The Brotherhood Of The Bate

Brotherhood Of The BateA brotherhood, according to Google definitions, is “an association, society, or community of people linked by a common interest, religion, or trade.” It also states that it’s any relationship between brothers; a comradeship, fellowship or a fraternity, if you will. I immediately think of Freemasons (or other religious societies), college fraternities, sports teams/leagues or any other sort of group linked and brought together by this common entity.

Bators often refer to and greet each other as brothers.  They form, in a very real sense, a brotherhood founded on the practice and art of masturbation. Online communities like bateworld provide the common bator a safe and open environment where  they can explore, talk about, and share their fondness for masturbation with like minded men.  In addition to the camaraderie and reassurance, many men find it more exciting to bate with other men.

Modern technology allows us to reach out globally to our fellow humans and share our life experiences in ways that are impossible just a few wears back. We are able to create  “real-life”, albeit virtual,  communities, online?  Bateworld’s established online allowes us to get up close and personal with others. We can chat live, send mail, write and reply to blogs, upload and share photos and video of our experience. Furthermore, we can personalized bateworld’s communal brotherhood by choosing to communicate with members via skype, through email,  or other means of communication. It’s a Matryoshka nesting doll of endless possibilities.

Under the umbrella that is this entire community, common interest groups play a large part in this as well. Forming brotherhoods based on these common interests. Having the ability to join these groups or even create your own are a beginning and a welcoming into a new place where you will find other men who understand you and share this interest; a brotherhood. What did you come here for? Does something specific interest you, turn you on? Fetish? Edging? Gooning? BDSM?

Masturbating doesn’t have to be a “lonely” practice. You might find yourself indulging in porn, using your imagination to get yourself off, creating scenarios while you plow your fleshlight or use an Aneros to stimulate your prostate for the first time. Maybe you like putting your cock in a sling, into nipple play, using albo or into MFM, DP. You’ve probably wondered if anyone else was into these same things and it’s a beautiful thing being able to reach out, come here and find your brothers. It’s a support group and a fun as hell group. Brotherhood is important in front of or behind a computer no matter the topic of interest. Masturbation is a personal experience, sure, as is all life, but it can be shared and explored with others alike.

Have you found your brotherhood?

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  1. Tom
    Tom says:

    This is all so true I know my life of masturbation has been a lot better cent i found BW and have brothers to share with.

  2. Jakob Goeller
    Jakob Goeller says:

    The amazing variety of penises, the astonishingly handsome raw beauty of bared erect virility among us all… so glad to be a male with a hard cock, and very, VERY grateful for what you have organized and perfected here! This safe place where we, as MEN, are able to come together as our own tribe of pleasure-loving, cock-sharing individuals, each of us able to shed politics, religions, and clothing, to reveal our selves as we are in reality. We are vulnerable and we are strong, we have hearts and we have dongs, we are individuals and we are friends! Show it all off, brothers of all ages, be proud of what you have been through, and be open to what you haven’t yet too, Make a new buddy and share a secret, then celebrate being a dude and finding a bro, and THEN spurt some seed, man, because THAT is what you are built to DO! Empty your balls and make some more, it will be the best thing you do all day.

  3. Jagtstein
    Jagtstein says:

    I think that masturbation is an own sexual orientation.
    Just as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or the like?
    For me, masturbation is the most pleasant and important sexual activity. Though I am married. I am a masturbant and masturbate rather than the I have sex.
    I am 70 years old and masturbate regularly since my 9th year, which means daily. (For many years I have regularly masturbated 3 times a day.) That is 62 years. In this time I masturbated about 27 367 times. Even now I masturbieren on average 2.7 times a week.
    I like to masturbate alone, which is about the orgasm or the sperm emptying.
    For masturbation, I need no means to get a sexual arousal.
    My addiction is the masturbation in itself and my penis, which I optimally modified to masturbation (frenulectomy, meatotomy).

    But, of course, masturbation is an addiction, but an addiction that benefits health. The problem is that doctors (urologists) are not particularly well versed in the phenomenon of long-term masturbation. Apparently, this is not discussed in education. But it is clear that physiological and pathological changes (which are not necessarily negative) must occur through decades of almost daily masturbation. As you know, regular masturbation prevents even the risk of prostate cancer.

    • randrogypan
      randrogypan says:

      Jagtstein’s 13October2016 bio, above, resonates w/ my own: Whereas, I too began my Masturbatory-path when I was 9 !! I.e., when I was totally UNconscious of whatever “s e x” was touted as being about; presuming Jagtstein knew not much more- certainly not from motivated experience… THEE point being, that when ‘you’ beCUM multiorgasmic via Masturbation at age 9 — ‘THAT should T E L L ya somethin’, Doctor Beter’ !!! Pre-pubescent Maturbatory multiOganismus is probably (?) prima facie preventative remediation for the ADvertised wave of P.E./E.D. ‘issues’ all the rage thru-out the realm ; & he-who-would-be-king, ol’ Trumpster is ontologically anti-Accessibly Affordable HeathCare.SOO, if a luved one has such ‘issues’ , practice medicine w/out a sanction— prescribe The rite of ‘our’ SecretSociety’ : M A S T U R B A T E MINDFULLY & OFTEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Hallows Eve,31Oct2018 …


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