Bate Party


My First Bate Party

by Doggyboner

When my friend “Danny” invited me to a local Jack Off Party as his guest, I decided it would be a good idea as a way to celebrate May, which is International Masturbation Month. Last year, he helped me celebrate by taking my intro video for BateWorld (posted on my profile) after a day at the nude beach. This was my first time at a large JO event. The most I’d ever done it with before was four other guys in a circle jerk. While masturbating with upwards of 30 guys pushed my comfort zone as an introvert, the event was thoroughly enjoyable and I’m glad I went.

We arrived and were checked in by one of the hosts, a nice retiree with a laptop who only wore a small pouch to make change for the nominal entry fee that covered costs. Nudity was required, so we went under the awning out by the pool and took off all our clothes and folded them into my backpack. We chatted and mingled with the other naked guests for what seemed close to an hour before no more arrivals were allowed in. I was ready to start and as I looked around I saw my first erection. One of the hottest guys there (other than Danny) was having his long, thick cock stroked by the guy he was sitting next to. I think Danny and I were among the next to start stroking our cocks as we stood and watched. Other guys started tugging their own penises, as well as their neighbors’.

Eventually, two large groups formed. One was out by the pool deck, and the other was where we were under the awning. Several sub-groups formed with guys joining and leaving as everyone started stroking dick and handling each other’s balls.

There were men of all ages and body types. I had heard from guys on BW who I asked for advice about JO parties that some groups have a wrist band system so others would know if you wanted to be stroked, or not, or wanted to be asked. There was no such system here but it was very relaxed. Very little was said as body language and proximity were used to express interest. I found that even guys I would not normally be attracted to all had nice cocks and I was glad to stroke them. Adding to the festive atmosphere, one guy went around offering to fasten glow bracelets on everyone’s cock and balls.

Danny and I soon found ourselves in a small group where we jerked ourselves, each other and other guys around us while they jerked us. Lube slowly started to get added. A tall man stood next to me, stroking, who had a nice long penis. I took his in my hand and started pulling. I like edging guys but was going a little faster than normal, using various techniques to stimulate him. I could tell he was feeling it by little gasps and moans he let out. He told me how great what I was doing to him felt. Later he told me I almost made him cum in the first few minutes.

Right about then, one of the hosts made a surprising announcement. The first guy I saw getting stroked said he wanted to serve as the bukkake boy and have other guys shoot their cum on him.

He was short, fit, tanned and had a nice smile. I was amazed that he not only wanted to be the bukkake boy, but that he was one of the hottest guys there. In addition to that, as I observed, if someone offered him their cock, he had amazing skills at jacking other guys off. He would easily be able to coax out as many warm, sticky loads as he wanted.

I turned my attention back to our small group and saw that Danny had a hold of another of the hottest cocks there belonging to what I assumed to be a younger Russian dude who had gone swimming earlier. As I walked up Danny told me to take over, so I grabbed his cock and continued stroking. It was long, thick and amazingly hard. He was uncut and his foreskin covered most of his head even when I’d pull down on the shaft. He was tanned and handsome in an eastern European sort of way and had an amazing body and a cute face.

At some point everything became a blur and there’s not enough space in a blog to capture all the sights and feelings I experienced. Among the highlights were watching one of the hosts grunt out his load on the bukkake boy’s chest as he got jerked off, and seeing a guy who was older but with boyish features, short styled red hair and amazing legs, sit in the King of Clubs position with bukkake boy and frot with him until he came. After cumming, he massaged all the loads he’d received so far onto the bukkake boy’s skin, completely covering his smooth chest and ripped abs with the natural, creamy white lotion. When bukkake boy sat back down in his chair, I watched as another guy unloaded with what someone said was the best cum shot he’d seen at one of these events.

I alternated between jerking, edging and resting over nearly an hour and a half. Then Danny and I sat in chairs just outside the main group and stroked ourselves as we watched.

I had noticed earlier that the lube and hand sanitizer were both pump bottles and were near each other. Despite using caution I finally mixed them up and smeared hand sanitizer all over my boner…

…which I realized when it began to sting right away Lol. I recovered from that small disaster and resumed stroking with the correct lube. Danny and I were both transfixed watching the Russian guy jerk at a distance. We could see him between the legs and bare asses of other guys who were jacking each other in front of him. He made great bate fuel as he stroked his long cock and I got turned on by his muscular legs as I imagined this was what he looked like jerking off in his own bedroom at home. He had sexy as hell calf muscles which I like, and alternated between spreading his feet apart and placing them with the soles pressed together. What a treat to watch all these guys jacking off and hearing their hot moans and seeing their loads as they came. It was all very natural and enjoyable.

I was getting close again and decided to shoot it on bukkake boy who was unoccupied for a moment. I stood up and started walking over when just then another guy beat me to it. After unloading he had a rather long conversation with the bukkake boy. I had gotten so close to cumming I had to back off while I waited so I wouldn’t shoot while they were still talking. This resulted in me missing the opportunity to unload on him too since my cock went back down for a minute. I sat back in my chair and got myself off, followed by Danny who shot his thick load all over his hand as he moaned and shot his feet out in his usual orgasmic convulsions. It’s always so nice to watch.

I know some of you expressed interest in reading about my first bate party, and thank you to those who offered advice to me as a newbie. I had some edible 420 to help calm my nerves and enhance my orgasm, but it was the guys themselves who put me at ease the most with how friendly they all were with all their roaming hands. I got to check this off my bucket list and look forward to another year of jerking until getting creative again with next year’s celebration of Masturbation Month. Comments are encouraged.


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  1. Peter
    Peter says:

    I really enjoyed reading your story. I have nevet been to a bate party, always been intrested but never did it. By reading your blog you made me feel more easy to attend one. Thanks for sharing

    • Michael
      Michael says:

      I really liked your bate party story, I’ve never been to one before but always wanted to go to one to experience it for myself and get turned on stroking and seeing other guys stoke their big ,hard cocks .I wish I could find a bate party in Vegas 😎😍🔥

      • apalmer5
        apalmer5 says:

        Me either but have been curious about bate groups. I’ve even looked over a website for a local bator group just to get an idea. But have yet to take the first exploratory step. I’m sure my first visit would be an odd combination of nervous & excitement and who knows what I’d end up doing, or not doing

  2. FuzzyOttawaCub
    FuzzyOttawaCub says:

    Hot damn! Thanks for sharing that story… you’ve got me very much wanting to be the bukkake boy at one of those.. to have al those men’s cum all over me.. rub it into my furry chest and belly.. jerk myself with it.. all while whatchig all of yas jerking your delicious dripping and oozing cocks. {drools}


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