How I Learned To Love Myself As A Solosexual

Jason Armstrong - SolosexualBetween the choice of sex with others and sex with myself, sex with myself often wins out.  And this can be a hard concept for many people to wrap their heads around.  But one place where men really do understand is on is a website devoted to male masturbation.  The site prohibits pictures or videos of anal or oral sex.  The devotees to masturbation on the site have turned jacking off into an art form.  We’re not generally talking about the quick wank in the shower before work in the morning.  We’re talking about men who bate (masturbate) for hours (“edging”), becoming one with their cocks to the point of “gooning” (that point in the bate where you are so connected to your cock that you are all but babbling and drooling).

The notion of solosexuality is one that is discussed on blogs and polls and forums on the site.  It’s as if a variant of gay sexuality has come to light – gay men who get off on men (though straight men populate the site too), but prefer to get off alone, using porn, poppers and whatever other accoutrements they like (or conversely, use tantric practices to heighten the experience).  Like in any community that tries to define itself, there is contention about what a true “solosexual” is.  Is it someone who never ever has sex with others?  Can you define yourself as <strong>solosexual</strong> if bating is your true sexual passion, though you do bate with others or, furthermore, engage in penetrative sex sometimes too?


When I bate, it’s an event that lasts hours, involving some and sometimes all of the following:  Dancing in the mirror in fetish wear to Pearl  Jam and Rob Zombie playing on Youtube; smoking; drinking my beloved Jack Daniels; porn (lots!); piss play by myself;  playing with loads of cum that I’ve saved all week for the weekend bate; poppers; and so on.  What happens is that I reach a transcendental place where my whole body is cock, my whole brain is sex.  It’s both joyous and sometimes frightening.  Members on talk about falling into the “batehole” where you get so into the trance-like nature of the event that you wonder if you’ll be able to come back to the real world.  While some bators (masturbators) get to this state of ecstasy while bating with other men in real time or on cam, for now, my preference is to do it alone so that I can fully experience my sensations without worrying about pleasing anybody but myself (how selfish!).  I have no intention of giving up sex with others, but with the intensity that my bates provide, is it any wonder that I put bating first in my sexual pecking order?


Excerpted from “Hunting for Sex” by Jason Armstrong


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  1. numnuts
    numnuts says:

    What a truly under rated concept, and one that deserves to be brought to the forefront of sexual proclivities. I’ve always felt a leaning towards solo-sexuality, and am so glad it finally has a name that I can assimilate with. I think the more prevalent it becomes in social / sexual media, the more that others will come to relate to it, and innately in many cases, such as I have. It was great to read the above excerpt, Jason did an excellent job of shedding light on solo-sexuality, and I look forward to hearing more on the subject as it (hopefully) becomes the sexual movement it so deserves to be.

    • 504bator
      504bator says:

      I learned to masturbate at very young age and became addicted to the feeling of my hands on my penis immediately.
      I discovered the total turn on of admiring my penis ( which I love adore ) in mirrors. I am a narcissist and solosexual it they can can be separated. I do not generally seek out other men for sex although I have in the past and probably will again. My idea of hot sex with other men is to masturbate together with minimal contact. I love to watch a man as he sinks into his bate, and I sink into mine. I love my penis

      • Horny aussie
        Horny aussie says:

        I’m 60 years old. 2 years ago I realised that I had a beautiful cock. After that I started to love my cock. Then 6 months ago I finally fell IN love with my cock! My cock and I are one. Cock=me, me=cock. When caressing mecock I talk to cock, and with the hardening cock I know we are at one in enjoying porn. We are in syn; mystical union. We edge for hours. Have I’ve become a real pervert?

        To cock bators!

      • John
        John says:

        Wow-nice I could have said the same.A friend of my dad taught me when i was 12. we just got off and i liked it.I have had a few jo buddies over the years, but i like to solo. i cum 7-8 times a week.I have sucked and been sucked and thats about it

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    The older I get, the more I wholeheartedly enjoy solo-sexuality. Nice to know it’s so common, and even has a name!

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Solosexuals are not interested in penetrative sex, period. A true solosexual will not feed his bate with thoughts and images of penetrative sex. Solosexuals can and do masturbate with other solosexuals- you bate yours and I’ll bate mine.

