Get haunted, Help People In Need

This holiday season my goal is to do what I can to make a difference on this planet, and I’d like your help. Through January 1, 2020, I’ll donate all proceeds from my new album haunted to United Way to benefit homeless and displaced people around the world.•

Buy the album, and I’ll donate the full price, before tax, to United Way. If you don’t care to purchase haunted, please consider giving to United Way directly. Check out their website to see all the amazing work they do to help people in need.

You can find more info about haunted, including album credits and online resources, at

•United Way is not associated with BateWorld, The BatorBlog, BWE, or any affiliate.

Use of the word “world” in the lyrics on haunted are not intended as a reference to BateWorld.

Hiri David Feign is co-founder of BateWorld and The BatorBlog.

Very pleased to present the video for bag of bones off of the album haunted:

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