Anal Breathing Masturbation Techniques

Bike Bator
One of the most important things you can do to enhance the quality of your erections, as well as improve control over the urge to ejaculate while you are edging, is to do perineum clenches, or [simple_tooltip style=”font-weight:bold;color:#ff6600″ content=’Urinary SphincterIn men, urinary incontinence can be caused by a weak urinary sphincter that may result from surgery for prostate cancer, an overactive bladder, or a bladder that doesn’t contract. Kegel exercises can help you improve — or in some cases completely regain — bladder control.


‘]Kegel Exercises[/simple_tooltip]. Of course, to do sets of any repetitive exercise can get tedious, even boring. I suggest a wonderful and blissful form of perineum exercise that you can enjoy doing while you masturbate. I promise that this will enhance your practice tremendously. The perineum is that ridge of muscle that runs along the base of your torso, from behind your scrotum, between your legs back to your anus.


Try this first for a little while before you incorporate it into masturbating. This is a very simple exercise, and once you get it going, it will merge into your self-pleasure, so that you may often be doing it without thinking about it. To get started, however, you need to deliberately try this: 1.) while you breath IN, on the inhale, clench your anus tight; 2.) while you breathe OUT, on the exhale, relax your anus.

Notice how this clench tight, as if trying not to poop, and the relax, like starting to poop, actually, flexes your entire perineum in a regular pulsation coordinated with your breathing in a natural rhythm.


Once you get the hang of this rhythm, (don’t worry about doing it perfectly) go ahead, lube up (or not, your choice!) and start masturbating, while you continue to consciously do the breathing and clenching/relaxing your anal sphincter. You’ll notice that when you contract or tighten the perineum muscles, this pushes a bit of extra blood into the shaft and head of your penis. This happens, of course, because the root of the inner shaft runs quite deep inside your body. Pay mindful attention to how this pulse feels to your fingers.

Also, you can try doing the anal “breathing” when you get fully aroused, take your hands off from your erection, and you will see that on the inhale/clench, your erect penis bobs upward, while on the exhale/relax, it will drop its head slightly. Then, of course, before long you’ll probably want to resume stroking…

Now, if you’ve followed along and done this, you’ve added a major technique to your masturbatory tool-kit! To practice this inhales/clench, exhale/relax of your anus while you continue to masturbate strengthens all those muscles associated with your balls and penis, can improve the quality and duration of your erections, and enhances your skills at edging. Practice, practice, practice is the key.

Talk about a win-win situation, right? Enjoy!

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  1. nipplepaul
    nipplepaul says:

    You can do these exercises anytime during the day, at work sitting at your desk, standing in a queue etc …… no one will notice what you are doing lol except from the horny smile you may have on your face ;o)))))

  2. Bruce P. Grether
    Bruce P. Grether says:

    Thanks to all you guys who commented on this one! Yes, to actually DO the anal breathing, clenching and relaxing the anus with in and out breaths WHILE you masturbate is so much more fun than doing the PC clenches or Kegels separately, though I would never discourage that either!

  3. Lord of the Ring
    Lord of the Ring says:

    aha. this is beginner level anal breathing. if you play with your ass a lot, especially while doing yoga or exercise, you will find that you can actually suck air into your anus when you are in certain positions, and then fart it back out again. it is an immensely funny and enjoyable thing to do: experimenting with doing long farts, short farts, loud farts, quiet farts; rumbley farts, squeaky farts, and those farts that are so intense they hurt your asshole haha. after a while, you can even open and close your sphincter at will; no fingers needed. try doing it while youre in the bath, or swimming in the sea. dude, i kid you not, you can drink through your asshole; and then piss it back out. makes for easy cleaning eh? haha. some folk have even made a living farting on command like ‘will the farter’ and ‘mr methane’. i envy the mastery they have of their bowels. further on into your anal adventures, you will find that your anus can even produce its own lubricant. i call this substance ‘butt spunk’ and i theorise it is mucus produced by the bowel. it looks like jizz, but (as long as youve rinsed ya bumbaclot out properly ahaha) it doesnt smell or taste like anything. i think the trick is to have a go without lube a few times, once your ass is ready for it; your butt just adapts. (almost like mudda nature designed it that way hm.) these are ancient gay secret wisdom im telling you here, few people know it; use it wisely, and enjoy farting while you jerk off. jus try not to shit yourself haha, listen to your anus.

    • Blkfisthole
      Blkfisthole says:

      I love stretching after i get 100% clean ass to mouth cocksucking on cam and w live audience. My favorite. I love your honest & frank discussion…


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