  4. Bonerboy/Supercock
    Bonerboy/Supercock says:

    I’ve been really into solo sex for about 30 years–lots of masturbation as a teen, but living alone as an adult has facilitated many hours-long Edging sessions. I like to mix Viagra (since 1998) and marijuana to get into the zone. I have had some issues with bipolar disorder, and one time when I was in the middle of a severe manic episode, I masturbated for 12.5 hours straight, alcohol added to the mix in the evening of that day. I would add a dose of Viagra (100 mg) every 3-4 hours. I came three times during those hours, holding back the ejaculation on the first one, just masturbating right through the second one after cumming—that was probably 8 hours into it and I just didn’t want to stop. Generally after cumming once I need to stop and wait for 20 minutes to an hour before my cock responds pleasurably to stimulation again, even with Viagra. I usually shoot for a 4-6 hour Edging session every time I masturbate, often only going for an hour or two before cumming. But every couple weeks, I’ll find the Pleasure Zone and hit that 4-6 hour mark. My ultimate sexual fantasy is to be a skinny teen boy again (Bonerboy) with an 18-inch cock thicker than my slender arms. This cock would be insatiable—I could generate intense pleasure, orgasms, and massive ejaculations (like 20-25 spurts) until I’m exhausted, maybe after 6-8 hours. Then I’d rest up for an hour or two, eat, and then go for another 6-8 hours, Edging as long as I like with intense orgasmic pleasure, then cumming 2-3 times in a row after 2-3 hours of Edging, After catching my breathe, I, Bonerboy, would continue stroking Supercock for another 2-3 hours with similar ejaculations. Once I turned 18, I would make a living blasting cum all over the place on stage live and on the Internet. Those would be Supercock Cumshot Shows, where I would forego Edging and just stroke Supercock to a huge blasting cumshot every 4-5 minutes for an hour or two, Then I’d rest up while Edging before going for another hour or two for the next show of the day. I wish!!! Maybe my next life. See @JLeeCote on Twitter for a cool photoshopped picture I found that exactly matches my long-held fantasy.

    • oozedrop
      oozedrop says:

      A M E N !!!!
      hours and hours squeezing, stretching, fondling and jerking all in front of a mirror.
      LOVING every moment with my Penis, ummmmmm

  5. Fluffy33
    Fluffy33 says:

    Although I class myself as a sololsexual, as masturbation is the only form of sex I’m interseted in, I don’t really believe I can be truely solosexual until I see myself as sexual or erotic. Does that sound wierd? I have a lot of issues with my body’s appearance, have done since puberty thanks to the bastards I was at school with, and I can’t help but think that learning to accept myself, my body and my innate sexuality, will lead to heightened and ultimately more enjoyable self sex.

    Great post.

    • Loyal
      Loyal says:

      I think you raise a good question and you probably carry one of the more common peices of baggage with other men reading your post. We enter into big hormonal and awareness change of our sexuality about the time that our entire bodies are changing and when we are around others going through the same thing. Making incorrect assumptions of our own, judging ourselves against others, and damaging comments from others often shape our perspectives of ourselves at that time and those perspectives then tend to stick with many of us.
      For me, it took years to get to where I was comfortable around others even in short pants. Because of my height and overall looks, people tend to not approach me. If they do, I still don’t often understand when a male or female is showing interest in me. Typically it is only people willing to have sex with anything that approach me — that is until people see my cock. Then I become popular and nothing turns me off more than that.
      It took time, and in my case even becoming a nudist, before I began to be somewhat comfortable with my body. While I can’t necessarily say I find myself sexy, I know there are those who do and I remind myself of that. I focus on the good, I have learned to enjoy my body, and I continue to work on the process. My point – learn to love yourself and to see yourself as sexy the way you ate. Remember, male or female there are people out there who find you physically attractive. It is a process but you are worth it. And, while it sounds trite it IS true: WHO you are on the INSIDE is more important and longer lasting than WHAT you are on the outside.

  6. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    On a normal day in the office, I begin my day at 7 a.m. but masturbating in the men’s room. It revs up my engine. When I work from home I have been known to shoot a load up to six times per day, and mostly by looking at pictures of nude men (remember that classic Playgirl centerfold with Peter Lupus? — my fav!) or checking out gay porn. The older I get the more I enjoy this. And I store memories in my mind of visiting the nude local beach or the locker room at the gym.

