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Ask The Batemaster: Military Strategies

Never underestimate the power of cultural conditioning, my Phallic…
The Sun Comes

Journey To The Cock Summit

After returning home from the first Cock Summit in April 2017,…
Masturbation Has No Orientation

AFFIRMATION: The GQ Straight Bate Article

AFFIRMATION: The GQ Straight Bate Article Sex-periential lessons…
Being A Man of Color On Bateworld by DreBatorChicago (2)

Being A Man of Color On Bateworld by DreBatorChicago

My motto is, “A stiff dick has no orientation or sees color.……

Starting Over (Or New Year, More Bate)

Often you might find men of the community come and go and come back again. One can never really pinpoint the reasoning, and maybe they don’t know either, perhaps they just needed a break. One day you meet a cool bator, chat, bate, connect, and the next day his profile is gone. Did he get cold feet? Does he feel ashamed? They are all valid questions that deserve some answering and elaborating.
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Ask The Batemaster: I'm 23 And Like Older Guys (50+)

Love to cyber with guys I find here and sometimes other places, but really only with older guys, like at least 50 or 60. Thing is, I’m 23 myself.

Lounging with Our Cocks Out: Cock Summit 2018 Success!

I’m happy to report that the 2018 Southwest BateWorld Cock Summit was a great success! This was our third Summit since starting them last April.