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The Allure of A Proudbator

A quick note to our readers.  This interview was conducted a few years back.  During that period, the Proudbator has grown and developed as a human being. Today is not tomorrow, but it is a start.

Pride of bators everywhere, the erotic adventures on Proudbator’s website are sexually charged paeans to the universal glory of cock. They evoke my dick to rise up and proclaim its manhood in fully engorged power and pride. Proudbator’s beautiful erect joy stick, hot young body and willing smile summon me to join in to the game and delight in what nature gave us as men, with naked abandon and self-satisfied glee.

One thing I love about Proudbator is how balls-to-the-wall he is about sharing his naked sexual adventures for the whole wide world to see. Proudbator is the perfect name for someone who’s so blissfully proud of his cock, and he seems so damn happy to be our surrogate sexual playmate. It’s a marvel to watch his big fat rigid playtool in action as he poses and performs.

He represents a new kind of porn star, the amateur professional whose work rivals that of studio crafted j/o fuel. It’s refreshing to see a hot handsome young guy with a big dick who’s real, without the artificial polish imposed in most studio imagery. But it’s packaged by a skilled graphic designer, director, video editor and photographer–all Proudbator himself.

Proudbator ProfileI refuse to be dragged out of a reality that is so crystal clear: sex is not bad, seeing sex and showing sex (to people who want to see it) is not bad!

Watching his videos, I’m constantly impressed by how he’s able to direct the action, photograph it and perform all at the same time, but there’s more to it than that. Watching Proudbator stroke his cock in an ever-evolving persona of playfully constructed wardrobe choices and coyly explicit setups gives his images a lightly teasing pinup quality. The guy’s a natural at what he does, and I find it’s a great pleasure to masturbate to his work.

I think it’s awesome what Proudbator is sharing with the world. To bare all and pioneer your own sexual frontier, showing off without holding back anything, free of all the baggage and shame that our culture demands–that’s a radical idea for many. His enthusiastic example reveals masturbation for what it is: a joyous pleasure to be celebrated and shared.

Big dick, salty attitude, playfully kissable smile. He’s got me sold.

I wanted to find out more about Proudbator, and he was kind enough to tell me.


What makes you a proud bator?

Well that is a great question. I think that what makes me a proud bator is the fact that I am in fact really proud to have been born with a cock to bate, (laughs) and to display it on the internet, so that I can somehow inspire other dudes to come out of their shells and see that there’s more to life than what society tells us there is. Come up, come up, wherever you are!

Does your family know about Are they accepting of your sexuality?

Of course they know, and honestly, it’s all cool. No questions asked.

When did you masturbate for the first time?

Wow, mm, I was probably around 5 or 6, used to play with my dick all the time, and the most interesting part is that I actually learned to do the business by myself. Later on I would join other boys my age to worship our dicks.

What are your other interests beyond masturbation and sex?

I do a lot of artwork i.e. painting, clay statues, papier mache… I’ve done a lot of outdoors, photojournalistic and kinetic (shaken and totally psychedelic) photography too. Everyone seems to be either a photographer or graphic designer these days, so the latter two I’m kind of letting go of for a while.

I value good old movies, but I’m not a movie maniac myself. I’m more of that sort of person who watches the same dozen movies a few times per year. I spend some time at the nostalgia or international festival section of my local video shop, treasure stuff, really. “Un Chant d’Amour”, the only movie by Jean Genet, is what drove me to start filming, but I haven’t got the subtlety. I jumped into porn straight away (hehehe). Man, that changed my life, really.

I’m addicted to Avant Garde All The Time Podcasts and a few other audio shows (hence I try to keep that same style with my own podcasts) by, where I found Genet’s movie by the way.

Music is definitely a big part of my life too, but I ain’t mainstream… (sorry pop divas!). I’m more of a Buddha Lounge, Cafe del Mar, Thievery Corporation and Gotan Project sort of guy.

It’s quite a commitment to manage and maintain a website, much less constantly update it with new content that you also perform in. What made you decide to make that commitment?

That wasn’t an overnight decision, it actually took me at least 4 years of research on how to build and manage a private website before I actually did it, 3 years ago. After I had a relatively successful blog with Google, I thought it was time to take things into my own hands, so to speak, with my own rules and for my own entertainment (and for my frequent visitors of course!).

I do love being out there, and I wish I could make it a full time project, but life is not that easy for most of us bators, eh!? The problem is still the financial side. It’s not cheap to keep a website running 24/7 when you have half a dozen people helping out with a few bucks here and there. I still need to work full time to keep the website running without expecting too much from outsiders. If it wasn’t for the self-motivation and the entertainment it gives me, I can tell you now, it would not be worth it as it’s not a simple thing to do all on your own.

But yeah man, you’re right, I have more raw material produced than I could ever upload! After I record the videos and have loads of fun with cameras I have the hard bits to do: upload and work on the website. So you are right, raw material exceeds the time I have to actually upload them, so whenever I have spare time, I’m onto it!!

I wrote down a list of some of the jobs that you take on with
  • Producer
  • Director
  • Performer
  • Photographer
  • Video Editor
  • Art Director
  • Graphic Designer
  • Costume Stylist
  • Site Administrator
  • Copy Writer
  • Advertising Manager
  • Bookkeeper
  • Archivist
  • Public Relations Administrator
Can you think of any others I might have left out?