    Thank you for creating this great site to talk about stuff like this.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      I totally agree to you, I enjoy my solosexuality in a very similar way. As I’m retired, I enjoy being naked all day and masturbating up to some 16 hours everyday and also cumming 6 or better even more times. Mindblowing orgasming is essential in my life and am proudly addicted to it

  7. IslanddudeTom
    IslanddudeTom says:

    I am a gay man in my 40s with a heavy bi side. For the last few years my solosexual lifestyle has really taken a turn for the better. I am exploring my body in ways I did not think possible years ago. I like the way I look and can masturbate alone and edge for hours on end. I find it interesting that more and more men are exploring the same feelings. I do enjoy sex on occasion, but finding my very private solo sex time with myself is very very fulfilling. I actually go into another sphere in my mind, feelings I have not expereinced in the past. I would enjoy hearing from other men who are really finding out who they are and are are enjoying it as much as I am. I am a nudist and go to nude beaches and am very comfortable with men and women. Something happens when people are nude in a warm and safe enviornment as I have had a few experiences where the husbands have confided in me that they find the male body to be arousing, but don’t exactly know how to react to another man but so yearn to, and masturbate alone with these feelings. We are all human and we enjoy lots of erotic thoughts and feelings. My solosexual my time I am finding is the ultimate, love to hear of others that feel the same.

  8. Hand Solo
    Hand Solo says:

    I feel, as some others do on this blog, that I have immersed myself more into solo-sexuality as I get older. I have had a very active sex life having lived and partied through the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s when being gay was a badge of distinction, even though, at times, dangerous for the indiscreet. For many years in my sexually active past there was no concern about serious sexual diseases. I was married to a woman for a short time at age 24 and have a daughter. I’ve had several very serious love relationships with several men over the years and three of these men were straight and are married today. I have been partnered with a man for 32 years as of this year…yes 32 years. We are good together and depend on each other but no longer sexually. We decided that years ago and it has been good for both of us and that’s one of the main reasons we are still together. I don’t discuss my solo sexual activities with my partner..I’m not really sure if he knows, probably he does. Throughout my whole life, since I was 11, I have been a frequent now chronic masturbator . Like many others here, I thought that I discovered edging before anyone else and I was so elated to find that so many others were masturbating like this.
    I often bate for 4-6 hours several times a week. I edge, look at porn and get into the “zone” after an hour or two and stay there. There is nothing in this world like the buzz, out of body experience being in this “goon” zone. It is truly amazing to realize and to feel what beautiful, mind blowing feels our bodies can produce. I never have experienced anything like this in any of the literally hundreds of actual sexual experiences I’ve had with others. When I eventually orgasm it is so incredibly intense that I moan loudly for a much longer time and more deeply that from any other sexual experience. My body goes into a minor spasm, my eyes go momentarily cloudy, I feel it in my feet and all through my body. It is heavenly magic beyond any other human feeling.
    I think the main reason that many people cannot understand the concept of solo-sexuality (interesting to note that spell check does not accept this as one word) is that they have never experienced these extremely heavenly, out of body, spiritual sensations.. Masturbation for many men is a quick release, any port in a storm, like taking a piss or a dump. For me, the feelings and the orgasm is new understanding of myself and life itself…and ….it is addictive.

  9. TX8thick
    TX8thick says:

    This article and discussion on the solosexual nature is very inspiring. I was 26 when I came out, and I hadn’t had any sort of sexual experience until that time. That meant that I fantasized a lot. My fantasies were all about watching another guy masturbate. I guess because I did that so much, I longed to see other guys doing the same thing. I wanted guys to watch me too. When I finally did come out, I felt like I didn’t fit in because I didn’t want to fuck or be fucked. Oral was ok, as long as I could see my partner stroke himself off and I could finish myself off too. For years I struggled with that desire in and out of relationships. Now, I acknowledge my solosexual nature, and I LOVE being around guys who like the same thing. When I am alone, I satisfy myself by edging slowly and deliberately sometimes even without porn. Other times I like finding an enthusiastic voyeur to watch me. Someday, maybe, I’ll find a guy for whom this solosexual thing works and we can make each other happy. Until then, I’m happy doing what I’m doing!

