Prostrate Stimulation: The Pleasures of Assturbation

Butt Play and Masturbation

human penis anatomyI know that most readers here probably don’t care who the butt players are, who the “bottoms” are or why, because they realize it’s part of our nature as men and as masturbators to explore all areas of our bodies regardless of our sexuality. This article is for anyone who has ever considered touching their butthole, pleasuring it, asking their partner to, but felt concerned that maybe it means something else. “Maybe I’m gay…” Hell, if you can read this then it’s for you! It’s for anyone who is interested or who is currently sitting there with a finger in their ass, hehe! Bet it feels good, huh??

Gentleman, let’s pull off the blindfolds and erase this stigma that surrounds butt play, shall we? For those of us that have tested the waters down there, that enjoyed it or even tried it and didn’t enjoy it, for those of us who cannot reach orgasm without it or do it because our significant other enjoys it, more power to us. We know that it’s just another sexual act that helps induce orgasm. No matter what your sexuality is, it does not define you, like most things do not, duh!

Now, I’m not telling you to put your fingers up your bum or a fancy toy or hell, stuff a random cock up there. That’s not what I’m saying (or is it!?). However, I am being an advocate of any and all anal play and pointing out the joys that come with it without conforming and believing the social stigmas that have been attached to it. assturbateto get sexual gratification through self-stimulation through the anus!Urban DictionaryWe have the freedom to believe what we want, but I can assure you a finger or a toy is not going to “make you gay”, in and of itself.

Many men, straight men, bisexual men – classify them as you will – have this fear that anything in the ass might turn them gay. If their girlfriends/wives find out they might leave, spread rumors, and tell her friends and family that they’ve been with a queer this whole time. This is not true and besides, you know the truth. Anal play, like I mentioned above, is simply another act of sexual pleasure.

Now that that’s settled, let us explore some amazing, orgasm inducing anal pleasures. First of all, we must understand that all men come equipped with what is called a prostate:

Prostate Organ

Prostate gland, including the bladder and seminal vesicle.

The prostate gland is a male reproductive organ whose main function is to secrete prostate fluid, one of the components of semen. The muscles of the prostate gland also help propel this seminal fluid into the urethra during ejaculation.” See “What Does The Prostate Gland Do”, Live Science.

The prostate gland is capable of producing incredibly pleasurable sensations when properly stimulated. It can be massaged from the outside through the perineum or “taint” – the bridge of skin just under your balls to your anus. As the pleasure is heightened, you (or your partner) may want to explore inside your hole, actually massaging the prostate itself. Although it is not scientifically proven, it is said that the more prostate massaging and ejaculation you do, the lower your risk of prostate cancer, so bate and bate and bate some more. 😉

From the methods of anal pleasure to sex toys and partner play, the anus is far from being neglected when it comes to male ass play. I typically enjoy a finger or two once in awhile just rubbing my hole on the outside, teasing it like a clit, my “boy pussy” if you will. Although it doesn’t come into physical contact with the prostate, it sends unbelievable waves and pulses up to it and to your cock all throughout your body, deepening this sexual experience while masturbating. A tongue is unbelievably amazing. Again, no actual prostate contact, but the sensation is absolutely incredible. Who doesn’t like their salad tossed? You’ll need a partner for that, so hopefully you have an open minded, explorative one like yourself and trust me, if you do, you’ll want to keep them around.

You may have heard of the Aneros. It’s a toy specifically made for the male ass to enjoy. Its shape and size is a perfect fit for the male “p-spot” and its unobtrusive design is meant to let you know that it’s not about a penis up your ass, you don’t have to put a cock in it to enjoy the pleasures of “anal sex.” It’s meant for all men of all shapes and sizes and walks of life. I’m desperately wanting to get my hands on one and try it out, write a blog entirely of my Aneros experience and more than likely guaranteed recommendation. I smell a future blog!

Anal beads are enjoyable and come highly recommended by a lot of folks. Again, I’ve never tried them myself, but I’ve heard great things. Then there are anal plugs and prostate vibrators and massagers a lot like the Aneros, but take on different shapes and sizes. There are always dildos too, of course, made to be like real cocks. By all means, have at it. I can guarantee that they wouldn’t make you gay either if you already are not, haha, I just like the idea of these unobtrusive, nondescript toys that lend no specific gender and are made simply for the p-spot pleasure. Alright, now I’m beginning to think even taking a real cock up your manhole doesn’t make you gay. Is this true? Is that possible? I believe it actually is. Am I crazy? We’ll save that for another discussion. We’re talking about toys here folks, things designed for self-pleasuring and the enjoyment of masturbation.

No shame here, but I’m about to get personal for a moment. When I was a lot younger and way more into penetrating my butthole, I would use any old household item that was phallic like and safe, of course. From markers (the rounded, cylindrical type ones; sharpies to be more precise) to the actual handle of a plunger or the handle part of a hair brush. As long as it was round with no sharp edges and was able to be greased up for easy entry, I used it. Fingers are fun, but sometimes you just want something thicker and longer. I’m not suggesting the use of these foreign objects, but since I’ve grown up a bit I’ve “graduated” to the use of and enjoyment of just a finger or two or these more intentional, professional, made-for-butt-penetration type toys.

