The Truth About Multiple Male Orgasm 2: The Holy Grail

Male Multiple Orgasm

The Secret Of Multiple Male Orgasm Revealed

When students come to me searching to improve their sex lives, it’s not long before the conversation turns to that Holy Grail of sexuality, the ever elusive multiple male orgasm. For many guys, it is all they seek, like a hidden treasure unfairly stolen or denied them. It appears to be something other guys can do, and it drives men crazy to be considered a one pop shop.

My immediate response is to remind them that every orgasm is special. I always say that I gift myself an orgasm rather than give myself one or use the extremely common but desultory phrase “have an orgasm.” You have a penis, but it’s what you do with it that is the gift. It bears reminding how lucky we are that just by rubbing our penises long enough we produce feelings of such bliss that transcend our bodies, the pursuit of which has also forged history as we know it.

An eruption of sperm created each and every one of us. There are five acts common to every man who walks the earth: we are born, we eat, we sleep, die… and along the way we ejaculate sperm. No orgasm is a small thing.

Plus, as we discussed already in The Truth About The Male Orgasm Part 1: It’s Not What You Think, orgasm and ejaculation are separate phenomena. Technically all males are all capable of multiple orgasms if we recognize that our orgasm happens as we edge, even if we haven’t spewed a droplet of ejaculate.

So with that in mind, we should never feel dissatisfied by the graceful bliss biology has bestowed upon us, I do acknowledge that it would be wonderful to enjoy that bliss twice or three times in a row. Not every time, but sometimes. Hey, we shouldn’t be selfish, should we?

Okay, so here are my useful tips for men and boys interested in creaming themselves repeatedly without having to wait.

Discovering Your Edge

Firstly, the way to cum repeatedly is by not cumming at all. You will need to [simple_tooltip content=’To edge is a masturbation technique (used mostly, but not exclusively by men) where you intentionally bring yourself to the brink (edge) of orgasm – but don‘t cum. Instead, you stop and let the pleasurable feelings die down. You repeat this process of bringing yourself to the edge as many times as you wish (or can).Urban Dictionary‘]edge[/simple_tooltip]. A lot. You will not find the Holy Grail hidden within arm’s reach. Wise men have journeyed for years to find its location. So don’t expect to multi-ejaculate after a five-minute wank. Edge for hours, or days if you can stand it. The longer you edge, the closer you will be to holding that treasure in your hand.

Secondly, get your hand off it. The first time I experienced a multiple male orgasm, I was not seeking it at all. I was very relaxed in a warm bath on a Sunday. I had edged myself for nearly an hour and masturbated my body completely. My nipples were hard-wired to pleasure and I’d given a heap of attention to my taint. Simply put, I was in bliss.

The “So-Called” Ruined Orgasm

The first ejaculation was a mistake of sorts. I didn’t want to ruin my bliss, but I did that thing all edgers dread, which is stroking one time too many on the point of no return. I pulled my hand away, but it was too late. My brain had hit the switch. Sperm erupted from my spasming penis, congealing into sticky strands in the warm water. I didn’t touch myself during the ejaculation, hoping I could somehow salvage myself from the wreck.

Some guys call this a ruined orgasm, which has a negative connotation. Far from ruined, you’ve experienced a wonderful orgasm, intense, and it felt good to cum this way. A kind of hands-free orgasm. What I felt was an “Oh no, I’m going to cum!” jolt, followed by a deep pressure building behind my stiff cock. Then I felt a “will it, won’t it” protracted suspension (elongated because I wasn’t pounding my meat with my fist) before an “ahhhhhh” uncontrollable eruption of jizz from my blissfully spasming dick.

Realizing The Completeness Of Multiple Male Orgasm

What is happening in that “protracted suspension” is that your brain has told your penis to ejaculate. Your sperm is moved from your testes into a small sack at the base of your shaft where it is readied to “shoot” (maybe to make babies, maybe to have competitions with your mates). If you masturbate through this whole process, it is pleasurable, but it is sped up. If you take your hands away, effectively “ruining” it, the process will still happen, and no matter how protracted, something will remain incomplete.

It’s was a sense of incompleteness that overwhelmed me in the warm water of my bath that Sunday. And so I reached down and began to wank again. An immediate and awe-inspiring sense that I could cum again overwhelmed me. Within a minute, more ejaculate was solidifying in the bath water. I repeated the process of taking my hand away, finding my penis again spermed but left yearning. Again, it felt great. So I did it a third time, which took a minute or more, but this time I “rode it out” by fully rubbing my ejaculation to satisfied completion. I had ejaculated three times in as many minutes.

In all my experience, this is the only way I have ever seen a man multi-ejaculate. I’ve seen men take their hands to their nipples, or their taints or their holes, in lieu of riding out their orgasm. In doing so, they gift themselves two, three, four or even five ejaculations. What they’re doing is what I learned by accident in the bath that Sunday. It works. It’s common to all men who are in tune with their bodies.

