Naked (Fascinus)



Why I Love Hard Nudity

For as long as I can remember I've had a penis. I didn't ask for one, and, really, I don't remember thinking too much about it for most of my first decade. I didn't even know what to call it then...

DAVID PEVSNER: A Conversation

I've said so often that one man's art is another man's porn, and everyone's line is different. Just showing your dick is porn to some. I don't know... I've been really enjoying expressing my sexual and artistic freedom in these photos, and the fact that some guys (and women!) seem to be inspired by a man of my age putting it all out there in a thoughtful way
Masturbation Meditation

Masturbation Meditation With Dr. Jallen Rix



"Why am I posting these pictures? I posed for them, I'm proud of them, and they are no longer my "dirty little secret". I want all of us to feel good about our physicality and our sexuality, and not ashamed or embarrassed the way so much of society dictates. Over over it."
Jason Armstrong - Solosexual

How I Learned To Love Myself As A Solosexual

Between the choice of sex with others and sex with myself, sex with myself often wins out.  And this can be a hard concept for many people to wrap their heads around.  But one place where men really do understand is on