Starting Over (Or New Year, More Bate)

There is a trend happening. Have you seen it? Have you experienced it? Maybe you’ve even done it yourself.

Often you might find men of the community come and go and come back again. One can never really pinpoint the reasoning, and maybe they don’t know either, perhaps they just needed a break. One day you meet a cool bator, chat, bate, connect, and the next day his profile is gone. Did he get cold feet? Does he feel ashamed? They are all valid questions that deserve some answering and elaborating.

We at Bateworld like to create a community for us men to come to talk to like-minded guys, to create those connections, and make a friend rather online or an eventual real-life buddy. I think it is safe to say that when you make a connection and the other person disappears, there is a bit of sadness, curiosity, concern…am I wrong? For those of us that yearn for connection no matter where that connection takes place, we can relate to this, it bothers us, and then we wonder if they’ll return.

Of course, we don’t necessarily deserve an explanation, we are, at the end of the day, merely chatting through the vast interwebs without a real, physical, energetic relationship. It is true that a real connection can be made through the web, even on an energetic level, but as I think most of us can agree that there is nothing like the real thing; a soul-to-soul if you will, a melding of actual spirit taking place. Again, this can exist through the web, social media, etc., I’m just pointing out that the connection can only go so far until you may want/need that real life experience. Sometimes even that is one’s reasoning for leaving in the first place, they’re unable to develop the relationship further because of distance, differences, maybe they met a real-life partner, or other personal life situations so they end it.

So, you’ve met a bator on Bateworld. You’ve been chatting for weeks, bating on cam, mic, talking about bate on the daily. You log on one day and find he has removed himself, deleted his profile. You will more than likely never see him again. Months go by and there he is with a brand new profile and an album titled STARTING OVER.

Just like in life, we all need reboots. We need separation from things that may eat our time or simply just to take a breath. I’ve found that a lot of men can sometimes become overwhelmed by the batehood and are masturbating more than usual and for some, it can take its toll. If it starts to affect their everyday life then sure, take a step back and reassess – it is a smart thing to do and responsible on your part to recognize and be aware a change is needed.

Here are some tips to both the bator “starting over” and to the bator who has now lost their bate buddy:

  1. First and foremost if you do plan to take a step back or start over, instead of deleting your Bateworld account, we do allow the ability to deactivate. That way if you change your mind you’re able to come back and start over without losing the connections you had made previously. Nobody loses anything and everyone can be happy! Please visit BW FAQ’s for further info and what you can do to save your account if you’ve already deleted.
  2. Exchange emails. This is a good way to keep in contact with your bator buddies for when they may not be able to be logged on to Bateworld. If they’re willing to share Skype, Social Media Accounts (@Bateworld), KiK, whatever you may use until they’re back on Bateworld.
  3. Again, nobody is obligated to tell you they are taking a break, but if you are leaving for a bit, maybe just tell them instead of vanishing. It’s a bit like ghosting, nobody likes that.
  4. If you lose a bator buddy, maybe they’ve just moved on to another bator, know that there are PLENTY of fish in the sea, or as we should say, bators in the Bateworld. The BW database has over 80k active members and is increasing. You are bound to make a new connection, of course.
  5. If you are considering a break, REACH OUT! If it is something affecting your daily life, or an issue that is bothering you to the point of deletion, speak. The brothers of the Bateworld community really are a community. It is a brotherhood and we’re all here to talk, help, and support.
  6. You can join the Bateworld Facebook Group – If you find yourself unable to participate on, you can still connect with your brothers in our FB Hangout. We post our happenings, articles up on The Bator Blog, and more. Of course, we want to encourage keeping all things Bateworld on, but if you can’t enjoy the site as you’d like, the hangout is an alternative to stay informed about all things bate and Bateworld.

The truth is, we LOVE our members, our fellow brothers, and we hate to see you go. If something is bothering you, let us know. Rather it is personal, something on the site, whatever the case may be. You can always reach out to your buds, connect with Bateworld on social media, or send an email from our Contact Us page on Bateworld. Help is all around in this community, rather it’s another cock to fuel your bate or a real bud who wants a bate connection with a real friend.

Starting over is healthy and I recognize the importance, but you don’t have to do it alone.

The start of the Winter Solstice is the perfect time to meditate on your desires for the New Year to come. Let’s make it a good one, a friendly one, and an open one. Our bond here is important, to every one of us, let’s keep it.

It’s what makes the Bateworld go ‘round.

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  1. Saboteur (M.B. Timothy)
    Saboteur (M.B. Timothy) says:

    This is a thoughtful post. I have been the one who took a break and also one who felt the absence of a buddy who disappeared. I think, however, that this is a normal and healthy part of the online experience. What being online allows us to do is put on an outfit, take it off, try another. I think it is polite to let good buddies know your intention to take a break, but online we do not have that obligation. Social media is by its nature a transient, fleeting experience. Some will use BW for a short time, others are here to stay, just as those flit across other forms of social media. I am a stayer!

    • azpete
      azpete says:

      Of course guys would be interested! If you’re seriously looking for a bate buddy, do it on BateWorld, not on the blog site. Just a quick glance at your profile on BateWorld shows that you sound hot, and certainly look hot. Get in there and go for it!


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