A Twenty-something’s Perspective On Bating And How It Lead Him To BateWorld – A Chat With BateWorld’s Titan393

Hey Riley (Titan393), excited you wanted to take the time to chat and answer some questions for the Bator Blog. You seem to be an avid member on Bateworld and truly get what it means to be a bator.

Hey Edward, stoked to be here. Thanks for the compliment, I could say the same about you. Always a pleasure chatting with a brother like you!

So, when did you first discover masturbation? Do you remember where you were or what it was to, if anything?

I first discovered masturbation probably in middle school or high school, or 14 or 15. I remember one summer waking up with an erection, which was a new phenomenon for me at the time, of course. Without even realizing what I was doing, I remember being on my stomach and pressing my penis into the bed because it felt good, eventually producing a wet circular mark on my shorts. I remember not fully understanding what just happened, but knowing it felt really good. That was probably my very first masturbation experience, which is kinda surreal to look back on given how important masturbation has become to me now as a grown man. Then, of course, I discovered using your hand and I remember hearing other guys talking about it at school, which led me to new ways to jack off. And then in high school I discovered internet porn and the rest is bate history!

Bate history, love that! So you heard other guys talking about it. Did it ever make for any opportunity to jack off with any of them? Did you ever have the bate buddy experience in middle school/high school or even college?

Luckily yes, I did. I remember openly talking about masturbation with another guy on my high school cross country team. Just two horny high school dudes talking about sex and porn. The usual, haha! It eventually led to us jerking off together on a few occasions, including the urinals at the locker room after practice once. It was a great way to embark on exploring being open sexually with other men, and bonding over our dicks was the natural shared experience, even at a younger age. When I got to college and had more access to mobile apps and the internet and had more freedom, it was even easier to meet like-minded guys who just wanted to bust a nut together.

Yeah, it’s a totally normal thing especially in our adolescent years to be open and just have fun, regardless of sexuality. This must of had a huge influence on you seeking other like-minds online or wherever later on. Is this what lead you to eventually discover Bateworld? How did you come across it? If you can remember!

It really did. For example, my friend from high school that I first bated with years ago is now happily married to a woman. We both just wanted an outlet to get our bate on, be men and have fun. This attitude eventually led me to Bateworld, which I found by being introduced to it by a bate buddy. I met a guy my age online for a hotel bate, and he asked if I was on Bateworld. I didn’t know what it was, but he pulled it up right then and there at the hotel and showed me. “It’s for guys who just want to bate,” he said. I immediately knew it was something I needed, and after we had a great porn and buddy bate in the hotel, I went home that night and made my profile.

I hadn’t even heard the term “bator” before that, but of course the moment I explored the site I knew that’s what I had been doing and that’s what I was – a bator. Bateworld just gave me the vocabulary to proudly express that side of myself. Discovering Bateworld was really a game-changer, as I’m sure it was for you and so many other guys here.

Titan393’s bate kit set up and ready to go.

So cool you’ve taken on the term Bator. I think it’s definitely a term only certain guys can claim and really most of them are on Bateworld. What is your Sexual Orientation currently set to? I know you’ve told me you consider yourself to be a Solosexual, is that true? It’s kind of a lifestyle only guys on Bateworld understand it seems.

I love the term “bator” because it’s a great way to know guys who are on your tribe. It’s hard to explain, but when someone acknowledges you by saying “hey bator,” you know you’ve found a like-minded buddy. Bators are guys who just get it. I kinda like that there isn’t a set definition for what being a bator is, other than loosely defined as a guy who loves to masturbate.

The same could be said for sexual orientation. Obviously I believe everything’s a spectrum, and I’ve always thought of myself as a gay man with some periodic bisexual tendencies. However, being exposed to new ideas on Bateworld has definitely opened my eyes about solosexuality, which as you say seems to only be known in the Bateworld community. There are definitely times where I am way happier masturbating by myself or with a buddy instead of penetrative sex, which is something I’ve embraced and am proud of. The more I bate, the more proud I am of my solosexual side.

I don’t think I can commit to only labelling myself as one thing. Some guys can which is great – it’s all about what makes you happy. Liking or disliking labels is a choice everyone gets to make for themselves. So I would say I’m a gay man with a strong solosexual side. Have you ever read the book “Solosexual: Portrait of a Masturbator” by Jason Armstrong? He’s a bator here on BW – that book really opened my eyes to the joys of solosexuality, especially being a bator in my 20s. Highly recommend it.

Great book! We love Jason Armstrong. He’s a huge supporter of BW and we are of him, great guy. And labels are a whole conversation in and of itself. I don’t believe in them, but like you, I too have explored many sides and have no one thing I like. Do you think guys on Bateworld accept this maybe more than say other communities who have a stigma towards bisexuals or guys who consider themselves straight, but enjoy sharing their bate with other men? Especially on places like Bateworld.

I definitely think BW is unique in the sense that it’s a very open and accepting environment. You see guys of all ages, all body types, all sexualities just encouraging each other to bate more. Regardless of your “labels,” we’re all men who have a penis and want to enjoy it. In my experience, the men on Bateworld are a lot more inclusive than some other popular sites/apps out there, where people can be very picky and exclusive. For example, even if you’re not feeling a certain guy on Bateworld, you can still say “enjoy the bate, man” and move on. We’re all here to masturbate penis. The pretty universal level of kindness I’ve seen on BW is a reason I love it so much.

