Erotic Electrostimulation: The Risks and Pleasures of E-Stim

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If the first image that pops into you head when you read the words erotic electrostimulation (e-stim) involves a torture scene replete with a cattle prod wielding sadist and tied up victim, you can forget about the cattle prod. As for the BDSM imagery, well, that hits a bit closer to home. BDSM enthusiasts are a primary marketing group for e-stim products.

That doesn’t imply that modern e-stim products are designed to produce physical pain . They don’t. They’re generally powered by a 9-volt battery, and the jolt is a waveform that produces a tingling sensation along with muscle contractions. Of course, there are all kinds of pain including those that are purely psychological. Edging a person for hour after hour with the help of an e-stim device, is certainly one way to take them to the boundary of pain and back.

There are risks involved with the use of e-stim products, the worse being death from cardiac arrest. The devices can also cause tissue damage or deliver an uncomfortable zap, particularly if the electrodes are improperly attached. You definitely need to read the product warnings and operating instructions before using any e-stim product.

Risk factors and popular misconceptions aside, the whole point of e-stim is pleasure. There is nothing quite like the sensation an e-stim device can deliver. For some men, the use of device in combination with a simple electrode is enough to produce an orgasm. For other men, it’s not that simple and orgasm is not always the desired effect.

For edgers, e-stim devices provide considerable control over stimulation and can help get you to the edge, stay there longer, and pull you back. For others, e-stim is one sensation that in combination with other erotic stimulation can produce intense sexual pleasure and release. Everyone is a bit different and the sensations e-stim produces varies from person to person.

To help maximize the pleasure of using e-stim and customize the sensation, there are a wide variety of electrodes available. It can get pretty expensive, but there are electro ball vices, electro jock straps, a wide variety of electro rings, electro butt plugs, inflatable electro probes, and just about anything else you can imagine running a current through to produce an erotic sensation. It is inadvisable to use any electrode that attaches above the waist. E-stim is not suitable for nipple play, collars, or anything attached to the head.

Many devices come with audio and microphone inputs that allow users to turn voice and music into stimulation. It certainly gives a whole new meaning to your favorite song or talking to your self. It also provides for infinite variation in the waveforms and erotic sensations e-stim can produce.

E-stim is not cheap and given the nature of the device quality should never be sacrificed for price. The power units go for a few hundred dollars on up, and electrodes range from a few dollars to several hundred depending on their function. Add in a wireless remote and you can easily exceed $500 out the door costs.

Is E-stim for you? Well, assuming you don’t have pacemaker, can read product warnings and follow instructions, how much is erotic pleasure worth to you? E-stim provides a unique erotic experience that can’t readily be duplicated by any other means. It can add more than a tingle to a masturbation session and flat out get you off.

Please note that we have affiliate relations with E-Stim System, an online merchant who sell e-stim products.

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  1. idomtop
    idomtop says:

    Thanks for this great explanation of the fundamentals, which many people misunderstand. e-stim isn’t like an electric chair, or being hit by lightening (although sometimes the effect is as impressive.

    I especially enjoy using it on a sub I’ve immobilized, like a cellophane wrap, or just restrained in any usual way. But he can’t move, and that’s the fun. It takes a few times for them to realize that e-stim can be enjoyable to the point of unloading, and immobilization combined with edging and e-stim is so erotic . . . one of my favorite things to do to a boy.

    But the most fun is to put a current-enabled prostate message into the boy’s butt before restraining him, then place electrodes wherever seems like fun at the time. I have separate current lines for each device, so I can get him off to a fast start with electrodes on his balls, cock, butt and cock, then run the three sets, including prostate massage at the same time, back off the current delivered to the prostate, and should his mind ever wander (and usually my subs know better than to lose concentration lol) I can turn the prostate current back up. It’s a great way to edge a guy and then bring him off instantly when I decide the time is right.

    I’ve been using e-stim with the subs for maybe 10 years, and as you comment, it can be painful or pure pleasure. So with the same device I use for punishment, I have full control over my boy, his man-parts, his sensation and the time he cums. It’s a lot of fun (to do to yourself, as well) and with a bit of time you’ll be amazed at the intensity in an orgasm you get from a few pieces of wire and a bit of current.

    • Ray
      Ray says:

      I am a most senior citizen with diabetes that has taken its toll on sexual activity. I don’t understand all I know about it but am told it destroys the nerve endings in my reproduction area. My sexual desire is as strong as it ever was. Using a vibrator and some appropriate internet stimulation I usually can eventually have an orgasm, usually taking 45 minutes to an hour and there have been many times in the last almost 20 years I simply tired out and stopped frustrated and without orgasm. I have tried using tinge units with absolutely no success.

      It sounds like you might be “in the business” of electronic stimulation. Do you construct and sell your system and if so I would like to know how to obtain one or offer your services. I note in the post time you are in MST. I am in CST very near the New Mexico Border, the state I think in in MST zone. I look forward to your response.

  2. Jagtstein
    Jagtstein says:

    I’ve bought a Vita Tronic TENS device with the following technical data.
    Output voltage: idle: 0 to 80 V
    With 500 ohm terminating resistor
    Pulse amplitude: measured at 500 ohm termination resistor, 0 to 90 mA
    (max. output power)
    Frequency: 1-250 Hz

    With this device, I get an orgasm trigger.
    I attach one electrode under the foreskin where my frenulum was (or I put up a metal rod into the urethra), and I push the other electrode, insulated except for the front page in the anus. With this arrangement, I can stimulate the prostate optimal.
    The electrode for the prostate I have a Caipirinja Eismörser 20 cm long metal handicrafts themselves. To this end, I’ve isolated the upper thin end with electrical tape so that only the thick front panel is not insulated. This end is then inserted into the anus to the prostate.
    Caipirinja iron mortar the metal as you get in the kitchen accessories trade Hoarding at a price of around 12 €.
    Have a look at this link.

