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Ask The Batemaster: I Get Off Watching My Brother Online, Is This Wrong?

Your reaction sounds honest and natural, but only you can decide if it’s really okay.

QUESTION: My brother is really cute, and I found out he did some gay porn to help pay for his college tuition, in fact he told me where I can find his bate chat room. Don’t worry, we’re both adults. Okay, so I really get off on watching him online. Is this wrong?


RESPONSE: The subject of any kind of erotic contact between men in the same immediate family is probably highly taboo according to the parameters of Bateworld. If this is too much, I am sure they will tell me when they read my response. The wonderful world of today’s Internet porn makes this particular grey area possible because you are talking about looking at videos your brother has made. Even if you are watching him in a live bate chat room, the ethical situation is not quite the same as an in-person experience.


This situation may sound hot to some guys on Bateworld, still, in your own actual life and experience, it is a tricky, sensitive subject, not just a fantasy. I cannot tell you that your reaction of arousal is wrong, or right, and even the legal repercussions are probably very different from actual personal contact. You honestly said that watching your brother turns you on, and you and maybe your brother will have to decide if it’s okay. I will not judge you.


Incest laws exist for specific reasons, and again, in my position, I cannot say whether I agree with all of them or not. Certainly, the human race has learned at least two good reasons why such contact is generally unwise: 1.) it can easily disrupt family dynamics of privacy, trust, authority, control, and influence; 2.) when the possibility of reproduction is involved, the genetics easily lead to unfortunate outcomes. Even the history of the royal families of Europe in the 19th century, when cousins were allowed to marry, produced unfortunate birth defects and conditions.


That is not the specific situation here, but an actual sibling is always a sensitive personal situation and possibly a legal issue, as well. In reality it is not anyone else’s business what relationship you have with your brother, and in this case, clearly, he is not secretive or shy. At least somehow you found out and he helped you to locate what he shares with others.


My suggestion is that you keep the situation private, just between yourself and him. Clearly, he does not mind, and perhaps even appreciates your enthusiasm for what he does in this realm. So long as nobody is harmed or exploited, who is qualified to judge you?


Your reaction sounds honest and natural, but only you can decide if it’s really okay. Then adjust your attitude one way or another accordingly.


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  1. Coach
    Coach says:

    i think its beautiful as you must enjoy watching your brother perform and show his sexual pleasure. Good luck with finally experiencing each other over r a long hot bate.

    • Bruce P. Grether
      Bruce P. Grether says:

      Od course, in my position, “Coach,” (and all you guys) I must officially take care about a few things I might advocate, or not advocate. My feeling is basically–not specifically refereeing to family members–that just about any interaction between males of legal age is truly their own business. So long as the activity is carried out in a kind and loving manner, what could be more pure-hearted and innocent than such sharing? Guys naturally want to enjoy as much intense penis pleasure as they possibly can, which is healthy, natural, even beneficial! – BPG


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