Bateworld Stars Hands


Bateworld Stars Hands

For me, the best part of creating BateWorld has been the enthusiastic feedback we get from our members. It’s such a great feeling to know that we’ve helped improve the lives of men and bring whole new worlds of pleasure to lots and lots of guys.

I always stress that our organization is here to serve and build upon an existing bator community. It’s the members who make the experience so unique, and we’re very grateful for that. What our site has done is facilitate and ground the bator community, and grow its base as well as its self-understanding. This gathering of men has brought with it a powerful message of sexual worth and intellectual acceptance to share together. The comaraderie shared among members is a valuable part of what makes the site so special.

Since BateWorld started nearly 7 years ago, we’ve taken on quite a team of people who help run and maintain it. I count ten. It’s phenomenal how much it takes to keep the site functioning and slowly evolving. Our support staff and volunteers have been incredibly generous with their time and enthusiasm, and Peter and I want to express our appreciation for all the people who make BateWorld the Premier masturbation site online.

Here are some of the great comments we’ve received over the years:

Thank you for creating this incredible website. I joined a few months ago and it has been like discovering a new world. It feels so good to see that there are so many men like myself who love masturbation. Also I must say that the design of your site is very well done, from the layout and graphics to the colors. Very easy site to navigate. Bravo to you.

This member knows of no sites remotely similar. BateWorld is in a class by itself. If one can’t make a connection here, it’s doubtful they could make a connection anywhere. For the value of it’s premium section: It is the steal of the century. For it’s free section: It’s STILL the steal of the century.

No other site makes a new member a premium member for a full week at the outset. If fetish websites were all on Rodeo Drive, Bateworld is the Gucci. A one of a kind. Elsewhere they sell sex. Bateworld is exclusively Masturbation and no other retailer–high end or otherwise, comes close.

For me the admission that I love to masturbate and that sexually I am a masturbator was a primal admission. Along with accepting that I am homosexual, it is simply The Truth. It is so amazing to find BateWorld where, not all, but a lot of the guys here are as I am, Masturbators primarily or preferentially. It is liberating to be able to share who I am, what I love, my techniques for, my fuel for, my frequency of, my obsession with, my lengthy sessions of MASTURBATION

I am so happy to find this site… Great to see str8, gay, and bi guys all united by our cocks!!!

BateWorld has enormously changed my life by rediscovering my sexual power. I have improved my well being by accepting my masturbation… and by increasing my sense of manhood and masculinity. The bator fellowship has a tremendous impact of my self view and acceptance. Gr8t thanks to BW and long life to this site.

Since discovering the beauty of BateWorld I feel like I have found a candy store of magnificent men who share my lust for self-loving and bating pleasure. I’ve received a lot of encouraging and very nice messages from guys around the globe. I’m overwhelmed by the friendliness and eroticism of so many guys. I feel like I’ve found “home.”

When the banner came up I thought PERFECT… THAT’S what I’m looking for! I logged on and created my account and haven’t looked back… and barely looked at any other sites! lol

This has been like discovering that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And I’ve already had two incredible and hugely erotic bates in real time with another two guys that both went for hours… resulting in a beautiful fountain of cock pleasure… I feel like a new man!

Thank you to you guys for delivering a site that gives me hours of pleasure… and to meet so many guys like me that love our cocks and share our lust for bating.

I will no doubt be a very active member on this magnificent site and my cock is very grateful for that. I’m also hoping to be able to make lots of vids both solo and in a group… I’m a bate porn star in the making!! haha

Welcome to the world’s biggest and best circle jerk. Only it’s not about jerking anymore, is it? I reckon there are enough guys on here to say that we are conducting non-stop, 24/7, team masturbation. How could this awareness alone not change our bating for the better? Is this the finest use of the www yet discovered? It deserves a Nobel Prize!!!

Thanks to BW I don’t feel guilty anymore. Now I enjoy my masturbating sessions more.

BW has helped me go much deeper into the bate. Bonding with others who really get it has gone a long way in getting me to open up and embrace how much I love pleasing myself, as well as helping others do the same. The social aspect of this site has been huge in making me a better bator.