    By the way, the polarity can be selected by feel. Personally, I have achieved good results during a season in which I + – I reversed (the polarity).
    Just Try it once.
    By the way, the sperm running me out anyway, almost without an orgasm, but that seems to be normal at 68 years and 27200 masturbation.

  3. Mike Williams
    Mike Williams says:

    Slightly cautionary word. I got heavily into electrostim usint a TENS machine which was the cheapest option. My genitals had a really good time and my masturbation quotient went off the clock but I have to give a word of warning because I finished up with a permanent tingling in my balls. Not too big a deal because it is not unpleasant but it did make me give up stimming. I would suggest, then, that the safest way forward is not to be like me and take the cheap option with a TENS but to spend the money and get the proper kit.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I too am a senior that went through a prostate surgery and have a difficult time to get an erection and so masturbation is not an option. But estim has been a wonderful way to attain sexual satisfaction. I highly recommend it for any like me. It’s absolutely fabulous you can get the same feeling of an orgasm.

    • james60
      james60 says:

      hi, more or less the same, take Flomax to ease swollen prostate problems. so do you get a dry orgasm idea? Thanks

    • kevcali
      kevcali says:

      I too had prostate surgery. i still masturbate even without the erection. i can still get myself off, just no mess to clean up!. i don’t understand you saying masturbation is not an option, its just not the same as having a throbbing shaft in your hand, still satisfying tho. i sometimes use my tens unit, but its not a necessity

  5. AJ
    AJ says:

    Estim is awesome. It’s incredibly erotic, intense, and pleasurable. If playing with others, be sure they know what they’re doing – never hand over the power box to someone who is not familiar with the sensations it produces. There is a fine line between intense pleasure – and pain.

  6. Jim
    Jim says:

    I’ve recently bought a kit and so fare, not impressed. I have tried the pads, they are not good at all for penis stimulation. They just hurt. I’ve tried a conductive sock, but I didn’t enjoy it either. My main problem is that as so as that first electrical jolt (the first one strong enough to feel) I immediately lose my erection. I don’t have ED, I don’t have problem with getting or keeping one, but estim just seems to kill my erection. Anyone else have that problem with it? .

  7. Boldover
    Boldover says:

    E-stim is fantastic. One of the best results is cumming without having an erection. I place one pad on the back of my penis and he other one covering my anus. The pleasure is unbelievable.

  8. Jason
    Jason says:

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    It’s pretty value sufficient for me. In my view, if
    all site owners and bloggers made good content material as you probably did, the web will be a lot more helpful than ever before.

  9. Mike Williams
    Mike Williams says:

    Just a word of warning, I got into electrostim a couple of years ago using a Boots TENS machine and the sensations were fantastic – addictive even. I stimmed my cock and balls daily, even went out with my cock wired up sometimes and it was really something going about my normal business with my genitals in a state of near ecstasy. So why the word of warning? In the fullness of time I developed a permanent tingling in my balls. Not painful and not really a significant problem but it is still there and, it seems obvious now after a couple of years, is permanent. Probably I should have used more sophisticated equipment but that TENS machine really did the business for me. So take my advice, do your research thoroughly and don’t stint on the equipment

    • Ken
      Ken says:

      I too went out with it wired up. A few months later I developed atrial fibrillation (irregular
      heartbeat). Not sure if estim was the cause. The atrial fib is under controlled with medicine.
      I tried estim again, so far, two times, and both time it triggered the afib a day later.
      Wonder if anyone else have the same experience.

  10. kevcali
    kevcali says:

    i have a tens unit i use for the same stimuli. just change the placement of the electrodes and make different sensations happen! you can adjust everything-wave lengths,duration,strobe,intensity. its really erotic

  11. Mike Williams
    Mike Williams says:

    A cautionary word. A year or two ago I got into genital e-stimmming using a Boots Tens unit and quickly became an ardent fan, not to say addict – the sensations were exquisite. However, in the long term there turned out to be a downside for me in that I developed residual tingling sensations in my balls which proved to be permanent and which I still have today. This is not a huge problem, the sensations are not unpleasant but, on balance, I would rather be able to have control over when I experience them. So my tip would be to be aware of this possible problem and research it at an early stage.

  12. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    Really curious about the small estim devices i see on amazon. Anybody tried them? My boners are softening as i age, so a surefire buzz would b real welcome. So guys report bigger loads too. True?

  13. Fitzgerald Hanover
    Fitzgerald Hanover says:

    Thank you for your comments. I never bought
    this device. And, I am not sure. I want one.
    I believe some persons have luck. Others, well ,
    I guess they wish they never fooled with mother
    nature just for a thrill. Each device, I suppose,
    has its own risk. Yes, read the instructions carefully. Possibly, everything will be dandy.

  14. Ron
    Ron says:

    For my Tens I made my own electro rings. Hardware store: Steel rings one for penis size and one for around balls & cock. Then purchase hose adjustable clamps that fit the size of the rings. With the ring place the hose clamp over and tighten-up. You will find that the Tens pin slips into the opening on either side of the hose clamp. Enjoy. And its cheap way and it will get you off.


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