Popper Terminology

Popper bate scenarios (abbreviations) explained as written by Poppers2enjoy


PPB-420 (ppb-420)  

You like to combine poppers with smoking cannabis. Being stoned combined with the rush of poppers.

PPB-69 (ppb-69)

You love to feed each other poppers in unison. It’s about being one in poppers. We lock eyes and hearts in mutual 69 popper sniff. Everything 69: stare, share, kiss, cock and rim in 69. To melt in 69 with poppers together.

PPB-addiction (ppb-add)

Using poppers in bate feels like an addiction to you. You really like the rush of poppers and it’s hard for you to stop sniffing. You like to play out with other popper addicts.

PPB-assist (ppb-ast)

You like using poppers together and assist each other with sniffing, which means: bottle exchange, to help the other person sniff, to assist each other in getting as aroused as possible, to check if your buddy can sniff enough and to do everything you can to assist him in getting the popper bliss he longs for.

PPB-beast (ppb-bea)

When you use poppers you like to free the beast inside yourself.

PPB-blacklatexmask (ppb-blm)

You like to popper sniff in a black latex mask for the both of you. It’s about meeting your identical self. It makes you feel as if we are the same person – a mirror image of each other. Popper twins merging.

PPB-bliss (ppb-bli)

When you use poppers you feel an intense bliss and you want to share this.

PPB-brands (ppb-bra)

You get excited trying out different brands of poppers and experiencing these different effects together.

PPB-brothers (ppb-bro)

When you use poppers together with a buddy, you like to experience a close brotherly feeling and atmosphere. Feeling and being one as two popper soul mate brothers.

PPB-cam (ppb-cam) 

You like to use poppers together in a web cam session.

PPB-challenge (ppb-cha)

You find it’s sexy to turn the popper bate into a fun contest: to see who can sniff more poppers. You like to challenge each other in a fun way to go deeper and deeper and sniff more and more poppers.

PPB-coach (ppb-coa)

When you use poppers you like to coach your popper buddy in enjoying the poppers as much as possible. To give him an example how to sniff, to show him a rhythm to inhale and to guide him in discovering other ways to enjoy poppers.

PPB-command (ppb-com)

When you use poppers you like to be told when or how much you must sniff or you like to command others how much to sniff. You like to take charge in making your popper buddy as horny as possible.

PPB-connection (ppb-con)

Using poppers together for you is all about feeling the connection with each other. To feel a sense of connection with the poppers, in the way you respond to each other and in the way you sniff together. It’s about looking each other in the eye, touching penises and touching hearts.

PPB-continuously (ppb-cot)

You enjoy sniffing poppers continuously. Going deep in the bottle with continuous inhalation. You like to be fed continuously with poppers.

PPB-darknight (ppb-dni)

You enjoy sniffing poppers at night or in the dark. The dark room, the sound of inhaling together, the focus on the bodily sensations and the poppers makes you really hot.

PPB-dirtytalk (ppb-dta)

You like to combine the use of poppers with talking dirty.

PPB-doublebottles (ppb-dbo)

You like to sniff double bottles to intensify the popper rush. You get excited seeing others sniff double bottles.

PPB-edging (ppb-edg)

You like to combine sniffing poppers with edging your penis and being on the edge.

PPB-eye2eye (ppb-e2e)

You love the connection of mutual eye to eye popper bating. It’s about the mind connection between popper bators. Deep mutual staring into one another’s souls through our eyes as we watch each other get deeper into each other’s poppers.

PPB-excitement (ppb-exc)

You get really excited knowing that you’re going to sniff. You like to tease each other to enhance your excitement. When sniffing poppers you like to feel intensely excited and horny.

PPB-fone (ppb-fon)

You like to use poppers together on the phone. To hear each other take huffs. To get in the same rhythm or to challenge each other.

PPB-fuckedup (ppb-fup)

You like to go deep in the popper bottle and to feel fucked up, loosen up your mental control and be totally grazy together.

PPB-gasmask (ppb-gas)

You like inhaling poppers through a gasmask and seeing others doing this. You like to be fed poppers through your gasmask.

PPB-gentletouch (ppb-gen)

You like the gentle touch when sniffing poppers. The gentle touch of your penis and of your body, the gentle touch in the way you play together. You like to hold the bottle gently and to sniff tenderly and with attention. You react strongly to a gentle stimulation of each other and of your penis.

PPB-goon (ppb-goo)

While sniffing poppers you like to goon out on your masturbation. Sniffing poppers helps you to go deeper in your goon.

