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Gyula Benczúr (1844–1920). Narcissus. 1881

When we hear the word “goon” we may think of the long-nosed fictional character Alice the Goon from Popeye, or a term that references someone who is being foolish and stupid (in this case ‘stoopid’ which I’ll talk more on shortly). Well, none of this is even remotely close to what we mean when we speak of the goon, gooner, or gooning, in the context of masturbation.

As many of you know, there are multiple styles and techniques of masturbation, with hundreds of ways of achieving orgasmic states. Gooning, which plays alongside edging, is one of these. It is a form of masturbation that can exceed the wildest expectations of the masturbator. It’s being and becoming one with, not only yourself, but your male penis as well. Now, for the juicy details!

As we become “one” with ourselves during masturbation, we’re able to lose ourselves within it. We’re able to be inside and outside of ourselves, if this makes sense. Perhaps the great Eastern/Western philosopher and guru Alan Watts explained this best (listen to “What do we mean by I?” by Alan Watts). According to Watt’s, things cannot be simply on, but rather on/off, in/out, and inside/outside. Black references white as life does death and so on. I know, I’m falling into a philosophical rabbit hole but I promise, it’s all related.

Okay, so we’re masturbating and we’re inside/outside of ourselves. We’re so far “gone” in the state of masturbation that we are able to experience ourselves having this blissful experience. Your pleasure is heightened to the point that you yourself are the pleasure. Then the focus becomes your erect male penis because it is what is giving you the pleasure. Therefore, there are a multitude of things at play during this state. Your awareness of the pleasure, the awareness that the pleasure is coming from your penis, and the awareness that the mere act of masturbating is creating this. You have reached a pure state of GOONED OUT bliss.

So now you are gooning. You’re primal and probably edged because you really just can’t get enough.

At this point, all things gooney are possible. I’ve personally seen a great many masturbators gooning out in a variety of ways. Once you’ve reached this state you’re open to it all. Drooling, for example, is something a gooner might experience. I  use to think about this one quite a bit and it was only after experiencing it that I understood. Not only do you become this experience with its hyper awareness of your cock: you actually become your cock. Your cock is you and you are your cock. You drool like your penis drools or, leaks, rather.

“…achieving the trance-like blissful state reached when riding the edge of cumming for as long as possible, perhaps many minutes or even hours at a time. Also denoting the absence of control, compulsively pursuing that feeling as a avid masturbator.”Urban DictionaryYou might moan like you’ve never moaned before. Grunting, panting, very primal sounds. The word “stoopid” (see above), is universal goon language to describe the state of goon. A play on words combining the dictionary definition of goon as being stupid with the two o’s taken from the word goon itself. A gooner may look and/or may seem “stupid” in this moment, but they are far from the English definition of being stupid. They’re just stoopid. 🙂 Facial expressions are fun for the gooner to make, usually occurring unconsciously. Hunched over with wide eyes and big O faces falling deeper into the goon.

One might experience repetition of trigger words that make one aroused. Words like penis, cock, masturbation, bator to name a few. You’ll also find it enjoyable speaking very openly and specifically to a fellow gooner. Letting them know, while you’re both gooned out, that you’re a masturbator and you’re bating your penis and vice/versa. Admitting to the action and your state while one experiences the same is gooner nirvana. The only way to go deeper is to keep gooning longer and longer and edging until you reach the point of cumming.

Gooning is fun and nothing but. It’s another way to masturbate, to keep it fun all while being in a deeper state of bliss. Don’t be afraid to explore. This may almost sound frightening and bizarre and maybe like too much work, but I’ve simply just broken it down into words. The truth is it all happens so simultaneously without the need of  thought. You just have to be open to the experience.


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8 replies
  1. Goon Boy
    Goon Boy says:

    Been gooning for years and didn’t know there was a name for it. Would love to goon with others and share ecstasy and nirvana. Moan, pound and drool in unison. Oh, yeah!

  2. Goon4life
    Goon4life says:

    Best well written blog on edging and gooning. Yeah, it’s exactly truth to the saying you are 1 and the same with your cock after a half hour+ of edging …the feeling of pleasure that is ultimately originating from your own cock is beyond any blissful experience other than sex. While sex is semi controlled, edging is more in your control once you practice it long enough. As weird as it might seem, edging to a point of gooning seems more like an out of body experience.. time is irrelevant when you’re gooning.. it is a high that’s beyond any drug.. I know about dopamine and it’s effects but if you masturbate on a controlled level, you can have a pleasure that’s at your disposal and be treasured… its value is worth more than gold if practiced right

  3. Paul Nelson
    Paul Nelson says:

    Ah, the joys of gooning. Love the comments above and love knowing we are among the relative few who know this boundless pleasure!

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Awesome essay. The author hits it right on the head of the penis. I totally relate to the entire article. I was especially aroused at the part about the repetition of trigger words.

  5. Bruiser9
    Bruiser9 says:

    Love how the way you put it. I need to read more of your blog! Gooning is trancelike. It’s enlightening, it expands how you see the world. The more you goon the easier it is to enter that state of mind. I wish there was a way to teach it. Sometimes my penis takes me so far deep that time ceases to exist. 5 minutes can be 30 minutes, 1 hour can be 3 minutes. Penis pleasure is endless. I am a proud gooner. I am my Penis. Hail Penis!

  6. samislut
    samislut says:

    i am my COCK !!! i love my COCK!! GOD loves my COCK and blesses me as i stroke it, love it, worship it. GOD’S life force enters me through my COCK filling me with bliss. i am ecstatic, i scream and howl and talk in tongues. i cry to JESUS that i love HIM and ask HIM to fuck my face with his holy COCK !!! I AM AT ONE WITH GOD !!! i am pure. my soul belongs to GOD COCK. i am an unrepentant gooner for GOD. there is no hate, no envy, no remorse, nothing but exquisite joy when we pound our greasy COCKS . all hail GOD COCK !!! AMEN


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