We all have a personal evolution of our masturbation (and continuing evolution); I think as I do get older, prostate stimulation has become an additional, insane orgasmic, healing remedy while masturbating. Since I understand my cock more and how my body functions and the use of our prostate, it’s more about using it as a means to reach these heightened states of pleasure and orgasm. When I was young, stuffing my ass with these foreign objects (that were maybe potentially harmful) I thought that I was doing something wrong and should feel ashamed, when the truth is, I was experimenting, exploring and I would soon learn in my later years that this was completely normal, healthy and something that all men should do, even if just once. Don’t be ashamed, be acclaimed.

Here are some suggested articles on prostate stimulation:

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  1. Jagtstein
    Jagtstein says:

    I just pushed a 11.5 mm dilator with 19 cm length. If the dilator slips through the prostate that is very pleasant. The dilator I will now at least an hour to wide it. After that I’ll masturbate nice. Sperm will come out only slightly immediately, because it is distributed in the now expanded urethra and then seeping out slowly.

    • Terry
      Terry says:

      Man, having my butthole worked or tongues while bating is just pure pleasure. I want to purchase these prostate massagers I am reading about.
      Let me know if you have gone they many & found the best one please.

      • Coxhere
        Coxhere says:

        Terry, hi. You’ve written about wanting to try some prostate massagers back on 11-12-2017, and you were asking for some feedback by others who have information about them.

        Well, I bought an Aneros G-Spot Stimulator for close to $100.00, thinking that the price was a guarantee for prostate pleasures. I followed the instruction booklet to a “t.” It felt uncomfortable and I just didn’t get used to the thing. For sure, it did not, in any way, enhance by batin’. I’m mostly Gay and am jealous of Gay “bottoms” because they always go ape-shit with what must be unbelievable pleasure when penetrated by a Gay “top,” like me. I’ve not ever enjoyed going on “bottom,” although I’ve tried. It’s uncomfortable and I always have to run take a leak when a top man’s cock has entered my backside. Returning to bed, I always gritted my teeth and hoped that he didn’t last very long. When he’d cum and pull out, O felt such great relief.

        My suggestion to you, if you’re just starting out, is to do the opposite of what I did. Start out with an inexpensive prostate probe. If you like how it makes you feel, then you might want to try a more expensive one. But, for sure, I do not recommend to any man to start out like I did: buying a very expensive piece of equipment only to not ever really use the thing.

        Good luck with your exploration! Let us know how things work out for you.

  2. Jack
    Jack says:

    I’ve been in love with anal stimulation for as long as I can remember. I’m 60years old and have been happily married to my wife for 35 years. Ass play is part of our intimacy. It’s all about enhancing sexual pleasure and intimacy!

  3. biguy90046
    biguy90046 says:

    I love the Bateworld site and am a proud and frequent user (profile biguy90046).

    Surprised to see this post as Bateworld deleted the Ass-turbate group about a year ago. The moderator (bonerbater) told me that he received a message from staff that the group was not compatible with Bateworld.

    Since staff has now posted on “The Pleasures of Assturbation” would the Bateworld moderators consider reinstating the Ass-turbate group?

  4. Lanny
    Lanny says:

    I firmly believe in ass play. I have been using ink pens and spoons recently to get up in there and the orgasms are much more intense.

      • Oldhickory69
        Oldhickory69 says:

        Here’s a few other thoughts. I started with a candle probing my butt; it’s smooth, and with lube it slides in easily. Also, it can be washed with hand soap and put back where it belongs, no one the wiser!! Went from there to trying fresh veggies. Actually, I only used a fresh carrot. There’s an extra sensation from using something that has life, it felt more personal than an inanimate object. Then, I bought and still use an Aneros probe. With it inserted back there, it’s easy to stimulate your prostate with no hands, just by moving your butt in your chair or bed. That leaves both hands free to stroke your cock and any other spots that respond.

  5. Steve
    Steve says:

    After exploring my hole w several toys I found a prostate plug that I can cum from by sitting and rocking on. It’s the only time I had a multiple orgasm. The first came from the plug and the cum was so thick I stayed hard and kept stoking and in minutes a blew the most amazing load! My cock and asshole never felt so good.
    If you haven’t tried, try you’ll love once you find the right toy and position!!

  6. PrecumBator
    PrecumBator says:

    I used a remote controlled vibrating plug of sorts YEARS ago and ysed to get the most amazing orgasms. I broke the toy during a wild gooned out pull and have bought so many other different toys but just cant get what i used to. They dont make toys like it anywhere i look now 🙁
    It used to have little nibs that would tickle my prostate when it was vibrating… and the two arms would vibrate against the outside of my ass. Fuck i miss that toy!

