Masturbation Has No Orientation

Husbands’ Play Weekend

Like most of my posts, this is a true story of an experience I’ve had. I thought it was a good illustration of how “Masturbation Has No Orientation” and so wanted to share it here.

“Brett” and I are both bi, married and out to our wives as masturbators. He was down for one of his “batecations,” as I call it, and we agreed to meet at the nudist, all male, gay, beach resort where he likes to stay for J/O fun. On this particular weekend, two friends of his, also both husbands out to their wives, were there too. As we walked through the gate, one of the husbands, “Eric” was sitting by the pool doing some work on his laptop. Brett introduced us and Eric rose and extended his hand in greeting. He was tall, slender, had a nice smile and was totally naked. We chatted for a moment and agreed to have dinner along with his boyfriend “Lance,” after Brett and I enjoyed our play time.

Brett and I went in the room and took our clothes off. I suggested we stay naked the whole afternoon and he agreed. Our session included mutual and side-by-side masturbation, story telling, a little frotting and scrotum play, feet play, watching porn, and some taint rubbing and mild anal stimulation just on the outside.

After two hours of masturbating together we decided to take a break and we went out by the pool naked and hung out for a bit while I vaped and Brett finalized dinner plans with Eric. We went back inside to continue our session until we both climaxed from masturbating.

We got cleaned up and went outside to join a party the resort was having as a charity benefit. There were about 50 men in various stages of dress and undress, some of them with erections. And although it may have been contrary to house rules, there was some not so discreet oral going on around the perimeter as drinks flowed and music pumped. As a married bisexual man I don’t get into the gay world as much as when I was younger, so I enjoyed this pool party experience just hanging out with the guys.

Eric and Lance then joined us and made out and flirted with each other and other guys until we all decided to go to the hot tub next to one of the quieter pools. We all jumped in and there was some fondling and making out there too and no shortage of erections.

Finally, the four of us made it to dinner at a local place along the beach where we shared a bottle of wine and some tapas. We compared notes on coming out to our wives and how our lives were now as four husbands in open marriages enjoying the benefits of our arrangements. All four of us were college educated professionals. Whereas Brett, Lance and I identify as bisexual, Eric now identifies as gay.

We each told our stories of how we got married while we were still sorting things out. But rather than getting divorced as our desire for male/male sex, romance and masturbation grew, we all had the rare good fortune of having wives who were able to work things out with us to have open, bisexual, non-monogamous or polyamorous marriages. While Brett and I are bate buddies and friends, Eric and Lance were in a long-term, closed loop relationship with each other and their wives (picture a “U” rather than a square). In other words, they were boyfriends, with their wives approval. One of their wives actually introduced them to each other thinking they would be a good match, and she was right.

I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation with Brett, Eric and his handsome boyfriend, Lance. The whole afternoon and evening was an enriching, fun and pleasurable experience I will never forget.

I hope this story opens up new ideas for other men and couples to explore non-monogamy. For established hetero couples, this naturally has to be done with great care. For younger guys just starting out and still single, if you identify as straight or bi, you may want to date women who are open to this sort of thing so there are no surprises or difficulties later in the relationship. I told my wife about my bisexuality on our second date. Communication is key.

(A more graphic version of this story can be found in my blog on BateWorld)

Author Stefan Jax is known as Doggyboner on Bateworld.

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  1. Fmbeckham5
    Fmbeckham5 says:

    I’m sorry. This is not what I picture for a batecation. I would prefer more focus on self pleasure with others but not so much physical interaction. This just sounded like a bi/curious weekend.


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