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Ask The Batemaster: Age and Semen Retention

My suggestion to epic semen-retention athletes is that it probably…

Living As A Solosexual: A Manifesto

Being an open solosexual is something M.B. Timothy (Saboteur…
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Ask The Batemaster: I Have Orgasms, But I Don't Ejaculate

QUESTION: After prostate surgery, I’m lucky. I don’t ejaculate,…
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Ask The Batemaster: Ejaculating With A Soft Erection

Sometimes when I am in a sexually tense and very stimulating situation I will come quickly before I even get hard! Is that normal?
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Ask The Batemaster: Leaking Semen Without Orgasming



QUESTION: How can I give myself small ejaculations or semen releases without actually orgasming?
RESPONSE: Among the endless nuances of male masturbatory excellence are the refinements of what guys call “edging,” dry orgasms, or continuous orgasmic states. Edging generally means spending a lot of time highly aroused, close to orgasm, but not quite going over the edge into ejaculation—at least not until you’re ready to surrender and go over that irreversible Niagara Falls of oblivion.
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Dry Orgasms Masturbation Technique, Part 3

My handsome friend in South America masturbates with me on Skype, moaning, gasping, his head rolls back and forth; he pauses, as if stunned, and moves his hands away from the meaty pillar of his penis in the foreground of my view. Then his head falls back in a look of beatitude, like some kind of saint in ecstasy, as his body twitches and writhes in place, his thighs vibrate.
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Dry Orgasms Masturbation Technique, Part 2

So the second part of this practice to experience dry orgasms and possibly multiple male orgasms, come when you are masturbating. This is a challenge of fine-tuning, and not so much a feat of obsessive control, as of paying really, really close attention to your level of arousal, and then using your ability to relax that pee-stopper muscle at just the right moment. This can reward you beyond your wildest dreams!
Male Multiple Orgasim

Dry Orgasms Masturbation Technique, Part 1

How would you like to have as many orgasms as you want without having to wait to get over the after-effects of a full-blown ejaculation?