Welcoming Bruce P. Grether and Peter White to The BatorBlog

Recently we’ve had some new additions to The BatorBlog and I’d like to make an official announcement.

We’re so pleased to welcome Bruce P. Grether as our resident advice columnist. Already by far the most popular writer for The BatorBlog, Bruce is also the best-selling author of THE SECRET OF THE GOLDEN PHALLUS and the erotic fantasy novels THE MOONTUSK CHRONICLESas well as the wonderful the video series MINDFUL MASTURBATION.His free erotic coaching site is www.eroticengineering.com. Please give Bruce a big HAND!

I’d like to also formally welcome Peter White as the Managing Editor of The BatorBlog. In addition to his ongoing duties as BateWorld’s Chief of Staff, Peter’s tireless, enthusiastic professionalism is awesome to behold as he expertly juggles I mind-boggling array of tasks. Let’s all give Peter White a BIG HAND too!

We’re so privileged to have such wonderful, thoughtful guys helping us to make the world a bator place. Peter Rising and I, along with the whole BateWorld community, want to say Welcome and Thank You to both of you guys. Bate on!


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  1. Wally
    Wally says:

    Thank You Bruce and Peter! i hope this goes a long way. So many guys want to maximize their personal connection and you all are doing a great job giving some light to the way of growing. Watching your files are enlightening and bring hope to such a great part of growing as a man. very good work and a handsome man and your penile member surely does a great load of giving guidance to a great orgasm.
    Thanks Sir to all of you that make this leaning material available from friends to all who appreciate the ways of growing inside and out.

    • Bruce P. Grether
      Bruce P. Grether says:

      I’m honored to be more involved here, and my communications with Peter have confirmed to me what a wonderful man he is, also. Without all the members, this site would not be here, so thanks back atcha, guys!

  2. apalmer5
    apalmer5 says:

    Great to hear BW’s busy working on keeping the site so user friendly & informative and helpful for our mindful masturbation.

  3. adam
    adam says:

    I love reading what Bruce has to say….everytime I seem to learn something new! I am a bate addict and I am not ashamed to admit it…ANYTHING I can learn to enhance the experience is GOOD! Thanks!


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