A Final Note on Relaxation

My final point touches upon a point I made earlier about the brain. Your orgasm happens in your penis, but your brain triggers ejaculation. Unless you have your thinking right, you will never achieve multiple male orgasm. You will never cum a second time by furiously whacking yourself off red and raw, hoping, praying, wishing you could batter some more by wanking harder, faster, stronger… but, no. It won’t work. You must be relaxed and possess an awareness of the rhythms of your body. Finally, you must cultivate an attitude that if it happens, well that’s pretty cool, but if it doesn’t, well worse shit has gone down.

Try it. Put these tips into practice. But please don’t sulk if it doesn’t work. No screaming tantrums that the other boys can do it so why can’t you, okay? Multiple male orgasm is a try, fail, try again, proposition. The Holy Grail is more than a cup: it’s a fucking grail.

Love yourselves,
– Saboteur

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  1. Cockwrangler
    Cockwrangler says:

    Just loved this article!

    After many years of practice, I have come to the realisation that there are essentially two forms of masturbation. The “fast food” kind that we all learned in our teens – good in the moment but fades quickly and not always especially satisfying. I’ve discovered that I can also indulge in a “gourmet degustation”, masturbating that builds slowly and surely into a completely blissful, sustained, whole body orgasmic experience. Interestingly, my orgasms are often not associated with cumming but I can ride an incredible wave of pleasure over and over again. It’s a little like orgasmic meditation – I know that may sound a little crazy but it’s an amazing experience. However it does take practice and effort and time. For anyone who’s interested, I’d recommend reading The Multi Orgasmic Man by Chia and Abrams and check out Joseph Kramer’s work. In Australia, I’d also recommend Body Electric.

    Having said all that, I must admit I still do enjoy a quick wank. I mean who secretly doesn’t enjoy a Big Mac now and then 😉

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      Thanks. So glad you enjoyed the read. And yeah despite what I wrote in the article, yes I agree, there’s nothing wrong with fast food masturbation. I grew up on a diet of brief encounters with myself and I still find them very erotic!

      Love yourself,
      – Sab

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    great articles. I am new here. I have been able to have several orgasms while edging. long slow teasing pleasure I learned it back when still shooting blanks. I could pretty much do anytime I wanted to. 3,4,5,times. when I started cumming it kind of ended that for a minute until I returned to the mind set I had before. just relax and enjoy every minute of it. every feeling and most of all to go as slow as poss when I did cum dragging it out as long as poss seemed to last for ever. the only thing was before I could feel the orgasm yet continue playing with it on my way to more. now I often have to back off a little before going on. I don’t think about reaching the end I am more focused on the build up than the end result I have and enjoy edging for several days. I am fortunate to have a partner who also enjoys doing this with me has become really good at taking me to the edge and hanging me there back off just enough to continue again. I believe your correct it is all a state of mind.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      Dude, thanks for reading. I think you have mastered your good times with yourself and this has lead to a happy partnership with your partner who knows how much you love the edge! I’m stoked for you. Bate on.

      Love yourself,
      – Sab

  3. jimbowe
    jimbowe says:

    hey fellow masturbaters,
    i find your articles on multi orgasms, truely inspireing. the most ive been able 2 edge, so far, has been 6hrs.kind a pleased w/myself to have been able 2 go that far HOWEVER, MEN
    tonight i had THE MOST INCREDIBLE orgasm ever, no bunk!
    edged all day, started to relax for the end of my weekend, but realised i was getting an almost aching erection again. i decided to edge a bit more ’till i just decided to fully achieve my results of the day..
    this is where it gets great,,i decided to go into masturbation mode, full bore, ball stretching, fist pounding, pubic bone bruising. sorry, but it ltrue, & it gets even better…i was able to fully relax my brain, i guess, while the fury continued. i then felt like i was going into a trance like state, prior to was freakin fabulous, almost like it was drug induced, or so ive been told. i got f-in into it, but after it was over, i could barely open my eyes, let alone move my body limbs, totally wiped out from complete spent energy, i guess..a little strange, but i felt very mansafe, and definately manhappy, throat is still sore from heavy deep growling, i guess, but men,, my energy’s back to the 8AM mode & my mental clarity is downright AMAZEINGLY CLEAR & SHARP!
    my question 2 everyone reading this is, has anyone else in the bate world EVER EXPERIENCED anything like this? if it never happens again, no sweat lost, however, i listen 2 my body & truely hope & look forward for this trancelike experience to happen again, brothers.
    would really appreciate any responces.really.
    since ive found,,kids ive never been happier!
    i am also looking forward to experienceing multi-orgasms afore mentioned.
    im a truely happy masturbating man tonight.
    tks 4 reading!
    jimbowe at member

  4. Klaus
    Klaus says:

    I find your posts very interesting and inspiring.
    Wanking has always had a great fascination for me. And I too have researched and discovered many things. Basically, I know everything you’re writing about.
    My question is:
    Can you also “partially cumshot”? I mean that only a part of the seed always comes out. I think this technique is brilliant, because it has the huge advantage that even after the cumshot, the lust remains. And the best part is that I can repeat the whole thing as often as I like, without the well-known “post-orgasm state” occurring.


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