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Ask The Batemaster: Help! I Ejaculate Too Quick

QUESTION: I cum way too easily, way too quickly. It’s what…
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Ask The Batemaster: I Have Orgasms, But I Don't Ejaculate

QUESTION: After prostate surgery, I’m lucky. I don’t ejaculate,…

A Circle of Cocks ‘Round the Fire


Experiential Lessons From a Bating Sexologist, Dr. Jallen Rix (hand2rod)

In just a few months, I’ll be attending my 21st Burning Man experience where plenty a cool night is spent watching large art projects being torched. Once the art has fallen and Fire Safety has given the “go ahead,” throngs of people move closer to the flames to warm themselves
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Ask The Batemaster: Is My Cock Shrinking?


“If you don’t use it, you'll lose it.”

QUESTION I am 43 and have been single for some time. I think my cock is getting smaller cause I only have a wank about once a week and cum quite quick when wanking, also I don’t get a proper hard on when wanking. Any advice on getting a bigger harder cock would be great. Many thanks.
RESPONSE: In fact, there is some truth to “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” With less use, meaning not masturbating often, or longer sessions, your penis can definitely seem smaller, and may actually lose size. I’ve encountered several men who went through prolonged periods with little or no sexual activity following a loss, an illness, or a traumatic breakup, who felt that when they resumed sexual activity, their penis was permanently smaller.