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Recently Bateworld was cited in an article on BuzzFeed titled “Why Some Guys Like Jerking Off Together” and now many more men are finding out what most of us masturbators have known for some time – BateWorld is truly THE masturbation community portal!

Here are some excerpts from the BuzzFeed piece, written by John Sherman:

In an effort to better understand the appeal of mutual masturbation and the community that seeks it, I went looking for other men for whom jerking off together is not merely sex-adjacent, but an important part of a balanced sex life. I found these men among my friends, on social media, as well as in pockets of the internet I hadn’t yet reached into: notably Kik, a text-messaging app, and BateWorld, a global social network for masturbators that functions as a kind of Grindr–Facebook hybrid, with all the HTML sparkle of classic MySpace. I talked to men who associated their attraction to mutual masturbation with some of their earliest memories of queer desire; men who started seeking j/o buds in an effort to hook up with “straight” guys; men who simply consider it a safer, simpler alternative to other kinds of sex. Entering these spaces opened them up for me personally in a way I hadn’t thought I needed.

BateWorld features common-interest groups, much like early Facebook, as well as public forums containing everything from masturbation memes to a “dicktionary” of masturbation-related terms both humorous and real, to a vacation rental section called Airbnbate, where bators around the world offer bate-friendly travel accommodations. Some listings are more CouchSurfing than VRBO — including half of a queen bed somewhere in Bushwick — but others are legitimate Airbnb listings, with instructions to mention BW.

As on Grindr, many BateWorld profiles are arrestingly frank about their interests, and in a lexicon as rich as it is specific. Users self-identity as “popperbators” and “stonerbators” (both consistently written as one word), and make frequent reference to “gooning,” a term defined in a BateWorld forum, with a citation from a forum on LPSG (short for “Large Penis Support Group,” a forum site with a predictably trollish, meninist flavor) as “a state when your inner freak is allowed complete control over your bate session.” Explanations of “gooning” often reference accessing a primal, implicitly male state of sexual excitement and indulgence, a kind of physical speaking in tongues through masturbation.

Read “Why Some Guys Like Jerking Off Together” here.

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  1. apalmer5
    apalmer5 says:

    Great to see BW get more publicity, I agree its one of the better portals for bators for sure. The photos and profiles/bio info help find like minded bators to share a session with.

  2. bingebator1
    bingebator1 says:

    It’s great that Bateworld is recognized outside the masturbation community as the premier masturbation social network.

  3. doggyboner
    doggyboner says:

    Amazing article. My wife sent it to me (she knows I’m a bator) when it came out a couple weeks ago and I linked it to my blog and shared with with the Sexual Liberation group on BW. I think it’s a great example of how mainstream media can help promote more positive and accepting attitudes, and more openness, about male masturbation.Hopefully, it will encourage more men, gay, str8 and bi, to open up more with their bros about this most common masculine activity we all enjoy.

  4. Guy
    Guy says:

    Awesome! I just hope the piece works as a beacon for those lost bators seeking their peers and not something that’s gonna attract the wrong crowd to BW.


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