“Why am I posting these pictures? I posed for them, I’m proud of them, and they are no longer my “dirty little secret”. I want all of us to feel good about our physicality and our sexuality, and not ashamed or embarrassed the way so much of society dictates. Over that…so over it.”

–David Pevsner, from his Tumblr blog Shameless


David Pevsner is a working Hollywood actor who also happens to love posing naked and hard for the camera. Photos of Pevsner, nude, movie-star handsome, and erect, are all over the internet, including his own Tumblr blog.



Pevsner is, apparently, totally fearless and unashamed to show his dick in all kinds of artfully gorgeous photos–all the while maintaining a successful mainstream career in Hollywood. He’s appeared in 300: Rise of An Empire, Modern Family, General Hospital and much more. It must be a unique challenge to be his agent.


Pevsner’s a gifted model, and his erotically charged images artfully display the beauty and honesty of the man’s sexual being. Photographed by a variety of inventive photographers, David appears perfectly at ease lounging about either naked or partially dressed, displaying his beautiful cock and firm sculpted ass for the camera.


He’s a charismatic presence. His handsome features and dreamy eyes reveal a gentlemanly intelligence and emotional depth. Situated easily in Fucking Hot Daddy territory, Pevsner’s taught body, granite ass and long hard cock reflect a maturing man who’s proud of his body and sexuality, glad to share his pleasures for the pleasure of himself and others.


This sort of body acceptance is a sign that the stigmas are breaking away and the naked male is gaining respectability. People like David Pevsner are pioneers of that revolution. It takes the courageously committed instinct of an erotic provocateur to stand up to the messages of body shame and fear that our culture holds, without question, so dear.


Like all sexual provocateurs that I admire, David Pevsner is able to banish the negative messages and declare the cock an important, integral, meaningful and worthwhile symbol of natural male beauty. By exposing everything Pevsner celebrates the whole man as a sexually integrated and empowered figure, an image to be admired just like the statues of antiquity, while forging a new road of open sexuality.



I defy anyone to look at this man’s images and explain to me just why they should be shocking or disgusting to any adult who isn’t longing for the fainting couch. I don’t expect everyone to want to look, but for those of us who never tire of looking at a handsome, naked, hard man, it’s a distinctly pleasurable experience that enhances life. It makes my day better to see such a man proudly displaying his gorgeous cock, enjoying the experience of posing just as I enjoy the experience of looking. I don’t always have to masturbate when I view these images, but he definitely inspires me to think about it.



But when we do masturbate to such images, we celebrate the pride of manhood. We’re men together going deeper into our sexuality, motivated by a common male understanding. The satyrs in our culture, who risk it all to turn the world on with their man-smile, deserve our infinite respect for the good times they bring us. It’s an inspiring, revolutionary courage to live with pride in one’s unique body without fear of the regressives in our society. Thanks, Mr. David Pevsner. You bring us much joy and spooging.




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  1. David
    David says:

    Damn nice photos. I’d love to pose right alongside this gorgeous man. Whenever I see a photo of him my cock responds and salutes and stays hard for a long time. If there was one man on this planet to emulate its David.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I like what he has to say.. He’s obviously comfortable with the body he’s created to his satisfaction. He has the look, the body, the definition and (from these photos only, I’m assuming) the cock to give him that gift of bravado to explicitly show himself off to the rest of the world. He most likely has the comfortable lifestyle which affords him the luxury of exhibition without guilt or personal ramifications.
    Anyone who’s ever worked in the sex or porn industry knows they need to be on a particular level of showmanship to be chosen to do what they do.
    While I admire “eye candy” as much as anyone, I’ve learned to adjust my blinders and try to expand into other territories of what some guys consider handsome, courageous and masculine, beyond the ideals to which most guys have become accustomed. This is due in part to becoming comfortable in my skin as I’ve gotten older (and, hopefully, wiser), as much as slowly casting away all my personal barriers toward others as I meet them in the flesh.

  3. ruffend
    ruffend says:

    david pevsner has always turned me on. seeing him like this was a toe curling surprise. love him even more for being wholly himself!

  4. Jallen
    Jallen says:

    HE’s a great guy too! Always nice to experience the whole package – personality, sexy, uninhibited, outgoing, totally himself! What’s not to like?

  5. Steve
    Steve says:

    The first thing I do every morning is go to David Pevsner’s Shameless blog to see if anything new is posted. I am in awe of this man to have the strength and courage to expose everything. I only hope he takes the next step by posing with another nude man, enjoying each others cocks. Might be time to shoot another load looking at him!

  6. Cliff
    Cliff says:

    His photos are awesome and he is such a nice guy as well. We correspond by email on a regular basis and he is always such an open, kind and giving gentleman. He is always appreciative of the positive attention he receives and he never takes it for granted. He is a class act.

  7. Cliff
    Cliff says:

    I posted earlier and I forgot to mention that in addition to the obvious, David Pevsner is great actor. If you have the chance, check out his work. He stars in a great web series called “Old Dogs & New Tricks”. You can check it out on YouTube or HuLu.

  8. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Would love to see David go to the next step and show himself having sex with another guy. That would really be unprecedented for a mainstream actor. Love the pictures on his blog when he is nude on a stool daring to open his legs. Go all the way David!

  9. François
    François says:

    Thank you, David. It would be easier to explain in my language, the French one, the feeling of happiness and proudness to be gay your pictures give to us. Of course, you are handsome in the nude but one can look at only your face, your smile and your intelligent eyes to feel better. I hope that you are happy and have success because you have uploaded marvelous pictures of male beauty.

  10. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    The new set if five pictures are wonderful! Very erotic and well worth masturbating looking at. Thank you, David, and keep them cumming!

  11. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    The latest set of nude pictures of David, all erection shots, are stunning. But what I would have loved to see was some cum dripping from David’s cock.

  12. Jeff (Cumpassion on bateworld)
    Jeff (Cumpassion on bateworld) says:

    I used to know David from the business or around town, but I didn’t know him like this. A link on Bateworld led me here — David, I’ll be bating at these pics!

  13. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I am wondering if David will segue into gay porn. He certainly must enjoy guys getting off looking at him naked. And I imagine this would afford him plenty of work. I hope he takes the leap. Would love to see someone worship David’s erect penis. Wish it was me!

  14. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    David is sucking cock in the last picture of his latest black and white set. I wish he would take the official leap into porn. Would love to see him getting fucked.

  15. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hey David…if you are seeing this I love your latest set of b&w pics. But color is better and it would be so awesome — and appropriate — to see cum dripping from your cock as your reach reach orgasm. Love seeing your manhole!

  16. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Look at David’s last set of pictures. The man needs to be fucked on camera, and he wants to. He just needs a push. We want to see you cum, David.

  17. Jose
    Jose says:

    it’s wonderful of you to show your naked body we were born naked why not show what we have you have an incredible body and you show it proud

  18. vettecowboy
    vettecowboy says:

    Pics are so erotic and sensual. I t shows both the beauty of a handsome mature male and depicts the sensual love between two men can be. The pics are not only sensual and erotic but very artistic and tasteful. Hope to see more pics and if he does decide to do porn, str8 or gay, they will be well received.


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