During the 1950's, 60's and 70's, TV actors and entertainers lived within the boundaries of a homophobic and sexually repressive culture. To maintain a career in show business meant constantly weighing the balance of remaining closeted or becoming an outcast...
Jason Armstrong - Solosexual

How I Learned To Love Myself As A Solosexual

Between the choice of sex with others and sex with myself, sex with myself often wins out.  And this can be a hard concept for many people to wrap their heads around.  But one place where men really do understand is on

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MASTURBATION IN ART: Marcel Duchamp's Enigmatic Chocolate Grinder

In 1917 French artist Marcel Duchamp became infamous for submitting Fountain, an upside-down porcelain urinal signed R. Mutt, to an exhibition of the Society of Independent Artists in New York. The work was rejected. This was not his first brush with infamy.
Liquid Lounge


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Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Pioneers Of Bate: Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Relax isn't specifically a bate song but it did introduce cumming into the popular jargon of the day. As a call to hold off and enjoy the feeling of sexual ecstasy, Relax was ahead of the curve [...]
Gordon Scott as Tarzan

Tarzan Of My Fantasies

Tarzan was a wildly popular wild man. His image shaped the way boys learned the ideals of manhood, and he inspired them to play games together where the hero won without guns [...]
Hands around jack of clubs

Jack Off Clubs: Sharing The Bate

Jack off clubs are off the beaten path, but they have been part to the club scene in cities like New York, San Francisco, and Philadelphia for decades. As the name implies, they're establishments where men go to masturbate.  The clubs offer members a structured environment with rules of conduct and a strict ban on.