Mindful Masturbation Techniques: Episode 5

Lift up masturbation techniques

The Erogenous Body

To pursue excellence as a male masturbator, you not only want to arouse your entire body, but also to invite every part of your genital and pelvic region to participate in generating those ecstatic waves that flood your entire being with bliss. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with a lot of focus on the penis, as that’s where so much sensation comes from. Still, your entire body can be viewed as an erogenous zone.

Bless Your Balls Masturbation Technique

It’s always good to cups your balls, caress them, stroke, pull and play with them, whether you’re actively stroking your penis at the same time or not. Your balls are a very special part of your masturbatory pleasure, and in fact to massage them is also beneficial by encouraging increased production of testosterone. That hormone is great for males, especially in parallel with a lot of relaxed, intense arousal, which balances the testosterone with pleasure-reward chemicals all through your body and brain. In fact, the words “testify” and “testament” come from swearing an oath while cupping a pair of testes in your hand.

Pay full attention to those wonderful egg-like ovoids suspended in the soft sac of your scrotum. Notice how they slip around in there, surrounded by a “wormy” feeling that declares them to be the remarkable sperm cell factories nature designed them to be. The left ball usually hangs a bit lower than the right one, Nature’s design so they don’t collide with each other so much. Feel how they separate when you press the skin between them. Also grasp them at the base of the sac, to tighten them and tickle the skin, bounce them gently, and notice that they are hard and resilient, yet sensitive. Scratch the backside of your balls, and also give them attention one at a time. They feel great, don’t they!?

North and South Pull Masturbation Technique

Try pulling your balls away in one direction while your opposite hand grasps the shaft of your erect penis and tugs it in the opposite direction, like North and South poles along a central axis. Be mindful of the delicious sensations of that little bridge of skin between the base of the shaft of your penis and the top of the scrotum. Pull your balls away, switch hands, and also push them up against the base. Enjoy every nuance of your wonderful male anatomy.

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  1. maskulinerkerl
    maskulinerkerl says:

    My balls play an essentials part in my bate. I love balls and love how they bounce when I stroke my cock up and down. The mere thought of their weight and feel in my sack and them producing my sperm tickles my bate instinct and makes me feel so good being a man. My and any man’s balls are awesome! Thank your for your advice how to make them feel even better.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I have to agree…I love playing with my balls and having a buddy work em over while we bate or get right into all of the other passionate sex that men love.

  3. MiamiMen
    MiamiMen says:

    A thoughtful reminder to focus our masturbation attention on our balls. The creating organs of sperm. The cause of the most satisfying ejaculatory orgasm! I stroke my cock and admire my balls. I tug on them and stroke them and take note of the difference in temperature between my abdomen and my nuts.

    The full moon approaches tomorrow (Monday, 11/14). Mindfully masturbate that day! Celebrate the erotic and phallic power that the MALE PENIS brings to each of our lives!

  4. Domn8or
    Domn8or says:

    I have always felt a special attachment to my nuts. They make everything I do feel 50% better. If I am trying to rub one out and my arm is about to give out before I can reach the prize, I simply reach down and lightly stroke my balls with the other hand. The sensation sends me over the top almost immediately. I also get off on other guys balls. touching them, massaging the, licking them. What a treat they are.

  5. Phallus3
    Phallus3 says:

    I have been massaging my balls ever since my dad initiated me to masturbation. They have been part of my daily edge and masturbation I’m multi orgasmic and can have a few fullbody orgasms during my day. All this thanks to my sacred balls. Plus its an awsome feeling to hold ’em in my hand as bate with the other.

  6. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I love massaging my balls, slowly stroking my cock, using lots of lotion, both hands slowly massaging, pulling, my balls. I cum really hard that way.

  7. alanj
    alanj says:

    Lightly stroke my balls when I’ve got a good hard on and stroking my cock around the ridge of the head.
    Always makes for a good cum. While stroking on my balls sometimes go down to the crack of my ass too.

  8. alanj
    alanj says:

    I jack my cock using my fingers around the ridge of the head. Use other hand to lightly stroke my balls
    Sometimes slide down to the crack of my ass. Always get a good nut doing this.

  9. Often2
    Often2 says:

    Balls can never get enough attention. I know mine cant. I enjoy kicking back to a good ball workout as much as I like a good cock workout. I appreciate the comment, It pushes up the testosterone into my shaft and body, This is so true. A man who shaves his testicle sack is just begging for attention. Put them out there. Share them with your ball buddies who love and appreciate them.
    It may be the cock that delivers the prize through man pleasure. It is the nads that make that prize.
    Always like to get with a ball lover to spend time. We are so far and few in between. Difficult to fine.
    and balls don’t give up after an orgasm. They are still there looking for a jump start for there next performance of grandeur.
    Celebrate manhood. Work them often, Keep them in good working order. Use them or loose them. Above all, never ignore them. They feel good in my hands, and mouth.

  10. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    I’ve cum to appreciate and respect Bruce Grether’s philosophy. It’s only after discovering his writtings then grabbed on and really started nurturing and conditioning my own cock that I understood. Also too many of us are unnaturally conditioned as homophobes, but if given oportunity and encouragement, as I was, to touch another’s cock, try mutual masturbating, we can all evolve and discover we enjoy it, even need and crave it. As a hetero, I embraced mutual masturbation as a hobby and enjoy shooting my cum with other guys.


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