    • Robbie
      Robbie says:

      It’s not every day you come across a new word that fits an old concept, but “solosexual” does that perfectly. I too have often wondered where I belonged in the hetero-homo continuum. I have enjoyed sex with a woman, and I have fantasized about sex with a man, but I am pretty certain I would never (given the opportunity) engage in intercourse with a male (I figure it’s either “ugh” or “ow”)

      But one thing that hasn’t changed over the years is the pleasure I derive from masturbation, and from watching myself masturbate. About twenty years ago, that joy inspired me to make a homepage (which is still up and running) where I can see myself and watch myself (and on very rare occasions invite others to watch me as well – although I’ve never really sought out a lot of visitors). But it led me to realize how much I loved “the male form” (represented by myself) and the act of masturbation including (very definitely!) orgasm. I’ve enjoyed long sessions easily lasting an hour, and I’ve learned a lot from reading about others’ techniques and experiences. I have never been around guys who loved the same thing, but that would be very interesting. Solosexual. That’s me.

  10. littledk
    littledk says:

    I’ve been a chronic masturbator since before puberty but I’m primarily straight and have been happily married for 47 years now. I enjoyed sex with my wife but continued to masturbate regularly because I’ve been addicted to it ever since my first dry orgasm. As I got older it became more difficult to maintain an erection during sex with my wife because I was masturbating so much. I got to the point where I would leave my cock alone for a day or so before asking her for sex just so I could perform. However I began to resent having to quit masturbating for a time just to have sex with my wife because it was becoming clear to me that I actually preferred masturbation over sex with her. I was afraid that there was something wrong with me because preferring masturbation over other forms of sex must be abnormal. Fortunately I found BateWorld and learned from people like Jason that I am a perfectly normal solo-sexual and my wife is no longer interested in sex so I can now happily edge my cock every day. Life is great.

    • Karl
      Karl says:

      Ditto. Such a helpful discussion this whole collection of comments has been. Is. I look forward to reading lots more on the subject. Clearly lots of us discover this about ourselves and about how it connects us, really, to the ultimate grand designs of the mystical universe. A community of hermits, maybe, sacred intertwinings through orgasm. Gooning as sacred practice, as ancient as Lascaux, Stonehenge, you name it.

  11. celib8
    celib8 says:

    I have intuitively perceived myself as an Erotic solosexual [ but heterosexual ] man for years. Now I am elated to find such a site as yours by brother masturbaters who are getting our sensibilities organized ! It is arousing indeed just to see this manifesting. And much more empowering for all of us in Erection. Since I was a young boy I truly followed a masturbatory path of eros. I love to masturbate every day for hours in loving erotic discovery ! As I am sure brothers here can identify with. We all seem to be progressing toward a next stage of male Erotic Consciousness. Just what our erotically repressed cultural milieu has given birth to out of dire necessity. The more we men are mindfully aroused in our masturbatory awareness, the better lovers we will becum. Especially for women.

    • randrogypan
      randrogypan says:

      Great insights into ‘our’ paradigm-Shifting arousals to Masturbate . At-one-with Masturbation Mindedness is god/ Goddess Consciousness respectfully, gender-wise. And being Wise IS humanBeing a candid MASTURBATOR ! Love yourself & others— Masturbate often

  12. Jagtstein
    Jagtstein says:

    I am a habitual masturbator. I like to masturbate alone, with me it is about the orgasm or the sperm depletion.
    I do not need to masturbate means to achieve sexual arousal.
    My masturbation is the additive itself and my penis, I modified optimally to masturbation (frenulectomy, meatotomy).

  13. azedgcam (on Bateworld)
    azedgcam (on Bateworld) says:

    Had great sex with the wife and a series of lady friends since divorce, but when I discovered marathon bating and edging in 1978 and experienced the incredible bliss of being “in the zone” for hours at a time I morphed into a solosexual. For me it is the best sex possible in both quality and quantity. It is so wonderful and mind transforming that at times it cries out to be shared with others of like mind. Thank goodness for Bateworld
    which helps facilitate this sharing. In the 3rd hour of an edgebate as I write this. Life is good. Praise godcock and the solosexual life style.

  14. oldgoer
    oldgoer says:

    I’m well into my eighties with a very strong sex drive but diabetes, even with viagara or cialis, prevents me from obtaining an erection. The only way I can have an orgasm is with a strong vibrator and only after 45 minutes to two hours I orgasm, but some times not even after that length of time Looks like I have involuntarily been inducted into the solo-sexuality club. I am curious if anyone else has my problem and if so what might their answer be when they attempt orgasm. There are times I do feel very close to my own body but some contributors say they have an almost out of body experience. I had a very good married sex life and keep wanting to have a companion to at least touch me during the time I am engaged in solo activity. I would very much like to have a partner to join me in my long time above activity, preferably male but don’t know how to meet such a person. I long to be touched in my genital area and that has only happened once with a male massage therapist.

