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QUESTION: I’m a huge pre-cum fan, and it makes a great natural lube. But I don’t ooze a lot of it, and not all that often. What causes different guys to pre-cum more or less? Is there any way to increase the amount of pre-cum I ooze?

RESPONSE: The truth is that there’s a wide range of how much pre-cum guys ooze while aroused and masturbating, from none ever, to almost a constant fountain for a small number of men. The difference seems to be mostly genetic; however, two things that may influence the production of this wondrous, remarkably clear and slippery fluid are plenty of hydration and spending longer times in high arousal.

“Pre-cum” is technically called “Cowper’s gland fluid,” and it originates from a tiny gland inside your body just behind the back of your scrotum. Cowper’s gland generates this secretion that has a strong alkaline, or basic quality chemically, to neutralize the acidic effect of urine, which passes from the body through the middle of your penis in that same channel, the urethra, from which you ejaculate semen. Pre-cum protects the actual sperm cells in the mix from the leftover acid of urine.

While you are deliciously aroused and masturbating, this process encourages the gland just above that front part of the perineum, (the ridge that runs from in front of your anus to your scrotum) to generate pre-cum, which is a component of semen, as some of it gets added to that complex mix as you ejaculate.
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There is nothing wrong with you if you don’t generate much pre-cum or any noticeable pre-cum at all, it’s just an individual difference. For guys who do generate pre-cum, if there’s enough to smear over the head of your penis, it does feel great as a lube. Also, if you’re a moderate producer like me, you may enjoy dabbing a fingertip on a bead of the clear stuff when it emerges onto the tip of your penis and pulling out a nice slimy thread of it to admire. Possibly you even like the taste, as I do: mine is just slightly salty.

Major pre-cum producers are rarer, and sometimes online you’ll see a guy pouring out quite a stream. Something any man can enjoy while you masturbate—big producer or not—is to carefully massage the Cowper’s gland through the muscle right behind your scrotum. For me, this feels incredibly good in itself; it also triggers more pre-cum to be released.

A word of caution: Don’t overdo it, pressing on that gland. I’ve occasionally gotten carried away, and my pre-cum turned a bit pink with blood. NOT a good idea, so be gentle, but do enjoy your playtime, pre-cumming or not!

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  1. apalmer5
    apalmer5 says:

    Great to explore and learn more about the various parts of our “bate world” downthere including pre. I know as I’ve gotten older (63) that I don’t make pre like I used to. And yes I do enjoy smoothing it softly over my slit & sweet spot under my glans & for some – they can cum this way especially if they’re on edge while working their sweet spot.

    Tasting/eating is always a personal choice and I’ve always found my pre to be just salty blah. While others claim theirs is sweet & perhaps prefer it to the taste of their sperm. Gosh I’d totally forgotten the fluids true name, cowpers. And I’ll be sure to pay attention to its location for some extra fondling during my next bate to see if I can coach some out.

    I’ve chatted with some who talk about making tons of pre, like the penis is a leaky faucet down there. And they can leak at the slightest sexual thought or just out of nowhere and end up wet spotting their pants.

    • Bruce P. Grether
      Bruce P. Grether says:

      Yes–sometimes for me it’s just a matter of firmly milking the precum out from the base to the tip while highly aroused. I don’t produce massive amounts, but sometimes fairly regular dollops, enough to lube the head of my penis. Mine tastes delicate, but delicious to me. Maybe slightly salty…

      • Bruce P. Grether
        Bruce P. Grether says:

        Yes–the more you know the farther you go??? For me it’s an endless study of both information and paying detailed, full attention to my own experience!

    • Bruce P. Grether
      Bruce P. Grether says:

      I agree, JObuddyIA… that’s an awful illustration and it doesn’t even clearly show the Cowper’s gland… I’ll mention it to the tech guys at BW! Thanks again. – BPG

    • Bruce P. Grether
      Bruce P. Grether says:

      Try gently pressing behind the back of your scrotum while you masturbate, to trigger the Cowper’s gland to release fluid, and it might not seem quite so clinical! 🙂


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