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Hey, baters! (I’ve always wanted to start an article out that way.) This is Jon from Gay Naturists International (GNI), the largest collection of naked, gay men getting together annually and spreading the word about naturism (nudism) throughout the world. We’ve been around for over 30 years, and in my 13 years of involvement, I’ve come to know and love THE warmest, sweetest, hottest men in my life. I’m hoping that you’ll find us intriguing enough to check out our website and then attend our annual Gathering in the Pocono Mountains, or become involved in a men’s nudist club near you.

So, imagine this: 600+ naked men all in one place. Yes, that’s who we’ll have together in northern Pennsylvania this August 18th through the 27th. Most guys like to stay in a cabin where they can see and hang with old friends, but you can also bring a tent or RV. There is so much to do that one of the most common complaints is that there’s too much to do. But, if you want, you can just lounge around at the pool all day, your reverie broken only by a peaceful canoe venture, or a trip Across The Lake (A.T.L.) But whatever you do, where ever you do it, you do it naked!

You see, as naturists, we’re very respectful of others’ space, time, and sexual experiences. We’re all there to be with naked men in a variety of settings, but if you wanted to meet a guy for sex, you would typically take a trip A.T.L. for that adventure. One annual event A.T.L. is the World’s Largest Circle Jerk where 100+ guys get together to “spread the word” about masturbation. We might even schedule two or three additional circle jerks throughout the week, but any number could pop up spontaneously! I’ve participated for many years and my favorite time was when I wanted to experience a little bukkake; I was a bukkake bottom for a dozen horny guys. Thank you very much!

On the main side of the camp, you’ll find nightly entertainment including professional singers and comedians, movies, volleyball tournaments, aerobics, yoga and massage, naked Twister, activities galore, talks on a wide variety of subjects, a complete work out gym, daily social and theme parties, AND the best naked dance club in the world. I’ve said it often: if you haven’t danced naked with hundreds of sweaty, naked men, you haven’t really danced. Throughout camp, you will develop bonds with men and a sense of brotherhood that will be with you for life.

Whether or not you can attend this year (for instance, we know it’s tricky for teachers to get free in late August), I ask that you consider becoming a member of GNI for the nominal fee of $40 per year. Visit the website and start saving your shekels now for a 3, 5, 7, or 10-day stay this summer in August or for 2018. See you there! I’m the tall dude, one of many who will greet you with a big, naked hug.

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    • cernunnos7
      cernunnos7 says:

      Hey There! After consultation with Rick…the link to this article is prominently placed under “Recent News,” and the banner with the link to the vid (best vid of this type I’ve EVER seen by the way) is strategically placed just below the listing of events (further down the page). So..both on BateWorld homepage. This article will stay on the blog, but I will have to put up something more recent soon. At some point, closer to the event, I will move the vid & banner up to recent news also. azpete

      • Steve (newdistinct1)
        Steve (newdistinct1) says:

        I still cannot find it. I host the big circle jerks at the GNI Gathering each year, and I am in this video that I cannot find here on BateWorld. It is very frustrating. What am I not getting?

        • cernunnos7
          cernunnos7 says:

          I think I know what happened. Last night I had it moved (you guys are special, so I’m trying to spice it up, and move the ad around once a month)…to the right hand side, just below the 2 tumbler pieces, then the ad for the London Jack Off Club, and the US Pop Shop Ad- IMMEDIATELY UNDER THOSE. MANY are seeing, as they’ve commented on how hot it is, so….if you still can’t see it, why don’t you give me your contact info (, and I can call you. Actually, I’d appreciate an e-mail anyway, just so I know. Thanks much.

  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    the link is at the bottom-left corner of the GNI Naked Camp ad on the right side of BW Homepage. it says “VIDEO”


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