    • Jagtstein
      Jagtstein says:

      My explanation of why I can not get a orgasm during sex. Is this one is so accustomed through masturbation to much stronger charms and rituals. With the necessary emptying masturbation that is with me such a thing. I want to masturbate all the time. If I then start with masturbation I realize soon that I will not make it in this moment. Then I stop and start at another time of new . During masturbation , it is not yet certain to a certain point that I can ejaculate. But if it succeeds me , I have a very nice orgasm fades with 5-6 highlights in an aperiodic borderline case. And all the excess semen is pumped out , so to speak . The subsequent relaxation is very pleasant. Before, I just had an orgasm and the cum ran out .
      I think that there is also a neurological problem with us as a long-term masturbators . Because by the Long-term overstimulation the sensory nerves have lost the penis of sensitivity .
      A Pollution I never had because I ‘ve already begun 9 years still dry with masturbation , and since then every day Masturbate . Therefore, my question is whether the ability to Pollution does not even get through years of masturbation or loses ?
      It would be interesting to know if all men have problems with orgasm from a certain age . Or whether the sexual behavior over a long time the whole negatively affected.
      This is precisely the advantage that you can masturbate without an erection sufficient . The size of the penis does not matter . I am very glad, for 70 years one has their problems sexual intercourse would not be possible without adequate erection. But I can also sufficiently satisfy . This is very important for me as a habitual masturbator .
      I read for many years, all I can find about masturbation . And I have to say that that phenomenon is long-term masturbation in medicine little to no research . This is why most doctors know what to do with this topic a little .

    • Dan
      Dan says:

      I have just post here but i did not use the “Reply”
      I talk about how i enjoy this wonderfull state without use my penis : only nipples.
      It was something which took some time (at first i did not know my nipples where sensitive!!).
      I dont know how cobtact you

  15. BW: Str8B8r
    BW: Str8B8r says:

    I’m going on 63 and married for 32 years to a wonderful woman, mother of two fine kids. She’s got health issues that prevent her from enjoying sex. Of course, I’m a life-long masturbator. Thank you, Bateworld! This site has allowed me to embrace my situation and find total fulfillment in edging. It’s also given me an insight and feeling of bonding with men who are gay, bi or pansexual. We all love our cocks and appreciate seeing other men enjoy theirs! We now know, if we had any doubt, that men of all ages, body types and orientations, from everywhere, can share the deep joy and excitement of our cocks!

  16. John
    John says:

    I love this sight.I have been masturbating since I was 12.A friend of my dads showed me how and i loved it.i have been with jack buddies over the years.I have never went farther than oral and ass play.I find myself sometimes wanting to beat off rather than fuck pussy. Masturbating with a buddy is what I like the best. Hard to find someone who wants the same as I do.

  17. Mike360
    Mike360 says:

    “How I Learned To Love Myself As A Solosexual” is me. I just assumed there was no one like me. My record for masturbation has been 5 hours and what a great time I had. And yes, I did so many other things with masturbating… wild. I even had a male guest stop by and leave…told me it looked like I was busy..LOL

  18. 504bator
    504bator says:

    When there is a choice between sex with someone else and sex with my self my masturbation ALWAYS wins. My penis is fully in charge in that non-decision. If someone wants to bate with me that is hot but my physical contact is me. I am all I want , usually in the mirror with a brown bottle.
    I am a masturbator. I have little to no desire for contact sex with another person but I have an obsessive constant desire for sex with myself.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      All of what you say suits me so well — the main comment being I am a MASTURBATOR!
      I knew that the day of my first MASTURBATION orgasm at age 11 but, in my younger adult years, fucked about 40 very hot ladies until I finally admitted TO MYSELF that the fuck was just a waste of my MASTURBATION time. MASTURBATION is the best sex and most colossal orgasms I have ever had and I’m Proud to know that I’m DONE with everything but MASTURBATION!

