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Ask The Batemaster: Prolonged Masturbation (AKA Edging)

Is edging dangerous? I like to go several days without cumming and enjoy bating for an hour or more at a time. Is it unhealthy to build up cum without releasing it?
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Ask The Batemaster: Ejaculation And Your Life Force

The idea that you lose life force after every ejaculation mostly comes from the ancient Taoist teachings from China, about cultivating erotic energy by experiencing intense, prolonged sexual stimulation, but then retaining your semen. This idea can also be found in the Tantra teachings of East India.
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Ask The Batemaster: Leaking Semen Without Orgasming


QUESTION: How can I give myself small ejaculations or semen releases without actually orgasming?
RESPONSE: Among the endless nuances of male masturbatory excellence are the refinements of what guys call “edging,” dry orgasms, or continuous orgasmic states. Edging generally means spending a lot of time highly aroused, close to orgasm, but not quite going over the edge into ejaculation—at least not until you’re ready to surrender and go over that irreversible Niagara Falls of oblivion.
Male Multiple Orgasm

The Truth About Multiple Male Orgasm 2: The Holy Grail

The Secret Of Multiple Male Orgasm Revealed!

When students come to me searching to improve their sex lives, it’s not long before the conversation turns to that Holy Grail of sexuality, the ever elusive multiple male orgasm.
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Ask Dr. Bate: Sustained Edging and Shooting Further

How do I make myself edge and shoot my cum further? I cum in less than a minute and I want to stroke longer and shoot my cum.
Tip-Toes on the edge

Edging: Perfecting The Bate

I’m Edged, Are You?

Edging (aka. orgasm control) is a bator practice that takes time and commitment and is definitely not for the faint of heart. One must indulge in masturbation on a daily, regular basis to reach the levels of not only a true masturbator, but a true edger.