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Ask Dr. Bate: Cumming Frequency and Bate Time

A Good Cumming Frequency

Do you have any specific advice around how frequently to cum when you're able to edge for an hour or so a day without ejaculating? I can go for a month or so like that but I'm not sure it's a healthy way to go.
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Ask Dr. Bate: Male Bonding and Fantasy

How do we define "male bonding" and what does it involve? Devotion? Deep friendship? Understanding each other? Contact? How close two men can come together and where is the line between friendship and sex? Can masturbation be considered male bonding?
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Ask Dr. Bate: Lopsided Bator And Inner Exhibitionist

I've been jerking off since I was 11. I am now 22. I mostly jerk off with my right hand, and I've noticed that the right side of my chest is bigger than my left. I can't help it! It feels better with my right hand. Is there any way to get the left side to look like my right without jerking off with my left hand? Or do I have to wank with my left hand for 11 years for my chest to look even?
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Ask Dr. Bate: A Sensitive Penis And Curbing Premature Ejaculation

I have an uncircumcised penis, which I love. But, it's also sensitive. I love bating and all, but because my dick head is sensitive, I just can't edge for long periods of time like many bator friends on here. Wish I could. What techniques can I try to increase the time I can edge without releasing?
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Ask Dr. Bate: Sneezing, Sexual Fluidity, And Arousal

Often times over the years I find that when I view an erotic photo I will sneeze uncontrollably right out of the blue. I've never heard of anyone else having this happen to them. It isn't chronic, but it does happen frequently. Have you heard of this happening to others?
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Ask Dr. Bate: Sustained Edging and Shooting Further

How do I make myself edge and shoot my cum further? I cum in less than a minute and I want to stroke longer and shoot my cum.
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Ask Dr. Bate: Masturbating Longer

How can I last longer while bating my friendly cock?

Your question is an important one because I spend a considerable amount of time helping guys discover and explore masturbation not only as a genital specific activity/practice but as a full body experience.
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Ask Dr. Bate: Bating Together And Bate Party Virgins

Sometimes I can't get hard with some friends with whom I cam with regularly. I really like getting to know people, it makes the bate more intense, but it seems like once I start to like them like friends, then my erections start to wane. I typically can be nice and hard for headless cocks that I only bate with once or twice, than guys with whom I share a connection. I've talked to some people about this and they always ask if it's because I feel guilty
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Ask Dr. Bate: Chronic Masturbation and Tending to the Temple

I am a physically fit 47-year-old man. I have always masturbated. But for the past 7 years I've increased the amount I touch my cock to 3-5 times a day. I mean, I can't get enough, even after sex I'll stay awake and stroke my hard cock to orgasm. For example, today I was off and I masturbated 6 times and made love to my beautiful wife.
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Ask Dr. Bate: Too Hard To Sleep

No matter how much (daily shooting two + loads) I cum, I wake up early every morning (about 3 hrs.) so hard and I don't go soft ‘till I shoot. At my age of approaching 60 is this normal?
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Ask Dr. Bate: Cock Rings and Exhibitionism

Is it safe to wear a cock-ring for long periods of time while bating?

Dr. Bate's Answer:

This is a very good question as many guys use cock-rings during sexual play and sometimes just as an accessory, like a ring on a finger. The short answer is yes, under certain conditions, it can be safe to where a cock-ring for extended periods of time. The key here is to know your limits.