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Ask The Batemaster: I Saw My Real Brothers Bating Together

This is a sensitive subject, both in terms of Bateworld parameters and actual family life. I cannot condone what your brothers were doing or condemn it…

QUESTION: There are a lot of guys in my family. One time I saw my two older brothers watching porn and masturbating together. I watched them for a while, pulled out my own boner and started to stroke, but they saw me or heard me. Though I asked if I could join them, they stopped and shouted NO WAY! Now they laugh it off and say I made it up, but I didn’t, and it still makes me hot to remember. How do I get over it?

RESPONSE: This is a sensitive subject, both in terms of Bateworld parameters and actual family life. I cannot condone what your brothers were doing or condemn it. Still, the fact that they reacted with at least embarrassment when they knew you saw them doing it and asked to join indicates that they did not feel completely at ease with their activity. Or at the very least, they did not feel comfortable with anyone else knowing about it!

Members of this site are well aware that what people acknowledge to others, especially in public, and what people actually do, are two different animals entirely.

Also, as I’ve said about fantasy in general, it cannot harm you to remember what you saw and use that as bate fuel—not unless you get so obsessed with that particular scenario that it becomes a sort of fetish truly necessary for your arousal. Also, it may not be wise to fantasize about family members this way. Further, if you communicate with your brothers further on this matter, be sensitive to their feelings of awkwardness or even shame on the subject.

Though what they were doing would be technically considered incest, because it involved immediate family members engaged in sexual activity, at least in proximity and mutually witnessing each other, many prohibitions and taboos surrounding family activity involve the possibility of conception and pregnancy. That means involving female members of the family. As you probably know, closely related people, or even fairly distant cousins who reproduce always have increased danger of producing genetically-defective offspring.

In the case of what you described, (though for legal reasons I cannot condone the activity of your brothers) in truth it is not easy to say whether or not it is harmful. In reality, consensual erotic play between male family members is not so uncommon and is primarily tabooed for different reasons. In the case of males, the taboos may relate to matters of authority within the family hierarchy, exploitation, and disruption of social harmony in the family group.

You ought to try to tell your brothers that you do not judge them for what they were doing. This may or may not seem possible, but if so, it could clear the air and also give them an opportunity to share their feelings one way or another.

It’s really not anyone’s business to judge what others do, so long as it’s not actually harming anyone, but even if your brothers still share such activity at times, don’t expect to get invited to join them. Still, you never know where an open and honest discussion might lead.

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  1. BatorBrian
    BatorBrian says:

    While I acknowledge the sensitivity of this issue and your reply, I cannot help but feel your response to this inquiry is a sell out to fear, caution and traditional social mores.
    This is two brothers masturbation together. No reproduction. Perhaps not even anything involving mutual contact or intercourse.
    First of all, it’s not that uncommon for siblings to engage in some form of sexual exploration, particularly during formative adolescent period and secondly, your reply fails to affirm the beautiful and positive aspects of a uniquely special bond that can form between brothers who share and celebrate their sexuality together.
    It’s an amazing bond that forms between brothers or cousins who have shared as kids or continue to share throughout life a love which embraces and includes a physically sexual element. Making love to someone you love already as family can be an incredibly awesome gift worthy of a lifetime of celebration!
    Simply because some people can’t or don’t choose to understand a physical dimension of two brothers’ (cousins, etc)love for each other doesn’t make it bad or wrong, just often misunderstood.

    • AddictedPenisMasturbator
      AddictedPenisMasturbator says:

      I fully agree with BatorBrian – moreover, I am actually quite surprised that on a bate forum this subject is still treated like we lived in a deep puritan epoch………


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