Sharing something that is as deep in us as our need and love of bate is bonding, and the unifying feeling definitely feeds our male bator senses… we always journey with masturbation and I bet we have all grown here in some way. A brotherhood of bators… so cool!

Learning much from the brothers here, and I am also inspired by the honesty of other guys who love masturbation as much as I do. And I have met some really good men.

ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY. I can say that without any doubts. It’s made my bating sharper, more focused, and much more a part of my entire being because of the interaction with friends here. I’ve become a part of a community and for that I’m thankful.

I have BW to thank for my having a masturbation lifestyle. I never understood how great masturbation could be, it was just a means to shooting a load – now it is the main part of my sex life. And I met my partner on BW so it has been amazing for me!

BateWorld has opened up some new horizons, introduced me to some new friends, new techniques, so while the orgasms still cum, i have to say the social networking has made them change for the better.

I hope you realize what a service to mankind you provide that is both necessary and truly beneficial.

I’ve made many good friends here and I am still in contact with a small group of guys that I met very early on – my first buddies. I’ve added a few along the way, too. We look after each other through health, family, job issues. I’ve not yet met most face to face, but we know each others likes/dislikes, highs/lows, joys/sadnesses. We help each other and rejoice in each other. Even if it’s only in a message, we know someone is there. This is much more than a masturbation site. This is truly a men’s forum where we can express ourselves and not feel vulnerable. Thank you for what you contribute to all of us.

This is what is all about, liberating men to find the freedom to get past all the negativity about masturbation and enjoy it for what it is—a great gift of nature and a vital, healthy part of being human.

You guys provide much more than a killer website. You guys provide a safe place for self-discovery and exploration without any attached stigma. This is a safe place for curious or questioning guys to come and figure out. There’s more of us out here seeking a safe place to come out than you know.

I’ve discovered that there’s a lot to take advantage of if one dives in a bit. The blogs, Forum, and Community Page have all been enlightening.

My husband, Benbator, and I met on this site. We’ve been together for almost 5 years, and got married this past June. Just a little fun fact for you guys… thanks for giving us the forum to meet 🙂

My congratulations go out to you! Great job, guys! Love this site already. It’s quite hot. I’m quite a masturbator myself… perfect site for me. Every guy I find myself attracted to.. and there are many types, I fantasize about jacking him off, edging, mutual stroking, sex talk, the whole nine yards. Very much looking for a couple of regular jack off buddies now.

Really do appreciate your site as it soars above all the other dating and sex sites. On some sites, guys think they have the right or even reason to insult you just because you’re not their type, which is really messed up and adolescent… and lacking in emotional intelligence.

Love this site!!!

I think that the one constant in any man’s life is masturbation. It excites us. It calms us. It cures insomnia. It cures drowsiness. It softens the blows of grief and sadness. It is familiar comfort brought about by no other means. It is a different sensation than any other form of sexual activity. Intercourse of any kind does not replace my want, need and desire to masturbate. It is my private joy and solace. It transcends routine and monotony and becomes spiritual and ritualistic in its evolution. We never masturbate alone. The primal tribe in my head and soul stroke their shafts with me and howl in private ecstasy that no other experience can live up to. I masturbate because I am male, and because I am male, masturbation is an integral part of my nature and soul.

This is a very friendly community and one of the things I value about it is the fact we are all here for the same thing, the love of bating, wanking, jacking (any and all of those terms). Unlike so many other web sites, there is no attitude, size queens, bitching… it’s laid back, relaxing and simply a great place to be and enjoy our cocks together.

I’ve only been on BateWorld for a few days but already i’m loving it, particularly the friendly community and the emphasis on shared love of our own bodies rather than being focused completely on fucking etc. This place is so incredibly friendly I can’t get over it.

I’ve been bating regularly for most of my life. What I didn’t know was that there could be a social dimension to it. The majority of my fantasies involved playing with another dude’s dick. When I joined BW I found out there are other guys who not only find this hot, but have built up a culture and language around it. What I really like is that it’s not confined to any one orientation – if you have a dick and like to play with it, you can find buds here.

