The Truth About The Male Orgasm Part 1: It’s Not What You Think

Night Exposure, A Male Orgasm

Life After “The Little Death”

We are taught that as men we build to an [simple_tooltip style=”font-weight:600;cursor:pointer;position:relative;color:#ff6600″ content=’

Orgasm (from Greek ὀργασμός orgasmos “excitement, swelling”; also sexual climax) is the sudden discharge of accumulated sexual excitement during the sexual response cycle, resulting in rhythmic muscular contractions in the pelvic region characterized by sexual pleasure.


‘]orgasm[/simple_tooltip], ejaculate and then require a refractory period before we can reach those heights again. Our erections go soft and though we may still remain aroused, we are physically incapable of shooting sperm or making our penises spasm with pleasure unless we wait. For some that wait time is minutes, for others it’s hours or even days. Though we’ve come to accept this as a normal part of the male sexual response, I know I speak for all of us when I say that however long that wait time is, it’s too long!

There’s a reason the French call orgasm “the little death.” For edgers, it can really kill the mood. But what if I said the French were wrong? What if I said what you’ve been taught is wrong?

The truth is, your orgasm is far more mysterious and complex than you realize. I should know. I have spent a lifetime mastering my orgasm. As soon as I discovered masturbation I was climaxing somewhere between six to eight times per day every day. One day I went thirteen times.

That kind of regularity of orgasm causes a lot of mess. Plus a lot of evidence that could be used against me. Remember this was a time when I felt shame about whacking off. Now I’m a proud bator so things have changed. But somewhere during my late teens my masturbation went from a means by which I waded as much sperm as I could to a focused and sustained mastery over edging.

What changed? My pursuit of the goal changed. I moved the goal.

The Male Orgasm Defined

Firstly, it is useful to define what male orgasm actually is. If you say “shooting sperm” then you don’t belong in my class! That’s not even half of it. A few spasms of your rigid rod while you spray your stickies over yourself or the furniture doesn’t complete the picture either.

Your orgasm and your ejaculation are not one and the same.Your orgasm and your ejaculation are not one and the same. They are linked, but they are separate. It is important to see your orgasm as both inside and outside of you. Sure, you are cumming when you see cum shoot from your dick, but you are also cumming in the moments before you shoot: all men know this sensation and it is often referred to as “The Point of No Return.”

What I teach my students is that male orgasm is even deeper and more mysterious than that. I would go further as to posit that you have begun cumming well before you hit there. It may even have begun hours before you hit there. Did you mind just blow?

An orgasm is an involuntary spasm. It feels fucking great. It is why we masturbate, why we edge, why sometimes we call in sick for work or turn up late for the party. Your penis is involuntarily spasming in your hand right now. Feel it? There. Just there. In those moments when your hand stops pounding even briefly and your cock responds with a kick. Your orgasm goes back as far as that.

My happy place is not shooting sperm. My happy place is hovering just before the Point of No Return when my penis is spasming all over the place. I cease pounding at this point and my penis throbs three, four, five or six times. Actual spasming throbs and each spasm send bolts of warm electricity through me. Waves circle out, radiating within me at high intensity. Here I am in the throes of orgasm. These are orgasms. They are deep and pleasurable and, as opposed to sperming, can be attained one after another without observing a refractory period.

I want you to practice. Become more mindful of how deep your orgasm is. Note where it begins, where it intensifies. Hover close to the “Point of No Return” and feel those throbs, man!

Perfect this technique and you might graduate to what you really came here for, the tools to ejaculate sperm over and over again in the old-fashioned idea of multiple male orgasms without a refractory period. Okay, okay, so I know how to do that too, and I promise I will teach it to you, but first you must arrive at the realization that your orgasm is epic and incremental. You may well spend your entire life trying to unravel its mystery. At this stage, what is most important is recognizing that your orgasm and your ejaculation are separate.

It might take some time to perfect, but can you think of anything else you’d rather be practicing?

Love yourselves,
– Saboteur

Further Reading:

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Nicely written article. I experience multiple orgasms which range from shallow to deep allowing more ejaculate to flow. I will pay attention to the ponr more deeply to see if I can induce more than just three orgasms, which I currently have.

  2. bater96
    bater96 says:

    I had always thought of orgasm was when I ejaculate and could never understand how a man can have multiple orgasms. Thanks to this article (and Saboteur), I now I realize that I have had orgasms prior to ejaculating. It would happen when I was very aroused and would feel my cock “throb” and my prostate contract. It feels great but takes great patience on my part. I plan to practice and investigate further!

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      Yes that’s right! You can produce powerful and blissful orgasms without ejaculation. Enjoy man and thanks for reading.


  3. Averagedude750
    Averagedude750 says:

    Very well written article. There are many who do not take the time to fully enjoy their orgasm as it not only starts early in the bate, but remains after the ejaculation and for me is just as powerful as the (first) orgasm at times. I guess you discuss this in your multiple orgasms articles that I have not read yet, but will be!

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      Thanks – yes, I agree. Men have been programmed to think their orgasm is spurting cum, but it is much depper and more fun than just that. My second article is due out in a few weeks and in it I will explore how it may be possible to spurt cum several times without a refractory wait.

      – Sab

      • apalmer5
        apalmer5 says:

        So true, we’re kinda programmed to cum & be done. And theres so much more to masturbation & orgasming than that. But does require some patience & time to explore – ourselves.

  4. BatorBrad
    BatorBrad says:

    Great article. You’ve confirmed my own experience and theories and I’m glad to know I’m not unique. Sadly, it wasn’t until I began experimenting with cocaine in my 30’s that I found this orgasmic state. I guess being an addict gave me permission to indulge myself. Regardless, after I got sober I came to realize (pun intended) that I could achieve this awareness without drugs. These days I am acutely aware of my own penis, to the point that brushing against a counter or simply squeezing my thighs together almost makes me moan in public. I edge for some period of time almost daily, almost always ending in a full, soaking ejaculation. Just writing this has made me hard. Excuse me while I masturbate. For science.

  5. Upir Likhyj
    Upir Likhyj says:

    What changed is… you changed the definition of orgasm, twisting it to make possible your claim to being “multiorgasmic.” Male orgasm most certainly and naturally includes… ejaculation. In fact, ejaculation is so natural you must deliberately take cognitive action to STOP it. Kinda like taking a bite of delicious moist rich chocolate cake, chewing it up… and then, instead of swallowing it, spitting it out. That’s not natural… that’s deliberately UNnatural.

    The problem here is not ejaculation, which feels amazing and is very good for men’s health (regardless what 2,000+ years old Chinese folk-medicine claims, modern studies have proved time and again that frequent ejaculation reduces the risk of prostate cancer)… instead, the problem is the damnable and near-universal Male Refractory Period. Were this researched and investigated, we could find a way to defeat this sexual… and emotional… barrier separating us from true EQUALITY with women. But…Science refuses to permit research into this “taboo” topic.

    How do I know? I am the “research subject” of the now ignominious unprecedented Rutgers sex research study that scientifically documented the “physiologically impossible”… an adult male born without a Male Refractory Period and capable of natural male multiple orgasms with full uninhibited ejaculations… and no loss of erection or desire for more… into the double digits, easily. Yet, despite the research study done and published, not a single study to begin actual investigation into MRP has been conducted… because there is an unspoken moratorium on all such. They will not permit it.

    That’s why … now more than 20 years after that study’s publication… not a single sex researcher will permit study into MRP. It has never been researched and it never will be.


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