Ask The Batemaster: Meditation & Solosex Magick

To apply this to masturbation involves making a private appointment with yourself.

Ask The BatemasterQUESTION: So much energy and time goes into my bate. How can I incorporate meditation and sexual magick into my masturbation for positive life outcomes? Are there techniques or rituals you recommend?

RESPONSE: You came to the right “Master” with this question! (BTW, that is not a title I gave myself, but one that other men have bestowed on me.) The meditative practice I call Mindful Masturbation, I first began to create 22 years ago. It developed from simply applying the Buddhist concept of “mindfulness” to masturbation. Mindfulness, in Buddhism, is the core of meditation, and it simply means alertness, or paying full attention.

To apply this to masturbation involves making a private appointment with yourself: set aside some time. I suggest at least an hour or more, every week or more often. Give yourself total privacy and no distractions. Close the door, turn off the doorbell, draw the drapes, turn off your phone, computer, television. You want no interruptions. Lay out towels on an armchair, recliner or bed. Warm some 100% coconut oil (or at least have plenty of your favorite lube handy). Light a candle and turn on some soft ambient music; nothing too melodic, no distracting vocals.

Before you start, as with any kind of meditation, make sure you are breathing deep into your belly. IN breath, belly moves OUT; OUT breath, belly moves IN. Keep breathing deeply and do some stretches before you start to masturbate. When you sit or lie down to begin, also run your hands all over yourself, head-to-toes to become aware of your entire body. Take your time and use plenty of lubrication. No porn. Don’t get lost in fantasy or mental stories. Keep focused in your own body, your own sensations, everything you are actually feeling: here and now!

This provides a good start on combining meditation with masturbation. When you really get the hang of this, it will open the doors of perception for you to limitless possibilities of bliss!

Remember—mindfulness is not about being in your mind, on the contrary, it’s about being fully present in your entire body. There’s nothing really wrong with other ways to masturbate, but if you are a seriously dedicated masturbator, it’s worth giving Mindful Masturbation a try.

On my own (totally FREE) website, there is a series of nine brief instructional videos, “9 Golden Keys to Mindful Masturbation.” These can give you more detailed coaching and inspiration recorded by my handsome young friend, Blue Tyger. You can watch them and stroke along here: . What I call “Male Solosex Magick” is a bit more involved and can help you use your creative erotic energy to manifest what you want in your life. On the same page of videos, there are three vids on Male Solosex Magick also.

These practices are not complicated, but you cannot learn them in a day or a month, or even a year. They are the work of a lifetime. Congratulations on your erotic journey.


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The Bate Master - Bruce P. GretherBRUCE P. GRETHER is the “BateMaster”. Mr. Grether’s lifelong love of penises and masturbation has led him to achieve a level of mastery and understanding of masturbation that is at once unique and extremely rare. He is renowned for both his ability to achieve seemingly endless states of prolonged and intense masturbatory pleasure as well as his skill in passing this knowledge on to his students. Mr. Grether has made it his life’s mission to encourage men to take their practice of masturbation to new levels of personal enrichment and self-discovery.

Mr. Grether is a globally recognized masturbation activist, an accomplished masturbation coach, and a tireless facilitator of masturbation workshops. In 2001 he coined the now popular term “Mindful Masturbation”. He is the author of a best-selling book, The Secret of the Golden Phallus, plus the erotic fantasy novels The Moontusk Chronicles. His website can be found at

A note from The Batemaster: I’m honored that the guys at Bateworld have asked me to respond to some questions from male masturbators around the world every week.

Always check with your doctor about any issues you might be experiencing with your sexual organs. Prompt diagnosis and treatment are important. This article’s purpose is to inform and entertain readers and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.

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