  7. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that prostate and anal massage are incredibly pleasurable. In fact, I find I have full body orgasms when a toy (my favorite) is inserted. My personal favorite is a pyrex glass dildo, much smaller than a cock and about 6″ long. It is rigid, which means that when I’m sitting in a chair with it full inserted, I can stimulate my prostate by moving in my chair. Between that and edging, I routinely shoot 5-6 feet. Of course, there are a coupleof nice byproducts of the glass toys. They are VERY slick when lubed which, for those with little anal experience, can be helpful. The anus has thousands of nerve endings and a very strong muscle. A slipper glass toy makes it easier to adjust to. Also, crazy as it sounds, they are completely dishwasher safe! Finally, from a sanitary perspective, they are easy to clean.

    Even when not using a toy, touching and rubbing my asshole while bating only makes the bate more intense and enjoyable.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      As I approach 70 years old, my small battery operated dildo is no longer enough, and I recently purchased a silicon 5″ circumference vibrating dildo. Took a few nights to get it in but it really satisfies me.

  8. Rej Leatherman
    Rej Leatherman says:

    Many years ago, I found myself in a situation where a man was disparaging gay men. He, for some reason was not only convinced that the “only” thing gay guys were interested in was a {straight) man’s cock, but that anal sex was “because they really want a woman’s sex organ.”

    And then, for some reason, I think it was the liquor talking, myself, but I digress, he CHALLENGED me. It was well-known that I was gay, so I couldn’t figure out what was up. He basically said that no man could get him aroused without sucking his cock. I said, “I accept — on two conditions. We do it in private, you may choose the place, and you have to arrive stone-cold sober.”

    Now, at this point — he had no choice, because he had done it with some of his buddies around. Hint: This is a weakness of MANY straight men, peer pressure. (It is of gay men, too, but we’re usually not afraid if anyone thinks we’re straight.) So, he accepted.

    When the appointed hour arrived — I had him use a Fleet enema and then had him strip and lie down on the bed face down. And, I told him that my cock would stay in my pants. I would only use my hands and mouth. You can guess the rest.

  9. Chip
    Chip says:

    I have an aneros which produces many pleasures….but I fantasize about what a real penis would feel like massaging across my prostate . I am totally straight but think it might be very exciting to be used and experience hot semen flowing inside me. To have a prostate orgasm this way I am guessing would be the very best possible anal masturbation a man could have..anyone know for sure?9

  10. Chip
    Chip says:

    aneros is pleasurable but I , though straight, fantasize about how good a penis massaging my prostate might be. I like to imagine the spasms of his ejaculation, and hot cum pouring into me, giving me a super anal prostate orgasm beyond imagining…anyone else ever dream of that….or experienced it?

    • D man
      D man says:

      Oh yes me and my freind ive been having sex with sinse we were kids we have done things he fingers my ass till im relaxed then slowly enters my anus till im beggin for more he pound s my ass with his cock tellsme he is cumming thats when i feel his cum filling me up my prostate spasms to anal bliss its the most awsome intense mindblowing experiance i love it i love to be fucked by him we have had thousands of orgasms together we know each others bodys like our own great sex .

  11. Facefuckme
    Facefuckme says:

    Anal stimulation, for me, can be very pleasurable on its own, regardless of whether my cock is even touched. I have been recently working on depth and will soon progress to width of toys inserted. One toy that has proven to be a mindblower is the expanding flare buttplug from Fort Troff. It is squeezed together during insertion, but then pops wide open when inserted. Holy fuck-I could NOT believe how good it feels. Like having two huge tongues crammed inside me. My ultimate fantasy scene is direct mouth to asslips slurping and deep tongue rimming, and this toy made that almost like the real thing.

    • cernunnos7
      cernunnos7 says:

      Neither BateWorld’s TheBateShop, nor the Fort Troff site shows “expanding flare buttplug.” Can you elaborate? I would really like to try it.

  12. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I started using wider toys a while back to increase the pleasure. My latest was an anal tunnel (large at 7″ circumference). The feel is amazing, and being able to push other toys through it feels unbelievable. My friend pushed his cock into it and it must’ve expanded another couple of inches, I shot my sperm over my own head (I was laying on my back). Not for everyone, but I can recommend working towards larger toys, the feeling of being full down there whilst blowing your load is indescribable.

  13. Joe
    Joe says:

    I have enjoyed anal stimulation (penis, dildos and fists), but have been dormant for the last 10 years or so. I have recently wanted to get back into it when I saw an article on anal masterbation on tumblr. I like the idea of the glass dildo, but want to explore electronic anal stimulators. Any suggestions? I’d like to start out with lower priced options. I’m excited about starting anal masterbation.

    • Terry
      Terry says:

      Learn about them & get a good
      E STIM up front. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

      I use Estim on my cock in many areas. On my nips, balls, & attach a Anal stem & use it up my butt against the prostrate. I take OTC herbs & they work. All together I am yelling and shooting like an elephant does. Feels just so good!

  14. Terry
    Terry says:

    CHarlotte, NC Bator , masturbator with guys only. No females. Watch straight movies with dudes in a kind of dim lighted room.bate man aside of me,


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