Why I Love Hard Nudity

Winged Penis with Bells For as long as I can remember I’ve had a penis. I didn’t ask for one, and, really, I don’t remember thinking too much about it for most of my first decade. I didn’t even know what to call it then. Since penis was never a subject that people in my world talked about, I just thought of it as my thing.

At a certain age, penis began to play prominently in my thoughts, along with a yearning to be naked and know what other guys looked like naked. Despite all the lessons about the evils of the flesh and “real” manhood, I found that my penis became hard when thinking about naked men, and that it felt great to be hard.

I remember sometimes feigning illness just to stay home alone from school and walk around the house with a hardon all day. I wasn’t even masturbating yet, still sort of in the fondling stage, but I would remain rock hard for hours. I just knew that it felt so good to be walking about naked and free and pointing forward. It seemed like the most natural thing for me.

In time I found that the more I accepted my enjoyment of naked men, the more liberated and authentic I began to feel. It would be awhile before I actually saw anyone else hard, but my own hardon made my nudity seem even more naked. It seemed like my whole body became more awake and alive. It was a new feeling of being purely, authentically, wholly naked. As an adult, that experience only continues to deepen for me.

Over the years now I’ve spent a lot of time looking at naked guys in magazines, books, videos, and in person, and I never get tired of it. I’m always glad to see more naked dudes. I’m delighted that so many guys of all shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities are sharing themselves hard online and I’m so grateful to nature for giving us hot horny exhibitionists and the means to get off on them.

“Exposing yourself naked and hard for others online is a defiant and revolutionary act.”I don’t need to be attracted to a guy to be happy to see him naked and erect. It’s a celebratory act, showing hard for anyone to see, and I’m glad when men can feel free to display their cocks for anyone who wants to look. Exposing yourself naked and hard for others online is a defiant and revolutionary act. To proudly display an erection is to challenge a restrictive, hypocritical morality that for millennia has devalued the powerful and meaningful experience of male sexual identity. Those messages have for too long denied the importance and value of our most basic male icon–the hard cock–and we’ve been neutered into accepting that we’re degenerate to enjoy and publicly celebrate nature’s great gift to us.

TThe penis is a miraculous and profound appendage without which none of us would be here. Cock isn’t just for making babies though, and in its complex ecology nature has given us a portable joystick that can provide a lifetime of solo entertainment. My hard cock has provided me with decades of amusement and unheralded sexual adventures both real and imagined, and I’m consistently grateful to the universe for being so thoughtful.

The hard cock is a wonderful device for connecting with our primal selves and signaling that to the world. Photographs will never convey the feeling inside of the person doing it, but we can all recognize the meaning behind the act and share in it together while turning each other on.

However, hardons needn’t always be overtly sexual. Eroticism can be a pleasure unto itself. The simple joys of being alive and hard are magic too. Sometimes, a guy just likes to naked with a harden while communing with nature, with or without others present. Outdoors especially, the penis seems to thrive on open air, sunshine and natural wonders.

“That was a powerful visual reminder of our connection with nature, the ancient ocean and the temporal flesh. It was a great day experience being naked at the seashore…”Watching a man communing hard with nature can make even the best days better for me. I remember my first time at Black’s Beach, there was a guy who walked along the edge of the waves for hours. He never touched his cock, just let it point out toward the horizon all day. Watching him was such a powerful feeling of freedom and connection with nature for me. It made the experience all the more memorable and human. That was a powerful visual reminder of our connection with nature, the ancient ocean and the temporal flesh. It was a great day experience being naked at the seashore, made even better by that man’s brave display.

Even among gay nudists though, many are uncomfortable with erections at parties or beaches. Some find it offensive or, as one guy told me once, just egotistical. I can respect those opinions, but for me, I always welcome a stiff cock on display–as long as its owner is respectful of me and others. There are plenty of caveats to what is appropriate, but my focus here is on consenting adults in appropriate settings. I’m not advocating that we flash people at Walmart.

I welcome a man who can be erect without shame. To me it’s a sign of courage and pride. I welcome sexuality in all people because I love that we are sexual beings, that we are driven to explore the realms of lust and desire and pleasure and eroticism, by ourselves or in groups. There’s so much to be experienced by watching other men explore their nakedness, and when they’re extra-naked, I’m especially proud to be a man.


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  1. Al
    Al says:

    There is nothing like strutting around TOTALLY naked, hard, and stroking! Every time I go to the baths I never wear a towel..I love walking up to a guy, yanking off his towel and bating him while others watch…

  2. penisluvr54
    penisluvr54 says:

    Great reflection. I love being naked, and would value the opportunities you refer too. Sadly, I rarely get hard these days, so my discomfort in a group of naked men is that my little penis not only stays soft, but virtually disappears.

  3. solosxr
    solosxr says:

    Yes, the cock was designed to be hard and I’ve always felt that all the time they spend soft is truly pathetic. My cock only feels alive and functional when it is hard, even when I’m not MASTURBATING. I MASTURBATE hard a lot every day, of course, but I wish that it could be hard all the other hours of the day, too. I live naked and there is no reason for it to not be sticking straight out all day.

  4. Bike#10
    Bike#10 says:

    Being raised by a nudist father who explained to me at an early age that an erection meant a boy was “healthy” and it was a positive thing. Dad’s younger brother moved in with us when he got out of the NAVY at 22 and joined us as nudists so it became quite common place to see each other erect and there was no false modesty to take care of it any more than taking a shit.As men we sometimes we enjoyed jacking together sometime alone. The point is Dad made sure I never suffered any shame or un due modesty about my hard dick. I think my Bible thumping Grandad turned out to had laid some heavy bullshit on Dad and my uncle and Dad wasn’t going to repeat that with me.