So when you’re bating and chatting to guys on BW – what is it you’re looking for? Or what really defines a “bator” to you? What do you look for on a Bateworld profile?

The beautiful thing is there’s really no “one size fits all” package. In the most general sense, I look for like-minded men who want to bond over our mutual love of masturbating. As a younger bator, it’s always cool when I can find men my age, but I love bating with older guys too. It’s really just a shared connection that you know when you’re chatting with someone, one hand on your dong and the other typing, when you think to yourself “this dude’s cool. He gets it.” Kinda like when you and I first started chatting, bro! I don’t think I knew anything about you, but we just got to chatting and kinda hit it off. Now we’ve been bating together for years, dude.

Yeah, for sure! It is like that. There are so many things to explore that take your bate deeper, or the buds that you enjoy to just have a regular sort of bate with – there is something for everyone on Bateworld. What is your favorite thing about the site and do you recommend to buddies on other platforms?

I really love the travelling bators section. As a Midwestern bator far from the coastal cities, it can sometimes be hard to find like-minded guys. But BW makes it easy to connect with dudes. Definitely recommend to buddies on other sites. Also, if you’re debating the premium membership vs. basic membership, I highly recommend going premium. Seeing other bator’s vids and pics and sharing in that bonding experience is worth it, no doubt. Why go anything other than premium when it’s your penis we’re talking about? Ha! And I am by no means a moneybags, I know some guys who have done the helping hands membership program too, which is dope. But being able to upload your own pics and videos and share your bate with other dudes is the best part of this community. It’s part of the shared experience.

Awesome! So there is a beautiful range of men and ages on BW. I realize we’re both younger, you’re in your 20’s. What has your experience been? Are you seeing more younger 20’s-30’s on Bateworld these days?

It’s definitely interesting being a younger bator on BW because it does seem like you’re the minority. I guess a lot of guys in my generation don’t know it exists. On the one hand, I’m so glad to have found the bate when I did because I love it and I have years of masturbation ahead of me. On the other hand, it can feel isolating at times when you don’t see a ton of guys your age sharing your passion. I think it’s getting better and a lot of guys our age are joining the site – clearly every man jerks off, but not every man knows about the bate brotherhood. It’s a bonding experience, and I will say that it’s awesome bonding with older men in the community that I might not get to meet otherwise.

Yeah, it really is about the bond regardless of age, orientation, etc. and I think it’s exactly the purpose of BW – to create that community that’s for everyone.

So, before we go, what is your BW name and when can guys typically find you online?

I’m Titan393! Find me online usually everyday, mostly evenings and weekends. I love chatting with everyone, so definitely hit me up bros. Dude, thanks for chatting with me. This was really fun.

Likewise brother, it’s been a pleasure and thanks for being such an awesome bator and member here on Bateworld.

Bate on, bators!

Bate on!

*all images are of and provided by Titan393 with his permission.

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  1. doggyboner
    doggyboner says:

    Great article, and got me hard! There is also so much to unpack. You hit on a lot of themes. I’m bi leans gay and my wife knows I’m a bator. I also bate with other guys which she knows about. Personal testimony is a great way to help de-stigmatize common and legitimate pleasures like masturbation. These are the types of articles I hope would go viral and help other guys become more comfortable with sharing and talking about masturbation. BateWorld has helped me in that regard and I too am a premium member. In terms of vocabulary, there was a period of time in my life where I referred to myself as “celibate” since I didn’t have sex with anyone else. But now I refer to that as a time I was ‘solosexual,” since I masturbated all the time, and I share that now with other people when talking about my life. I try to talk about my bate life with friends as much as I dare. It’s great that you’re a younger bator. I too have noticed that as with things like nudity and swinging, it seems mostly more mature people get involved on BW. That’s also a whole discussion, but hopefully as more younger bators feel safe and open up, as you have, it will become more prevalent and accepted. Keep on stroking!

  2. Massey56
    Massey56 says:

    Loved reading this, and the ways in which BW has been able to provide a safe place to get deeper into masturbatin as a means of bonding. Great sharing. Thanks so much for doing this!

  3. fasteddie1
    fasteddie1 says:

    Great read. I’ve struggled explaining this all to my wife. BW’s magic is the avenue to communicate with bators that understand the joy of bating and how it can contribute to maintaining sex drive for guys like me, approaching 50 and making sense out of the way we are. Great to see younger guys getting in touch with others who understand them and living life to the fullest by living out their fantasies.

  4. ryanjodude
    ryanjodude says:

    Really great discussion and insight into younger bators. Love your openness to share your masturbation addiction and that you are here on BW. Bate on bro!

  5. jaw511
    jaw511 says:

    Awesome read. As an older married man with kids who’s had multiple experiences with men over the years, I struggled in the past to define my sexuality. But then I came across BW about 8 years ago and it all became clear. I am a proud, no shame bator. Thanks for sharing!


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