I love BateWorld or what I’ve seen so far. I feel a good sense of community.

I stumbled on BateWorld by browsing on Google. I typed in the search bar “how to ejaculate quick” which brought up so many sites about premature ejaculation so I typed in again “ejaculating easily” and some more premature ejac sites showed up. I searched about 12 pages and stumbled upon BateWorld as the search showed a guy’s video posted on BateWorld. I signed up right away as the site mentioned no oral or anal just masturbation. I knew this is definitely the site for me.

I signed up and was amazed and totally felt this is what I’ve been looking for for so long. I knew watching other guys bate that I could learn to go slow and relax to cum, instead of really fast and tense. I don’t feel rejected here that I have delayed ejaculation, I figured if I’m totally open about my situation in my profile the more welcomed I’d be.

I tried videochat 2 days ago and it was my first time masturbating in such a chat room with multiple guys watching me and vice versa. I always chickened on one on one Skype. On the videochat I had multiple guys up on screen and was fascinated how others jack off. I felt comfortable and welcomed and I jacked off with them and I couldn’t believe it I shot a very intense load and the guys watching loved it.

Today I have many friend requests and many comments on how hot that session was!! I’m not afraid to ask guys on here advice on how to relax and go slow to cum. I don’t feel judged here and am very excited meeting new guys.

This site will help me sexually discover myself and am no longer ashamed that my favourite sex is masturbation and that there is no hurry to cum by bj or fucking. I need to get to know my body and mind first and BateWorld opened the gates for me!

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Like all the above I have found my true self through Bateworld. I masturbate daily and someone always pops up to chat and share. Made lots of new friends and it’s a great community where we can all be free and comfortable, pants down and doing what we love. Thanks Bateworld for making my sex life exciting and whole again!

  2. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Thanks BateWorld! You really do provide such support and encouragement toward a more masturbatory lifestyle. Thought we’re both str8, a guy friend turned me onto your site and I was mesmerized. He was already a frequent masturbator and so he could sense I needed something more in that area. I felt like your site was speaking right into my soul. To be honest, my ejaculations have always been powerful and plentiful and gripping and so deep down inside I’ve always had a nagging urge to stroke my cock and ejaculate much more than I allowed myself. Thought I enjoy intercourse several times a week, I still masturbated some but always felt shame.
    You helped me come to terms with that part of myself, to accept my need as natural and a part who I was and then embrace it. Some guys simply don’t need it as much, whereas other guys just need to ejaculate so much. Stroking and ejaculating one’s cock just feels better and means more to some guys. For me, I really enjoy stroking my cock and watching myself and other guys ejaculate but and I just needed a helping hand to get me past my hesitation. Masturbating, edging, and ejaculating is something I enjoy doing throughout the day and enjoy sharing with other guys who live a similar lifestyle. I have never ejaculated so strong and so much and I am really relieved I no longer have to repress that. Knowing there are so many other guys out there, and growing, who share the same need and lifestyle just helps so much. I never imagined a str8 guy like me could embrace their cock and get so much out of it so thanks so much.

  3. John
    John says:

    I joined BW not long ago and at the suggestion of a guy on another web site. I’m so pleased that he encouraged his readers to take a look at BW and to become a member here. What immediately surprised me was the number of men who’ve welcomed me as a newcomer here. It’s a supportive and caring experience that I’ve never had anyplace and anytime before. What a fantastic web site. What a really and truly great community of like-minded. loving, compassionate men.

    • apalmer5
      apalmer5 says:

      I agree! I’d visited BW some years back but never really stopped to explore the site. And then recently returned after someone else suggested it & now its my go to site for chatting with other bators. I enjoy the “community” here & it varies all over the place yet with being able to view profiles & IM its not difficult to find others we’re on the same page – masturbation interest wise. And at this point in my career I realize masturbation is truly meant to be a team sport. Love to cyber & help others get off.

      apalmer5 (on bw & skype)


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