  5. DivorcedDad
    DivorcedDad says:

    There is nothing quite as erotic and masculine and freeing as walking around with a raging hardon. Showing it off and being proud of it. Letting other men who love cock admire my big wood. Our cocks are magic and are meant to be enjoyed…and in my experience only another man knows how to really enjoy a buddy’s big hard dick!

  6. jimwoof on Snapchat
    jimwoof on Snapchat says:

    I always had the same idea, I love being hard when nude. It is fully naked expression. The precum coming down my cock.
    It’s fucking nice. Outside is even better, truly connecting myself to nature.

    • Stroker11
      Stroker11 says:

      Nude walking erect and facing the world is the best feeling! Outdoors in the flirting breezes and warm sun is totally invigorating. I go out predawn and try to start the day, rain or shine with a nude walk and an occasional wank. It doesn’t get better.

  7. BEN VEE
    BEN VEE says:

    I am not sure about this. Please excuse my strange comments, but I think I might be a bi man without ever touching a man. My wife is bi, and I think this is why I am even more curious. I have never had this happen to me before, as I don’t want to get involved with these comments, but I cannot stop going through this site.

  8. Steve
    Steve says:

    A number of years ago a friend asked me to talk a walk with him at the beach and the next thing I knew we were at the nude section. The majority of people were men, and I saw cocks of all shapes and sizes being boldly shown off. I just knew I had to try it.

    Shortly later, I went to the beach alone and boldly took of my bathing suit and went for a stroll. Oh my Gold…the breeze on my penis and bare ass was so awesome. I just loved it and felt so natural. I also noticed men at nude beaches seemed to be nicer than at textile beaches.

    When I went back to my private spot, I quietly masturbated and made going to that nude beach a regular thing. It was the most wonderful and relaxing thing and sporting a boner was not big deal. On one occasion, someone I knew from the gym saw me and said hello. He was just arriving and was still dressed. But I made sure to take a walk over to him to have a conversation. He was totally nude with a sizeable cock. At one point as we were talking he jokingly quickly brushed his hand against my penis. Man oh man…I was hard as a rock and proud of it.

    Unfortunately, that nude beach is now clothing alone. But I still masturbate regularly thinking of it. And I am now comfortable being naked with a hard-in.

    • Sanjay
      Sanjay says:

      Man that sounds awesome and makes me wanna go to that beach if that section is still open. I haven’t tried doing that. I would most definitely come with you man for my first time.

  9. Averagedude750
    Averagedude750 says:

    As a nudist and exhibitionist I truly love when I find others that understand that being nude and having an erection does not mean you are looking or want sex. For me it is typically the comfort I have found in being totally exposed and free with no judgement. Once you reach that plateau your cock will stand up with pride!

    Now if I am in a group or at the spa where I am always naked and I have a hard on I am looking for a little action so feel free to grab on to it…

  10. jake22cm
    jake22cm says:

    Oh god I love how my penis dongles when I walk around with my dangling hard-on. Feels so good, looks so hot. I often masturbate outdoors, have since I was a kid. Deep in the woods alone with my penis, so primal milking stroking grunting and groaning

    • Stroker11
      Stroker11 says:

      You are absolutely right on…on a nature walk breezes blowing and stroking a hard cock…the best feeling! I start the day with a predawn nude walk stretching and moving totally free and stroking my muscles and penis.

  11. Bator Brad
    Bator Brad says:

    My first taste of the freedom you talked about was years ago. It was the 70’s, and “streaking” was a current fad. Guys (usually) would strip down and run through a sporting event or past TV cameras. When I was about 12 I had a paper route. I was also at the age of exploring my body and my sexuality. This day, those things collided.

    I had to get up early to fold papers and then take them on my bike to deliver them. One morning, I got it in my head to streak the neighborhood, since it was so early no one was outside yet. Of course, I no sooner got my clothes off when my parents caught me, dragged me inside, and started asking stupid questions. What was I doing? Did I know I could get in trouble? etc. etc. All the while, my face red with shame, I just wanted to die. What had started as a lark was now a family tragedy.

    Thank God, then, that later, in my 20’s, I was introduced to bathhouses! Finally, I could walk around with nothing on, playing with and being played with freely. It was like being let out of prison. By then I was also in my first relationship, and we were nude at home most of the time. Being nude outdoors doesn’t happen much for me anymore. But the rare times it does, I really soak it up.

  12. Randy
    Randy says:

    I absolutely concur with honoring the phallic ERECTION as often as we can throughout the day ! Yes I too highly favor MASTURBATING in Nature. For years erectionally attuning with Nature was my preferred environment in which to ejaculate – as much as possible ! So, yes , now we guys must resurrect, or resERECT our natural state of phallic nature by being erect as a socially recognized path; not an unacknowledged response to our world as a taboo, as it has been for perhaps millennia. We do not even know how long the standard taboo against social-Erection has been made an unacceptable !. Be erect, be Natural, be normal ! We love to MASTURBATE AS MUCH AS WE CAN! Masturbation is at one with Peace.

  13. nude for yall
    nude for yall says:

    May I submit gratuitous appreciation enthusiasm self actualization having honestly stripped completely nude for orgasmic yoga soft cock massage expletory masturbation and groundbreaking on my knees first encounter preparation for soft sex male surrender edification and praying to serve superlative gratification may it please whomever being nude masturbation and performance post graduate honors cum easily as my small throbbing cock standing at attention ready for a discharged in my superior anticipated herein

  14. NYC Newbie
    NYC Newbie says:

    I love being naked and hard before other and it’s not always sexual but just the enjoyment of HARD COCK.. Feels SO good.

  15. Chronicbator
    Chronicbator says:

    I love to shamelessly show my body, completely naked and most of the time hard. It is a site that not too many are truly comfortable sharing. I like to be praised about my comfort level.


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