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Ask The Batemaster: Foreskin


"I notice some guys look at me funny, or even scowl. Should I say something?"

QUESTION: I’m uncut here in the USA, because my mother is sort of a Deadhead hippie type. She’s told me it’s more natural. I absolutely love my foreskin, but being in the minority in the showers at school, I notice some guys look at me funny, or even scowl. Should I say something?
RESPONSE: This can be a really sensitive subject, but unless someone says something to you or really looks freaked out, maybe it’s best to just appreciate the extra you’ve got. Try not to let anyone else’s opinion about you bother you on this, or anything else. Still, if someone says something that makes you feel weird, just say, “This is how I’m made, and I love it!” Who knows? He might even want a demonstration, or at least a bit of education!
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Ask The Batemaster: Uncut VS. Cut - Are all penises equal?


A Cut Too Far?

QUESTION: Masturbating on vid chat, twice now there’s been a guy with a foreskin who told me I was missing something important, that I’m mutilated because I’m cut. What do you think? Is it a lot better to be uncut?
RESPONSE: All penises are wonderful, circumcised or not! Many men in the USA are still circumcised as infants, a custom that began with World War 2. Of course, Jewish and Islamic men usually are circumcised, mainly for religious reasons. As far as we know the ancient Egyptians invented circumcision. They had mythic and religious beliefs around it, but also in their hot climate, they apparently thought it was easier to keep an exposed penis head clean.