PPB-group (ppb-gro)

You enjoy sniffing poppers in a group. Seeing others use the bottle and sharing poppers together. You like to see others sniff.

PPB-kissing (ppb-kis)

You like to combine the use of poppers with deep and intense kissing in 69.

PPB-lasthit (ppb-lht)

You really enjoy the popper rush, so it’s hard for you to stop sniffing. Because of this it’s important to ritualize your last hit and to make it special for you. Consciously taking the last hit, makes it easier for you to quit.

PPB-long&deep (ppb-l&d)

You like to sniff poppers long and deep. To take deep and long huffs from the bottle.

PPB-master (ppb-mas)

You like to play the role of master while sniffing poppers together. You like being in control of your popper slave. You like to tease him and to feed him with poppers. You like to tell him to take more huffs. You feel excited to make your slave very horny and begging for more.

PPB-melting2gether (ppb-m2g)

Sniffing poppers together gives you the feeling of melting into each other. Becoming one in poppers. To melt with poppers together.

PPB-multipleorgasms (ppb-mpo)

While sniffing poppers it’s easy for you to have multiple orgasms. You only have to sniff and you can get an ejaculation if you want to. While sniffing poppers you want to have as much orgasms as possible and to shoot many times.

PPB-mystical (ppb-mys)

Sniffing poppers together enhances spiritual feelings. It’s about connectedness, the longing of the heart, the bonding of two soul mate brothers, feeling one in poppers and opening up yourself to the mystical side of life and of humanity.

PPB-ooVoo (ppb-ovo)

You like to popper bate on ooVoo and video chat. Seeing each other sniff really makes you hot. There is also a special group for this scenario: ooVoo-faced Popper cam Bating.

PPB-oral (ppb-ora)

When you sniff poppers you like being oral with each other. It could be kissing, 69, rimming or licking each other.

PPB-penisfocus (ppb-pfo)

When sniffing poppers you like to focus on the penis and to totally lose yourself in this focus.The rush of poppers draws your attention to the penis and it helps you to feel one with the penile pleasure and lust.

PPB-penissensitivity (ppb-pse)

Sniffing poppers makes your penis very sensitive. It gives your penis an incredible sensitive feeling. You have to be careful not to ejaculate and to slow down your masturbation. You enjoy a sensitive and subtle touch of your penis.

PPB-repetitivewords (ppb-rep)

When sniffing poppers you like to use repetitive words. With another popper bator you get more poppered up and more stupid as you both get deeper into your cocks and just repeat yourselves.  It’s like being in a trance together.

PPB-share (ppb-sha)

Sharing bottles together really turns you on. You like to pass your bottle, share the same rhythm of inhalation and inhale together. Sharing your bottle and giving the other person the popper ecstasy he is longing for.

PPB-slave (ppb-sla)

You like to be treated as a slave when sniffing poppers. You like to be fed with poppers and you like to be encouraged to sniff even more. You like the other person to take control. You feel like a insatiable popper slave, who is well cared for to get all the poppers he needs.

PPB-slaves (ppb-sls)

You like to feel as two popper slaves when sniffing poppers together. You like to feed each other plenty of poppers and you like to encourage each other to sniff even more. You both feel like insatiable popper slaves, who take well care for each other to give each other all the poppers you need.

PPB-solobate (ppb-sol)

You enjoy poppers the most during your solo bate. You like to be in control of the way you use your poppers. You prefer to use poppers to enhance your solosexual play.

PPB-stoned (ppb-sto)

You like to be stoned and totally gooned out when sniffing the brown bottle together.

PPB-subtlety (ppb-sub)

You like subtlety when sniffing poppers. You like the subtle touch of your penis, the subtle touch of your body and subtlety in the way you play together. You react strongly to subtle stimulation of each other and of your penis.

PPB-synchronic (ppb-syn)

You like synchronic sniffing of poppers. To get in the same rhythm together, to mirror each other and to do exactly the same as your partner. You feel like two identical selves.

PPB-tenderness (ppb-ten)

You like to express and share tenderness when using poppers. There’s tenderness in your touch, in the way you touch the penis and in sharing the bottle and in guiding each other into deeper popper bliss.

PPB-verbal (ppb-ver)

You like to get verbal when sniffing poppers. Express the horniness you feel inside by being verbal to each other and stimulating each other verbally to go deeper into the popper bate goon.

PPB-wakemeup (ppb-wmu)

You like to wake up at night by the smell of poppers, presented to you by a hot bate buddy lying next to you. From that moment on a mutual popper bate scenario is going to develop.

yummmm… PPBeautiful!!!

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