Why You Should Use Coconut Oil

There are countless lubes out there — and, of course, the option of none at all — to bring your bate from fun to fantastic.

I discovered coconut oil as a bate aid through a friend I met here in NYC. He used it at a bate party with 8 brothers, in the dead of winter, and I only had to dip my hand in once to use it for three hours of bating bliss.

It was an incredible and eye-opening experience, so I started exploring more. Now, you could say, I am a nuts for coconut oil.

Here are some of my own thoughts on why I’ve found it ideal for my dong. Feel free to share your own thoughts or other preferences in the comments. Should I review something else? Let me know … you guys know I’m always happy to try something new when it comes to the bate.

Long-Lasting Feel

I had used a water-based lube for years, because it was a trusted brand and didn’t stain my sheets. However, I found myself dumping huge amounts of lube into my hand to get full coverage over my head, shaft and balls.

What’s more, after 5 – 10 minutes, I would need to reapply, because I found it would start to get dry and uncomfortable with friction. This was especially the case when I was unshaven, with hair on my balls and high up my shaft — ouch!

There is a case for water-based lube, of course; for some it’s an allergen preference, and others like the spit that helps keep the slick going. (Which, yes, is very fun.)

However, I’ve found coconut oil to last much longer — upwards of an hour or more. This allows me to lube up and truly get into my bate, without wondering how long the lube will last or waiting for it to give out.

If it does start to dry up, a quick grab of the stuff (less than a tablespoon) will do the trick to keep you going. I’ve used coconut oil for solo bates, mutual bates, toys and cock pumps, all with great success.

Great for Travel

There is a discretion aspect to coconut oil that is not only convenient … but also super hot.

I travel often for work, and if I am unable to or don’t want to pack lube for myself, coconut oil is incredibly easy to find wherever you end up.

Find any natural food market or bodega with oil options, and you’re bound to find the stuff. There was a time where every week I would stop by a Whole Foods for lunch and get a small individualized package of coconut oil they sold next to the gums and chocolates in the checkout aisle. Bator hack — you get fed, and get your supplies for your post-lunch bate!

Ease of Cleanliness

One of the best benefits of coconut oil is the cleanliness factor.

Similar to my original interest in water-based lube, it does not stain clothes, bedsheets or towels. This is a huge factor when it comes to easier clean-up right afterward, but also great for laundry efficiency and, if you need it, discretion within your household.

What’s more, it’s easy to clean up from other surfaces — such as, say, your computer keyboard when typing up blog posts on bateworld.

Happy bating, brothers.

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  1. BatorBrian
    BatorBrian says:

    I too started using coconut oil for bating within the past year and doubt I’ll ever go back to anything else. In addition to the reasons you’ve already mentioned, I like the fact that it’s all natural, good for your skin and edible, since I always eat my load after shooting.
    Sometimes I like to fire things up a bit, and adding a few drops of peppermint essential oil will bring your rub to a hot new level and doesn’t change any of the benefits either of us have mentioned… Try it brothers! Enjoy!

  2. selfrewarder
    selfrewarder says:

    I just purchased my first flashlight. I lubed up with coconut oil. It worked very well and clean up of the flashlight interior was easy and left no residue or oily slick. I used warm water and mild dish soap to clean it up. Incidentally, the flesh light was fantastic. It had me cumming in no time. I need to master it so I can edge for hours.

  3. Beefnbearfan
    Beefnbearfan says:

    I’ve noticed there are several types of coconut oil. What do you recommend? I’ve read somewhere else that some types are even unscented?

  4. bus9463
    bus9463 says:

    I use coconut oil exclusively. The best I have ever found is believe it or not at Dollar Tree small jar brand name Butcher Boy Coconut Oil 100% refinded. Its a 7.5oz jar great for traveling. Cost $1.00… yes you heard it right $1.00. Its odorless too. Another reason I like to use it is that is all natural instead of petroleum based like Albolene. Not real keen on using in all the time and absorbing it into my body plus you can have oral sex with no worries of ingesting something nasty like petroleum. Its a winner all the way around… Happy Jacking!

  5. Jr
    Jr says:

    The best lube ever and very inexpensive also. A little goes a long way plus if oral pleasure is involved it can be ingested with no worrirs.


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