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Meeting Bate Buddies

I get questions sometimes from other Bateworld members asking for tips on how to meet bate buddies. While there’s no magic formula, I thought I’d share from my own experiences hoping it might spark some ideas. Names are changed. I’ve been to bate parties with 25 guys, and circle jerks which included 5 or 6. […]

Husbands’ Play Weekend

Like most of my posts, this is a true story of an experience I’ve had. I thought it was a good illustration of how “Masturbation Has No Orientation” and so wanted to share it here. “Brett” and I are both bi, married and out to our wives as masturbators. He was down for one of […]

Straight Guys Turned On By Penis

Ever wonder why cum shots are a must, regardless of whether you’re watching straight or gay porn? Or if you identify as straight, whether getting an erection at the sight of another man’s hard penis makes you gay? (Of course, it’s totally fine if you are.) As someone who has masturbated all my life to […]

Masturbation and Marriage Can Go Hand in Hand

In Shere Hite’s 1981 classic “Hite Report on Male Sexuality” she famously found that 43% of teenage boys experimented sexually with other boys (usually through group or mutual masturbation) and this had no effect on their sexual orientation later in life. The vast majority grew up heterosexual, and most got married. “Danny” and “Brad” are […]


Two large groups formed. One was out by the pool deck, and the other was where we were under the awning. Several sub-groups formed with guys joining and leaving as everyone started stroking dick and handling each other’s balls. There were men of all ages and body types.

A Bator’s Remembrance of Things Past

Once upon a time growing up in a rural backwoods corner of the world, I lived with my parents and attended high school. A simple life. All I had for the bate was the Hite Report on Male Sexuality. That was it. I would get boned reading people’s accounts of their masturbation experiences, and using my right fist with saliva for lube