Mindful Masturbation Techniques: Episode 3

You can stroke yourself high-and-higher indefinitely, which can go far beyond what guys sometimes call edging, allowing the intense penis pleasure to radiate through your entire body and light up every one of your trillions of cells. When you’ve got a great bate going, get your body moving: walk around and keep masturbating, even do knee-bends and keep masturbating. Remind yourself to take a DEEP belly breath while you masturbate! It’s such a sweet, sweet ride, both endless and limitless!

The U-Turn Masturbation Technique

U-Turn Up And Down HandThis masturbation technique is a full-fist glide up the shaft of your erect penis, around over the head, and back down to the base on the other side. It works most deliciously with plenty of lubrication and involves a switch at the “turn of the corner” from forehand grip to backhand grip, or vice versa, continuously. Imagine for a moment that you are holding the handle of a tennis racket, and observe how—when you swing on one side of your body, then the other—the grip switches from forehand to backhand.

Now return to your penis with a full fist grip, on the upstroke your thumb points away from your body, on the backhand it points to your body. Each time that you turn that corner, your palm and the inside of your fingers glides all the way over and around your blissful penis head. Once you get the hang of this, speed up and also try it really, really slowly! Vary the pressure. There’s no limit to this game! It’s win-win, totally.

The Peak Experience Masturbation Technique

Grip the full, thick shaft of your tumescent manhood with one hand right around the middle. Again, use plenty of lube. If you’re intact, skin the foreskin down from the head, though for some guys this can be almost unbearably intense. For guys who are circumcised, this is also wonderful. Keeping that grip, cup the other hand just slightly, and revolve the palm over the crown of your glans penis, at the tip of that fleshy acorn, around and around the opening called the [simple_tooltip content=’Urinary Meatus

The urinary meatus, also known as the external urethral orifice, is the opening or meatus of the urethra. It is the point where urine exits the urethra in males and in females, and also where semen exits the urethra in males.


‘]meatus[/simple_tooltip]. Explore the entire spongy dome with your palm and notice the slightly different sensations. It may take a short while to build, but should soon feel great! The hand gripping the shaft can squeeze or release to also vary the sensations. Enjoy!

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Once again Bruce, you have opened my eyes and mind to new and exciting ways to stimulate my penis! I love the teasing of the head, makes my unejaculated penis point higher and higher into the sky hoping for anything to give it that one more stroke so that it can get relief….which does not happen!

    Thank you….and you have no idea how long to type this as I had to take several edging breaks!

  2. Jagtstein
    Jagtstein says:

    I start the masturbation with the 3 finger method, that is. Funds and index finger of the right hand on the underside of the penis and thumbs up. This is best because in my age (70 years), the penis is not as fast stiff. If then increases the excitation potential, I suppose as before the whole hand. This is precisely the advantage of masturbation that you can also meet without a full erection.
    As the lubricant has proven best butter in the course of time, I used to use a hand cream which over time is not as well tolerated by the skin. Above all it is important to wash the penis after use, cleanliness is ever a habitual masturbators like me very important because the penis in good condition must always be available

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous says:

      Yeah! I am older than you and masturbate almost every day. I use mostly my right hand but play with the head with lots of lube and it gets me very aroused. Wonderful isn’t it?

  3. BatorHerc
    BatorHerc says:

    Thank you very much brother Bruce for the valuable studies and information you share with us.
    I use the most of the techniques you describe in my sessions with individuals and they have excellent results.
    Keep going bro!
    Love and Light!

  4. Anwerehl
    Anwerehl says:

    These heavenly techniques have provided me with much penile bliss and erect mirth. My meatus proved quite open to the Peak experience. Literally.


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