Hahaha, you’re making me laugh now. I never actually thought about it, really, but yeah you seem to be very accurate in that observation. I do every single thing you will see in the website, from buttons to click to the last cowboy bate video–and everything in between. Scripts that run behind the scenes, sound choices and so on, not to mention all the photo shoots I love doing and publishing!

“But most of all, learning from each other is the key to everything. Prejudice? We all have them, and learning to get rid of them is what makes us truly better, in all senses–sexually, mentally and physically.” You left out some important jobs that I take on as well: I’m a full time friend to many of the guys who follow what I do. We tend to become close friends for good. Also, I’m someone you can easily communicate with and connect to, which makes things way more interesting than your standard porn actor/audience relationship, which is most likely to be a dead end connection. Im not talking about doing live shows to someone, I’m talking about having my two feet right on the ground–be humble, be real.

I’m impressed that you’re able to do all that yourself, and do it all so well, and still stay enthusiastic about the performing part of it. What keeps you motivated to continue? Is it pure exhibitionism or something else?

Haha, it’s surely the fact that I constantly get feedback from the people who watch my stuff. The feedback is indeed a big motivation for me. It makes me happy and enthusiastic when I read how much those people like whatever I may come up with. So thank you so much for the compliments. You see how things work for me: I’ve just got even more motivated to keep going.

I call what I do ‘productions’ but let’s get real here, it’s organic stuff. There’s no acting or faking, what you see is actually me playing with my dick or with my mates–either nude or with whatever I am wearing at the time. I don’t recall one single event where I was actually feeling forced to do anything. In fact, every time I turn on my cameras for the next playtime or sit here to work on the website, I do it with enthusiasm.

I am a perfectionist and I always try my best to learn or to improve and maybe that is reflected in what I produce. I wish I was better though!!!! Better producer, better designer, better bator, bigger dick! Hahaha.

When you’re there in the zone, masturbating your cock naked for all your fans, what’s that like? What’s going through your mind while you’re totally exposed like that?

I feel free of all prejudice and happy, I feel like I’m learning to know myself and my place in the world. It’s like a therapy, yoga or whatever people call that stuff. Many people think it’s because I have a serious problem such as lack of self-esteem or any of those ugly feelings, but that’s not true at all.

I refuse to be dragged out of a reality that is so crystal clear: sex is not bad, seeing sex and showing sex (to people who want to see it) is not bad!! But unfortunately what we have been conditioned to think is different, so to me, the actual feeling of breaking that nonsense taboo through exposure is twice as satisfying.

At the same time that I am working on myself for pleasure, I’m also connecting to others, who want to be part of those moments with me, but because of whatever factors can’t be there–distance, availability, time, shyness… all of it disappears when you have the materialization of your socially forbidden desires right in front of you, produced by someone who is in fact real, like everybody else, all broadcast via the internet at your own convenience. How much better can that be? Only if your insatiable neighbor next door is constantly paying you long afternoon visits for a cock workout –-oops… I’ve been there and that can be heaven… (laughs).

This isn’t exactly a question, just something to get your feedback on:

I have to admit that as I’ve learned more about other men’s masturbation through BateWorld, I’ve recognized some prejudices in myself that I never realized I had before. Without much thought I had come to casually accept our culture’s view that men or women who enjoy sex frequently, unabashedly and openly, are sluts or worse.

But when I see guys like you who are out there proudly showing off your fantastic body and cock, I see these things as gifts that nature has given us as men–our sexual virility, our body’s hard-wiring for pleasure, the joys of watching another man masturbating.

These are magnificent powers we have over ourselves to initiate pleasure and control our sexual lives. Masturbation is as important as dreaming, an escape from the everyday world that has important physical benefits. It’s exciting to see a hot guy with a big dick enjoying himself, and for me it fuels deep fantasies that I find very satisfying.

You have a great gift for bringing out all these issues for me, and I’m sure for others. What are your thoughts about that?

Well, you said it all. It’s funny because hearing how others may feel about you and what you do sometimes makes you realize that ‘yes–your efforts can pay off somehow.’

I’m truly glad to hear that there are in fact people out there, observing what we do, we–the dudes who are not afraid to make a fool of themselves or of being seen as sluts for enjoying a little more than the average naked capacity (laughs).

But most of all, learning from each other is the key to everything. Prejudice? We all have them, and learning to get rid of them is what makes us truly better, in all senses–sexually, mentally and physically.

Thanks guys for this opportunity, it was an honor to be here and I mean it.

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12 replies
    • Intensebateuk
      Intensebateuk says:

      Proudbator is awesome. It is great to see a site like his. Run by a bator for bators. And so fucking batetastic. And a great guy to deal with too. An unashamed great fan

  1. Baterbitefrance
    Baterbitefrance says:

    Proudbator is what we all are, and need to be proud of, never met him, but already know him from hsi debuts and hope he can live what he wants and keep inspiring us in all the sexuality. Keep on the good way Proudbator !!! I wish you a lot of followers and contributors !

    LLMNYC says:

    I am a subscriber of and I reeeeaaaaaally love it! He is so open, sexy, normal, and good at it, it’s a total joy! For me, Proudbator lives what all of us men with bator cocks want to be. Cheers mate, and bate on, you are super!

  3. Tony Pajero
    Tony Pajero says:

    ProudBator has inspired me to be a Proud Bator. I hope to be as Proud a Masturbator as he is one day.



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