Being A Man of Color On Bateworld by DreBatorChicago (2)

Being A Man of Color On Bateworld by DreBatorChicago

My motto is, “A stiff dick has no orientation or sees color.… It just wants to be masturbated.”

As I type this I am fifteen minutes into pumping my dong for my three hour edging session. The question on my mind, “What kind of bond do I want with my fellow Bator?”

I was asked by Edward (Erosinthyme) to share my experience with the Bateworld community and a bit about my bate life as a man of color.

A little bit about me, I am from and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and have always been the “out there” one of my family. I figured out how to masturbate at the age of twelve and have been a bator ever since. Although I had many bator moments before that, I got scared and stopped, lol! I did not have a mutual jerk off buddy ’til college and an actual Bate Brother ’til after college. Finding that Bate Brother instead of just a jerk off buddy is what made me a sort of activist for the bate life style. Then BAM! I came across Bateworld and the search for more liked minded bators began.

My experience with the Bateworld community as a man of color has overall been time well spent. I have not had any bad moments. I will not lie and say I was not worried that I, being a black male, would affect my experience as those of my other lighter skinned counterpart bators. This was all washed away the moment my profile was published and the pics were up.

Now obviously we all as men are very visual beings (so they say), even more so as a bator. With that, I’m sure some are not as attracted to such bators as myself, but every guy that I came across in that moment has been respectful in “letting me down” nicely, haha! It happens, move on, but also this cannot fully be blamed on color of skin. There is more involved in meeting a potential Bate Brother.

I am very happy to see more men of color appearing on the site and being vocal in the community. My motto is, “A stiff dick has no orientation or sees color.… It just wants to be masturbated.” Haha! My goal is simple, build a brotherhood with the men around me and that I meet. I always want for men to bond past the surface level that society tells us is okay for men to say, do, wear, ..Etc. I say take this month to get to know ALL your fellow Bators and become brothers, you’ll see the difference it makes.

Lastly, to answer my beginning question, “What kind of bond do I want with my fellow Bator?” I don’t want just another Bator – I want a brother connected with himself, able to bond 100% in our brotherhood, to discover…..completely free of any judgment or concern.

Thank you for this platform for Bators, new and experienced, to discuss us for a change with a focus topic that all men can get HANDS ON with…see what I did there, haha!

Author Dre is known as DreBatorChicago on Bateworld.

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  1. Nojoke
    Nojoke says:

    Nice article but it didn’t really give any valuable information about being a man of color on Bw….. I think its important to share the good the bad and the ugly. Its important to not ignore what opportunities we have as a community to learn, and grow, especially when it has to do with understanding everyone’s experiences.

  2. SBoner
    SBoner says:

    I agree w/ Nojoke, I’m a man of color on BW and I have okay to good experiences on BW itself. But the area I live in, I’m ignored even though I share the same kinks and intos as the bators around me however…. it just so happens that being Indian makes me what feels like one of the least desired races. I think that other races have more of a chance to be a fetish for some white bators, but Indian is not one of them. I don’t fit the mold of so called Indian stereotypes, but one look at me and the decision has already been made. If you’re going to write about being a man of color on BW, you should address color more than penis, as much as we all love it lol.


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