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Healthy Friction Comes Again

Healthy Friction

Healthy Friction is a Bator gathering that started in October of 1989. Billy Jack, aka porn star Chad James, is the masturmind who’s brought together Bators from across the continents to create a jizz party like no other.

Every year there are multiple events held and this year there are two remaining events:

  1. Georgia Event: 20-23 July in AugustaBateworld Event Page
  2. Palm Springs Event: 12-15 October 2017Bateworld Event Page

The last Healthy Friction event I attended in Palm Springs was in October 2016. It takes place at the Triangle Inn, near the base of the San Jacinto mountains. The Inn is separated into two sections—the actual Inn with eight elegant suites, heated pool and jacuzzi—and the House, with four bedrooms, a kitchen, living room area and washer/dryer. There’s a yard at the House for sunbathing, with an unheated pool and jacuzzi.

Group bating during Healthy Friction takes place in most of the public areas of the Inn and House, but mostly at the House. The indoor living room area has plenty of cushy sofas and overstuffed chairs, covered in fresh sheets every day. Billy makes his own lube, which is placed around the area in condiment-style bottles.

The action in the living room is usually very intense, and during the most crowded periods of the day or night there’s usually some good adventures to take part in, or if you’re like me, just enjoy watching. I remember one event where there was a full-length mirror laying horizontal on the coffee table. It was covered in jizz. I thought it was more than one person, but they told me it was all from some guy named Byron.

The Palm Spring events get started off on Thursday nights with a meet n greet at the The Tool Shed, then it’s back to the Inn for registration. You receive an HF wristband, which many return guests wear in combination with those from past events.

I know some people who’ve never been before there’s an uneasy feeling entering into something so personal that they’ve maybe never experienced with groups of men. But the atmosphere is so relaxed, and the men are so open and likable that it’s easy to get comfortable very quickly. Once you’ve gotten naked and started fondling your dick amount other men who are doing it too, that initial reluctance is gone forever, and there’s a welcoming blissfulness of freedom and connection. I often find myself just wishing that there was a place to do this every day.

What’s different with Healthy Friction from other Bator clubs or events around the world is that it’s outdoor locations make it ideal for communion with nature. Naked and masturbating before this great mountain ridge, the sun or moon shining down, is a fundamentally wholesome experience for body and mind. Surrounding by friends made through past events, and hot strangers who you might want to get to know better, Healthy Friction events really instill a sense of brotherhood and camaraderie that are hard to come by, literally.

Every event I’ve been to has had its own surprises. I remember one Friday night I was sitting in a chair just outside the House, and I looked up, and there was a line of nine guys who all looked like models, each playing with the next, while a full moon glowed in the black sky. It was like sitting for my own private porn movie. I just sat there watching them play with each other for the longest time, until finally, the line broke into groups, and then the groups diverged into other groups.

Nobody is expected to do anything they’re not comfortable with at Healthy Friction, but you’re also capable of interacting with guys you might be too shy to approach otherwise. I know that for those who might feel like their body isn’t good enough to be naked around others, groups like this are always a reassuring affirmation that there are very few perfect bodies, and perfection doesn’t matter. Bators aren’t judgmental people for the most part. We’re good natured and accepting of difference. It’s a wonderful community, and Healthy Friction has led the way.

By the end of each event, I’ve talked to so many friends and new contacts, that it becomes difficult to remember everyone’s names, or who said what and all that. Walking back in the next time, it’s like I never left, and the memories start coming back. I adore so many of the men I’ve met there, and it’s always a pleasure to be with them again, even if it’s when everyone goes out to dinner at the same restaurant. The experiences stay with me and make good bate fuel for remembering and fantasizing about until the next event.

I want to personally thank Billy Jack and acknowledge his enormous contribution to bringing men together in Bator bliss. It can’t be understated how much work he’s put into creating and maintaining a community that’s very special to all of us. He was doing this long before BateWorld, in Yahoo! Groups and real life, and Billy’s vision and dedication have impacted the lives of many, many, men. Thanks, Billy!

Healthy Friction’s Website
Healthy Friction’s Twitter Page
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7 replies
  1. MoJobuddy
    MoJobuddy says:

    I’m already booked for the Oct 2017 event in Palm Springs. Can’t wait for that totally natural feeling of masturbating under the palm trees, San Jacinto, mountains and the moon.

  2. Jared69
    Jared69 says:

    Nicely written piece, David! I agree with everything said…it’s always been a great time at HF in Palm Springs, and I’ve been to at least 9!

  3. Billy
    Billy says:

    I love masturbating naked with other naked guys but can’t find any here in Durham N C. I just love being naked period with other guys

  4. Bruce
    Bruce says:

    I also went the first time for the Palm Springs HF event last October (2016) and going again to the coming one in October 2017. Hoping to meet other horny bate men for hot bating! Can also entertain at my hotel room if anyone wants one to one bating. Love poppers too.

  5. darrin
    darrin says:

    i will be also going to palm springs this oct 2017 my first time, scared but excited to meet guys with the same things that i like. Been to palm springs many times and i guess im a little tame for guys that want to go crazy, i love to just jerk off.


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