Mindful Masturbation Techniques: Episode 4


In Pursuit of Masturbation Excellence

Your masturbation practice, no matter how great, can intensify simply by getting creative: try new masturbation techniques, deliberately shift your focus, seek out the undiscovered country of the Masturbatory Frontier! We all get into habits, and habits are not entirely bad, still in the realm of excellence among male masturbators, it’s always good to periodically break the mold. Photograph and videotape your practice, then look at the result. It’s healthy to get aroused observing yourself “from the outside” during masturbation, and you can also get a new perspective on what you’re doing, and not doing. Your masturbation practice is always a work in progress, the pursuit of fine art.

The Frenulum Fiddler Masturbation Technique:

Frenulum of prepuce of penisFor many men, the most sensitive spot on your penis is on the underside of the head, the tiny ridge of skin called the “[simple_tooltip content=’The frenulum of prepuce of penis, often known simply as the frenulum, is an elastic band of tissue under the glans penis that connects the foreskin (prepuce) to the vernal mucosa, and helps contract the foreskin over the glans.


‘]frenulum[/simple_tooltip],” a Latin word for the bridle of a horse. If you don’t have an especially sensitive spot there, nothing’s wrong with you; you’re just a bit different from some guys. The frenulum, for intact men, tends to help pull the foreskin back up onto the head a bit after you push it down, and for circumcised guys like me, who have a sensitive frenulum, it’s a remnant of that.

This little “trigger” can become exquisitely intense, though sometimes you need to give it a bit of time to fully activate. Try a single-finger rubbing there, with the thumb atop the glans. You may even have enough tissue there to pinch the frenulum carefully, pull it out from the shaft a bit and rub, like Aladdin rubbing his lamp. Some men can easily reach orgasm this way, so experiment: explore the possibilities!

Don’t Neglect Your Nips:

Of course, you probably invite your nipples into masturbation already. Like the frenulum, a man’s nips vary in sensitivity from man to man. With special care and attention, it is possible to awaken male nipples to greater sensitivity. Never cause real pain or bleeding, but you can place specially designed alligator clamps, clothespins, and even the kind of first-aid suction cups designed to suck snake venom out of a wound over your nipples. Use some oil or lube on your nips to increase sensation: try pinching them, pulling, flicking, twirling them. You might even feel a special buzz of erotic joy by fiddling with your frenulum at the same time you tend to your nipples. So bate on!



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  1. Jagtstein
    Jagtstein says:

    The frenulectomy is particularly well suited for intact foreskins. Because you can move the foreskin much freer by this engagement. That is, during masturbation the full stroke can be exploited. In addition, the foreskin remains there even when retracted, where I want them. I have removed myself many years ago my frenulum prepuce and am very happy with the result. I therefore believe that I can recommend this procedure every uncircumcised masturbators. Emotional loss I can not determine.

  2. adad
    adad says:

    I am a great lover of teasing my “sweet spot” or frenulum …………I teased myself while reading your article almost to ejaculation! I love readying your highly informative and HOT stuff!

  3. Anwerehl
    Anwerehl says:

    Exquisite is the key word here. Frenulum sensitivity is a treasure chest of delights. I make sure my frenulum is well lubed. Single-finger-rubbing, poking, gently pinching, teasing, the possibilities are numerous and mind-blowing. If you combine this with the other techniques taught by Bruce, you’re in for hours of bliss.

  4. Handyman
    Handyman says:

    Has anyone tried the following during their sessions. When you are about to ejaculate use your muscles to “push” out as if trying to push your pee out further and hold pressure as long as possible. Another is again when you’re about to ejaculate pull your groin back as if someone was about to kick you in the balls and hold as long as possible through ejaculation.


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