  19. Jagtstein
    Jagtstein says:

    I am a habitual masturbator, and proud to be a solo masturbator. I like to masturbate alone, with me it’s about the orgasm or the semen emptying.
    To Masturbation I need a means to sexual arousal bring.
    My additive is masturbation itself and my penis I have optimally modified to masturbation (frenulectomy, meatotomy).

  20. Will
    Will says:

    I have been a chronic masturbator all my life and suppose I always preffered masturbation to any other kind of sex, though I did have lots and enjoyed it all. But no matter how much or what kind of sex I had I always masturbated the same as I did when masturbation was my only outlet. I got married at age 29 and my wife an I had a full if up-and-down sex life; sometimes lots and sometimes none.

    Several years ago my wife completely lost interest in sex, which I understand is common with many women when they get older.
    I cannot say it bothered me much, nor did I seek out any other sexual partners. I simply let masturbation take over and did it as much as I wanted, which is as much as time and privacy permit. At the age of 77 and having nothing much to do except such things as shopping and household chores, I have plenty of time to masturbate and edge for several hours every day.

    BateWorld is an excellent site for masturbators, although I would say that real solosexuals are in the minority there. Many guys there are looking for hookups, guys to masturbate with, chat with, cam with or some kind of “bate fuel.” Perhaps we are all looking for bate fuel, mine is knowing that there are many others who masturbate as much as I do, reading about how they masturbate and how much, looking at pictures of penises and uploading pictures of my own, reading blogs, answering polls and exchanging messages or email with other dedicated masturbators.

    I do not use any toys or even lubricants, and though I occasionally look at porn I do not need it to become aroused, I am always aroused and never have a time when I do not feel to masturbate. I would define myself as a true solosexual.

  21. Karl
    Karl says:

    Terrific discussions. Been looking for such as this for a while. Confirms so much thqt I’ve been exploring for years. Bate on. Gooners unite. Solosexuals within the cosmic dance.

  22. Dan
    Dan says:

    For oldgoer

    Hi to all .Glad to found this web!
    I also am a bater man who lives my solosexual live.
    For me is not only related with penis ,also being concerned to nipples.
    @oldgoer you dont need an erection for this profund gooning state : if you want (and same for the rest),i can teach you how learn reach this state with nippleplay .
    You only need learn enjoy your nipples which could be so hot. (Or more) than penis.
    Not only talking about nipple orgasm ,also edging with them .

  23. JohnR
    JohnR says:

    77 and still emptying my nuts and married for 47 year F**k every other Friday, masturbate Monday after, so I am ready to go at it with wife.

    • apalmer5
      apalmer5 says:

      63 and a daily bator/solo-sexual for 50 years. I’ve always been a better bator than a fuck but have enjoyed both. Although I don’t get as hard as I used to, make as much or pre cum like I used to, I still enjoy the amazing pleasure(s) masturbating gives us.

  24. Stroker11
    Stroker11 says:

    At 75 still stroking and edging daily…occasionally firm but mostly medium soft. Two to three hours in early morning after a predawn nude walk…nice moonlight today. Tell about your outdoor nude walking experiences in my group discussion and comment. Join nude walking group with like solo wankers….a stimulating bate exercise.

  25. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Learn to goon.
    If you like to moan and if you like to groan,
    Learn to goon.

    If you want to never come too soon
    Learn to goon.

    And when you often can’t do anything but squeal,
    Because your cock’s control of you is real,
    You’ve learned to goon.

  26. randrogypan
    randrogypan says:

    I’m AROUSED by ‘your’ blog !! Especially the lucid sentiment above by Celib8 (10/2015) !! I was aroused to cumment , because He is correct re: your blog “empowering for all of US in Erection” . ‘WE’ are (probably) resERECTING the archaic pleasure principles of Male EROS — our phallic Organ for Masturbation !! All males would be wisely enculturated to be Erotically Conscious of their truly MASTURBATORY Nature . I began experiencing this Natural Truth , when I unconsciously began MASTURBATING at age 9 ; Naturally, without any self-knowledge of “sex”, Orgasm, or masturbation, of course !!! The absolutely Incredible fact is that, because I was Pre-pubescent (9) I was actually MultiOrgasmic ! I.e., no ejaculate fluids , just ORGASMS . And this multiOrgasmic happenstance is why I even remembered this occurred in the first place. Wierd but spontaneously Natural ! Our Phallic gift is MASTURBATION . Praise the phallus in Adoration , que no ?! The “next stage of male Erotic Consciousness” raising …


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